Anna Zavileiskaia - Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that Anna Zavileiskaia is this month’s Featured Artist and she will now appear in the gallery’s Artist Showcase for the next month. Anna has participated in more than 5 of Light Space & Time’s art competitions and she placed in every event that she entered.

Anna Zavileiskaia is a fine art photographer based in Budapest Hungary. She was born in 1966 in Moscow, the USSR. Anna graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) in 1989 with Master Diploma in architecture of residential and civic buildings.

She currently is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects. Anna’s photography has been exhibited in numerous solo and group art shows in Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United States.

Anna states this about her art and the creative process, "Working with visual installations is what I find most stimulating. Not only is this an intellectual process, it also provides "spiritual nutrients" to the mind.” She goes on to explain her approach to her art, “An attempt to approach art not only at an aesthetic level but as an intellectual phenomenon as well, a dialogue, possibly a provocation, which should be acted upon. The objects themselves are nothing more than everyday items from daily life, transformed and seen in a new context. There is constant play with light and form whether the subject is an inanimate object, an architectural environment or a model."

Her incredible website is


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