Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic - Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic is the gallery’s recent featured artist. Jadranka brings a unique and interesting background, training and history to her creative endeavors as a Croatian artist, Medical Doctor by profession and as an assiduous world traveler.

Since childhood, Jadranka experienced a vast cultural heritage which helped enrich and develop artistic soul. All means were good to express her vision of the world; painting the image of her kitten on the broken piece of glass, with leftovers of old varnishes at the age of three, constructing her own toys out of wood and clay and so on. In addition to those artistic outlets, she also combined her talent for music, expressed playing piano, singing opera and dancing ballet for years with theaters for youths which have affected her artistic expression.

After using various means of traditional artistic expression, she discovered the digital medium. Jadranka explains the medium in the following manner, “digital painting is comparable to oil on canvas or pencil on paper, because the artist does not use a computer to generate images automatically, but rather, that the painting is created on the blank page with no references whatsoever. Drawing, perspective and colors are all generated and created by the artist. The only real difference between digital and the traditional way of painting is in the tool itself. A brush, pencil, canvas or papers are now exchanged with a computer mouse, a digital pen, on a digital means. The digital medium also allows the artist to work with multiple layers, as this allows the artist to correct any error which is much easier than if it was created on a canvas.”

She goes on to elaborate, “on the other hand, often painting digitally requires more time than traditional painting, especially when creating a color palette with all its shades and nuances for each painting separately. In addition, working on large paintings, the dimensions do not allow an overview of the image on a display. Consequently, there is a need of good visual memory and continuous monitoring of nuances and sizes.”

Jadranka’s provides us with following thought, which helps to explain how her background, her life’s experiences and her art converge together as an outlet to her expression, “my need is to communicate my feelings and emotions to the audience.... as this could be simply my deep love for the beautiful world in existence, regret when destroyed by carelessness, or research of our origins and meaning of life.”

Jadranka’s mixed media paintings are original size, with each painting (biggest) printed on canvas with museum quality giclee technique, hand painted and signed by her, using translucent materic acrylic paint. Jadranka’s vivid and incredible art can be viewed worldwide in many group and solo exhibitions in both galleries and museums, as well as in public and private collections. Her work can also be viewed instantly at the following websites; www.jcgart.com and www.jcg-fineartdigitalpainting.com.


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