Animals Art Exhibition - Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 3 media categories of the Painting & Other Category, the Photography & Digital Category and the 3D Media Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of June 2016 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives. Congratulations to our artists who made our 6th Annual “Animals” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Animals” Award Certificates, Event Postcard and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery. To return to the Animals Home Page here.

1st Place  - Jaime de la Torre Naharro – “Tenebrae”

Along with his artistic career, Jaime de la Torre Naharro developed and experimented with a large range of techniques and materials. Above all of them, ballpoint pen drawing is the method that he decided to specialize due to its great versatility and infinite possibilities it offers. 

Jamie states the following, “Nature and portrait themes acquire a clear importance on my work, taking as primary shot the foreground. Having performed around 800 portraits applying different procedures provides me with a great ability in regards to facial anatomy.” 

He goes on to describe his artistic journey, “In 2013, after a complex process of experimentation, I developed the negative ballpoint pen drawing technique, a brand new concept that consists of reverting colors in order to create breathtaking images. This technique that has become a fundamental pillar on my work requires of a high knowledge in color theories in order to be able to create tones and images with strong chromatic effects as opposite from natural images.”

Jamie concludes with the following, “You can use millions of materials for this technique, but in this occasion I have chosen the line of a Bic ballpoint giving as a result when you positive it golden tone images, being this the opposite to blue Bic ballpoint and pencils to give as a result silver tones.”  His art website is

2nd Place - Lou Ann Goodrich – “Amur Leopard”

A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, Lou Ann Goodrich currently resides in Oregon where she maintains forested acreage preserved for wildlife.

An environmentalist, she is an active proponent of healthy ecosystems and habitat conducive to maintaining diversity and sustainability for wildlife and the natural world. Animals have always been a large part of her life and after retiring from a career in medicine she pursued photography for expression.

Now a passionate photographer of wildlife and the natural world, she particularly strives to portray behavioral images typical of a species. Recently she has diversified and added digital photo artistry to her skills. New to this art form, she continues to perfect her style and craft. Most recently she was the featured artist for the digital and print magazine Living the Photo Artistic Life.

3rd Place - Mike Yokotake - “Painted Dog”

Mike Yokotake, is a professional graphic artist based in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Los Angeles to Japanese, second generation (Nisei) parents. 

Mike has over thirty years of experience as an advertising art director and graphic design professional. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design from the California State University, Long Beach. 

Mike is a self-taught wood sculptor. For him, woodworking and carving started as a hobby and a way to share his creativity. With the encouragement of his wife, family and friends woodcarving became more of a passion. Mike has always enjoyed art and design. From an early age, he was always amazed at how his dad built things that were unique and from out-of-the-box thinking and loved to create beautiful things out of wood and metal often drawing his inspiration from nature. His work is often colorful, energetic and includes strong graphic elements, influenced by his background as an art director and graphic designer. He works in many mediums including sculpture, digital graphic illustration, drawing, and photography. 

Mike’s artistic journey has come from a strong curiosity and admiration of nature in detail and a love for unique creative design in all mediums. Using those attributes to his advantage, he extensively researches, explores and experiments with many different themes while focusing on the next project’s subject. His deep respect and appreciation of all living things, as well as to his attention to detail, adding texture and spirit into his sculptures help to bring his subjects to life. Mike is always trying new techniques and striving to grow as an artist. 

Mike states; “In my work, I try to capture the spirit of a subject frozen in a moment of time in a graphic stylistic way rather than a “lifeless static snapshot.” My goal with each of the sculptures is for the viewer to form an emotional connection and an appreciation of the subject’s importance.

4th Place - Rina Coetzee - “New Life, New Hope”

I am intensely distressed about the disturbing situation of the rhino population of the world and, particularly, in the RSA. My distress made me paint the accompanying picture, which tells the story of the survival of these noble animals:

They have lived with mankind for thousands of years and they have been hunted. We read about this relationship in the rock paintings of the Khoi-San, however, this association has never before led to a slaughter aimed at their extinction. Therefore, they are still with us, but for how long will this be? 

