Helen Kagan - Artist Showcase Feature

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Helen Kagan is the gallery’s new featured artist. Helen will now be in the gallery’s Artist Showcase section and be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.

Coming from a family of scientists, Helen has always been fascinated by the left and right brain relationship. A holistic therapist and artist, she's been developing her unique technique and style as “Healing Arts” which reflects her own deep introspective view on life, a desire to bridge realities and heal the Past. She considers it as her unique way to integrate Fine Art and the Art of Healing.

Helen Kagan, PhD. was born in a cold Siberian winter in what then was the USSR. She grew up in a Communist State where oppression and control were a daily reality. In 1991 her quest for freedom led Helen to the US, whereto she brought her Jewish heritage, a couple of graduate degrees, and an unending thirst to explore the World and its meaning.

Mainly self-taught Helen's been painting for as long as she remembers herself, since 2005 does it professionally. Helen works with oils and acrylics, lately is experimenting with mixed media. Her canvases are influenced by impressionism and expressionism, they are varied and vibrant, some are raw, some refined, all are intuitive. They are bridges to the past, cities in the rain, street lights, domes, oceans, fields of sunflowers, moons, clouds, sunsets... But, there are always spiritual messages present in all of them: being on your Journey, going towards the Light, following your Path, self-reflection, awareness of 'Here and Now', and of course - 'j'oie de vivre'!

Sometimes messages are hidden, spoken indirectly, in a symbolic form, but often times – they are expressed quite loud, with bold bright colors, sort of “right in your face”. You just can't avoid seeing these [messages] if you are looking for some answers... If you are a seeker on a Quest, or just seeking some understanding about quintessential questions like who we are? Why we are here? Where are we going? - Then you might find very rewarding to meditate with Helen's paintings. They are better experienced “in-person” due to live vibrations of bright colors, heavy textures, usually large size, and just an overall charisma and liveliness.

Helen believes that art as a powerful form of self-expression can become a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and can enhance healing to those in need. She envisions her “Healing Arts” to be placed in Medical Centers, Multicultural Centers, Hospitals, offices, libraries, Crisis Centers... - wherever it can promote well-being.

She donated many of her artwork to charities, Hospice and other organizations and individuals. In her Artist Statement Helen says – “I believe that art heals. I believe in interconnectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual. I am a Healing Artist creating and sharing my unique art for inspiration, healing, transformation, and ... just for your good mood”.

As a therapist and artist she believes that tragedy, trauma and pain can be healed with beauty, positive energy, self-expression. Helen believes in mind-body-spirit connection and her passionate art is a statement of all her beliefs. For more information www.HelenKagan.com and helenkaganhealingarts.blog


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