“Animals” Art Exhibition - Special Merit - Photography & Digital

Congratulations to our artists who made our 10th Annual “Animals” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Animals” Award Certificates, Event Postcard and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. To Return to the “Animals” Home Page click here.

Artists can now post their images directly to their social media networks (See lower left-hand side of the Lightbox).  In order to leave the Slide Show at any time, just click on the X at the upper right side of the Lightbox in order to escape and that will take you back to the thumbnails images.   

The artists who have been recognized in the Special Merit Award Category are divided into 3 groups of artists.  The two other groups are the Special Merit Painting & Other Media (Here) and the Special Merit 3 Dimensional Media (Here).

Ilona Abou-Zolof - “Proud Kudo” – www.zolof.net

Stephanie Adams - “Itty Bitty Flutters” – Email

Helen Akerstrom - “Kiss” – www.facebook.com/helen.akerstrom

Helen Akerstrom - “Protect” – www.facebook.com/helen.akerstrom

Gregory Antollino - “Lashes to Die for” – Email

Katherine Briccetti - “Quarantined Kitties” – www.kbriccettiphoto.com

Lynn Brown - “Swans Ballet” – Email

Brenda Chandler - “Wild Rooster” – www.brendachandler.crevado.com

Youri Chasov - “Anim-13” – www.yourichasoffart.carbonmade.com

Kathy S. Copsey - “The Strength we are given from our Ancestors” – www.kathycopsey.com

Garret Demarest - “Bonding” – www.innervigorations.com

John Diephouse - Spirit Messenger” – Email

Michael J Duke - “I wish I was a Tiger” – www.mjduke.co.uk

Roland Escalona - “A Flock of Birds” – www.rolandescalona.com

Bernice Fargus - “White-Tailed Eagle in Snow” – Email

Margaret Flaherty - “The Front Porch” – Email

durga Garcia - “New Mother & Newborn” – www.durgagarcia.com

Lou Ann Goodrich - “Sibling Rivalry” – www.louanngoodrich-photoartist.com

Charles E Hall - “Redtail Hawk” – www.charlesehall.com

Ali Khataw - “Dazzle Run” – www.khataw.com

Diane Lamboley - “Chillax” – www.dmlimages.com

Linda Lewis - “Forest Dweller” – www.lindalewis.net

Barbara Mierau-Klein - “Zebras” – www.barbaramierauklein.com

Phoenix Marks - “Louie” – www.photographsbyphoenix.com

Laurie Philip Michaels – “Whale” – lauriephilipmichaels@gmail.com  

Patrick Nowotny - “Lion Fight” – Email

Joe Pate – “A Real Eye Opener” – www.jop8.art

Sy Phelan - “Through the Glass, Deep In Thought” – www.theartofsyphelan.com

John Pingree - “Sadness” – www.flickr.com/photos/jpingree

Julie Powell - “Midnight Agenda” – www.juliepowellphoto.com

Frances Powers - “The Watering Hole” – www.fpowers.weebly.com

Meaghan Pryor - “Boys Night Out” – www.theartinspires.com

Maureen Ravnik - “Reddog Morning” – www.maureenravnik.crevado.com

Maureen Ravnik - “Whiskers” – www.maureenravnik.crevado.com

Gwendolyn Roth – “Turtle Head” – www.gwenroth.zenfolio.com

Mark Rouse – “Blue Heron” – www.markrouse.com

Diane Sanderson - “On Her Perch” – www.dianesanderson.mysite.com

Susan Straub-Martin - “Crow Moon” – www.strauberrygallery.com

Debby Thomas – “Unknown” – www.animalartandphotography.com

Silvija Treice - “Curiosity” – Email

Joanne Vecchio - “Maisel-Deep in Thought” – www.mindfulphotography.co

Jose Manuel Victoria - “Momotus Aequatorialis” –  www.josemanuelvictoria.com

Ann Wehner - “A Lion's Stare” – www.annwehnerdigitalartistry.com

Bill Wieger - “Eagle of Alaska” – www.billwieger.com

Bill Wieger – “Dolphin Pod” – www.billwieger.com

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