With ‘New Life, New Hope’ I hope to get an awareness of the beauty of the newborn and their hope for a new beginning without slaughtering … I should like to contribute to their survival and protection. 

My imagery is inspired by the stark vastness of the southern Free State in South Africa. Every aspect of my life is influenced by the land. I draw my inspiration from observing nature, always on the look for magical moments. My work has been an ongoing exploration of what it feels like to be in that space, surrounded by all that air and light, feeling the tug of the horizon 360 degrees, the sense of limitlessness and blissful isolation. It always begins with an awe-filled moment-an area with an intense contrast of light, dramatic shadows or shapes-something that will sustain my interest through the painting process. The horizon and clouds are a magnet. I'm always drawn to the distant, blue horizon and the succession of hills that create a tremendous sense of vastness.

I illustrated 67 children's books and received the National ATKVeertjie for the best children's book illustrations in 2000. I also did the graphics for several children's programs on SABC TV. Pumpkin Patch, Kideo and others.

In 2001 I painted 25 contemporary paintings from the Bible Books Job and Lamentations. These paintings are now on a permanent exhibit in the Job Room, Jobhuis in Philippolis. Since 2001 I has been a full-time artist.  Artist's Website

5th Place – Kathy Russell – “Desparate"

I grew up in and around Washington DC. I started shooting photos in the early 80’s of hardcore punk bands. I continued with photography over the years, but now my subjects are equines and the birds & wildlife in the mountains where I am now. When I moved to this area, my goal was to get my best shots of every species of bird and mammal that I saw on my property. Though horses seem to have a special place in my heart.

I have never had any “formal” training in photography. “I’ve always loved painting but was never very good at it. I would get ideas that never seemed to come out on a canvas. I found my outlet when I learned more about the digital art side of photography. Mixing my images together or layering them with textures and digital brushwork. Some images have had over a hundred layers to them. I use a lot of brushwork to blend and combine images together in many instances. Which brings in the love I had for painting. My work does wander to the surreal and whimsical side at times, but always come back to or include the animals.

I’ve never done my work professionally. Dealing with some disabilities I have not taken my work to that step. I love what I do. I become absorbed in each image that I work on. If I don’t feel that wonder of seeing where an image will go right away, it usually turns out a mess. I’ve learned to scratch those and move on to the next. Something usually comes up that will take me back to those photos, to try again. I am always reading and learning from others. 

I have been honored to have my images published in a number of magazines, used on the back cover of a Barnes & Noble hardcover book and to win or place in quite a few photography contests.

6th Place – Janet Fisher – “Zebra”

Janet Fisher was born and raised in Asheboro, North Carolina. She always had a love for drawing since childhood. Presently she is a legal assistant/office manager at Fisher Law Firm in Troy, NC. Encouraged by her husband, she obtained a degree in Graphic Design from Randolph Community College.

Embarking on a journey to rekindle her passion for art and drawing led her to spend the last 3 years painting with acrylics at the ARTifex Studio School and Gallery. Janet takes inspiration from her photographs of wildlife, nature, and culture due to her extensive travels abroad. She strives to capture the character of her subjects through their eyes using light and texture.

Janet resides on Badin Lake in New London, NC where she is currently creating a series of paintings from safaris in South Africa. She predominately works in acrylic medium but, enjoys charcoal, color pencil, and markers.

7th Place - Nicole Wilde – “Portrait of a Lady”

Nicole Wilde is a passionate photography and digital art enthusiast living in California. Her lifelong love of animals and nature shines through all of her work.

Nicole strives to create not simply pretty portraits but to capture the emotional life of animals. Her composited works create magical worlds where a little girl can read a bedtime story to a sleepy wolf, a little boy can soar with the eagles, and we can all feel the sacred interconnection of all living beings.

In addition to being an avid photographer, Nicole Wilde is the author of ten books including Help for Your Fearful Dog, So You Want to be a Dog Trainer, and Don’t Leave Me! She lectures worldwide on canine behavior. She is a columnist for Modern Dog magazine and also blogs for the Huffington Post as well as her own blog, Wilde About Dogs. Nicole co-stars in the DVD "Train Your Dog: The Positive Gentle Method," runs Gentle Guidance Dog Training in southern California, and donates her time photographing rescue dogs to improve their chances of adoption. For Nicole's books, seminar DVDs, and Wilde About Dogs blog, visit

To see more of Nicole’s photography and artwork please visit

8th Place - Lisa Ann Watkins – “Hee Haw”

Born in Cornwall in 1969, Lisa Ann Watkins only recently rekindled her interest in what have become the great twin passions of her life: creativity and love of animals.

A graduate of Cheltenham College of Art, where she majored in fashion design and textiles, Lisa worked for years in the costume and bridal industry; then, realizing that the work had no real meaning for her, she stepped away. It was late 2012 before she took up her colored pencils again and set herself the challenge to pursue her true calling. By December 2012, having won two competitions organized by Colored Pencil magazine, she gained back her confidence and belief in her artistic talents.

First using her artwork to raise funds for the Snow Leopard Trust, Lisa subsequently became an Artist Partner of the trust and then the subject of articles in a range of internationally distributed publications. She has licensed images of some of her work to a cross-stitch company in Australia and also has developed a line of her own merchandise featuring her images.

Based in the Forest of Dean, Lisa currently works with the charities of her choice to promote awareness with her artwork; in addition, she operates a now well-established business in pet and wildlife portraiture, Animal Art by LAW.

Lisa’s first solo exhibition took place in May 2014, following her initiatives on behalf of the world’s leading bear rescue organizations, including Animals Asia, Wildlife SOS, and Liberty Bear Sanctuary. Her visit to the latter in Romania in 2013 sparked her idea to use her art to tell the stories of endangered animals, which have no voice. That idea lies at the heart of all of Lisa’s wildlife artwork and, she says, is on a par with creating the art itself.

Lisa Ann Watkins works mainly in graphite, colored pencils, and pastels but also is developing her oil techniques. Of all media, she acknowledges that colored pencils always seem to have the greater pull for her, perhaps because they allow her a control not achieved with her other tools. After a specialist colored pencil magazine asked her to create a step-by-step feature for its readers. She used wet pencils for the underpainting and up to 20 layers of dry pencil, built up to achieve the texture of the animal’s fur. Subsequently, Aussie was juried into the May 2015 UK Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) Open Exhibition at Menier Gallery in London.)

2015 was a whirlwind year with, of course, the UKCPS exhibition & Lisa also exhibited again at “Nature in Art” as part of The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) annual exhibition. She currently has artwork on display at Miners in Sling, among other venues. Last year also saw the signing of a licensing deal to supply some of the country’s leading home decorating stores & also her work being featured in further publications, including a specialist book.

While preparing for this year’s show at Nature in Art Lisa is finalizing plans for a series of specialist art classes she’ll be offering.

Lisa often receives People’s Choice awards in West Gloucestershire Art Society (WGAS) exhibitions in her home county of Gloucestershire. January 2016 saw her portrait of Stella the French Bulldog receiving a Special Merit in the annual Light Space & Time All Women international open art competition, a very prestigious achievement. May ’16 also saw Lisa scoop 2 awards at this year’s UKCPS Open International exhibition at the Menier Gallery in London. Not only did she pick up the SAA award for best in a category but also The Artist award for Reserve Best in Show!

When not at the drawing board Lisa is either out in the forest where she lives with her 4 rescue dogs or working hard behind the scenes for her local wildlife rescue charity A Wild Life with Animals of which she is an invited trustee.

9th Place – Helen Akerstrom – “Panda”

Photography has always been Helen's passion since her teenage years. A farm girl in country Australia, her first subjects were her animals on the farm. Being an only child, animals have always been her best friends. She has over the years, delighted in the company of a diverse array of pets. Capturing their personalities and emotions. 

Helen has developed an appreciation for the wildlife at her local zoo. She now volunteers there and wants to help the endangered species of the world by highlighting their plight with her emotive images. Helen loves capturing that unique personality and soul of the animal. She has given her photographic services to the local animal shelters helping find forever homes. 

Throughout her life, she is continually drawn to nature. Also finding wonder in the Aussie bush and all that is Australian. She can be found at a working dog trial or in a shearing shed.

Self-taught until the last few years, Helen did a Photoshop course and has embraced it. Helen loves working with images and making Digital Art. She works with textures and creating stories in her images. Emotion and the love in her subjects shine through her work.

Helen lives with 2 scruffy adorable rescue terriers, Pumpkin and Bella, and a lanky cuddly moggy named Kingston, who is also a rescue. They are her Earth Angels... She is also the Vice President of the Dubbo Camera Club and competes regularly in photography competitions.

10th Place – Paula Wiegmink – “Precious Moments”

A multi-award-winning artist Paula Wiegmink who exhibits internationally was born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. She immigrated to Australia 20 years ago with her husband and children and recently moved from Perth to Dunsborough, South West Australia.

In 1979 after migrating to Johannesburg, South Africa, she resumed her career teaching classical ballet and modern dance and judged numerous dance festivals and competitions. During this time she was also studying art at the Da Vinci Fine Art Studio under the guidance of the late Carlo Sdoya who was trained by the masters in Italy. Paula’s first exhibited painting, ‘Homeward Bound’, with the Brush and Chisel Club, was purchased by the South African Railways. 

Shortly after joining the Canning Arts Group, Paula was invited to exhibit as ‘Artist of the Month’. She then went on to conduct all media night classes for the next 6 years. Her teaching extended to the ‘Village Club’ RAAFA retirement village where she taught for 11 years, as well as conducting workshops, artist in residence and private tutoring. 

In 2009, Paula launched her first book titled, ‘Footsteps in Time’ a family journey from the earliest of her ancestors arriving in Africa from 1709 - 2009. Over a 5 year period, she returned periodically to Africa where her research took her on an incredible journey. The book launch coincided with her first major solo art exhibition, ‘The Winds of Change’ followed by solo exhibitions, ‘Silent Reverie’ – 2011 and ‘Cinnabar – 2014 

In 2012, a South African conservation group invited Paula to do a large-scale painting of a rhino on ‘World Rhino Day’. The WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) offered their stand as a venue during the ‘Sunday Tribune Garden and Home Show’ at the showgrounds, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.  Before leaving Australia she decided to do a preparatory piece and her painting ‘Tears of the rhino’ – hear my voice was born. This painting emerged from deep within and turned out to be a very confronting image. The organization asked if they could display this painting alongside a life-size iron sculpture of a rhino. The stand won the only gold certificate awarded in that class. Her follow up painting was created on sight was titled ‘Freedom of the rhino’ – show me the way, which she donated to the Rhino Pages organization to raise funds for the cause. Paula decided not to sell ‘Tears of the rhino’ but to rather use it as a tool to raise awareness of the global destruction of the rhino species.

In 2014 Paula’s painting ‘To the point’ of an African pale chanting goshawk was shortlisted for exhibition with the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year’ in London. Meeting David Shepherd in person on opening night at the Mall Galleries, Mall Street London was the highlight of her trip. 

In 2015, the Canadian based ‘Artists for Conservation’ awarded Paula the June monthly honor for outstanding artistic talent and extraordinary contribution to the conservation cause. Paula was invited to exhibit at the 2015 ‘Artists for Conservation’ annual live exhibition held at the Waterfront Hotel followed by Grouse Mountain Resort, Vancouver, Canada. She also featured as international guest youth art instructor, where she co-lead art workshops with Jeffrey Whiting at Grouse Mountain. 

Paula works in a variety of mediums and has a passion for wildlife, still life, portraiture, landscape, photography, and writing. Hoping to create awareness by drawing attention to the vulnerability of endangered species and the natural world she is happiest when surrounded by nature soaking in the environment. 

Paula’s work hangs in private and corporate collections in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Portugal, America, Canada, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Holland, and Australia.

Overall Winning Artists



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