Marti White - The Artist Showcase Feature

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Arizona artist, Marti White is the gallery’s new featured artist. Marti will now be in the gallery’s Artist Showcase section and be promoted by the gallery for the next 30 days.

Marti White lives, creates and works in Tucson, Arizona. Marti’s artistic interests have taken various forms over more than half a century, beginning with the creative play of a child, the usual art classes in school and college, and then a series of classes with various teachers in various media – pencil, ink, oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and collage. To Marti, watercolor has brought her years of satisfying work as she paints mostly from the natural world – flowers, landscapes, and small wonders of the forest and field.

Marti describes her artistic growth and path since moving to Arizona, “When we moved to the West to retire, I felt that it called for a new artistic path to go along with a new life, in a new place. I found a wonderful teacher in mixed media and embarked on a discovery of painting from the heart. Learning to just let my colors and media take me wherever they pulled me was an exciting new adventure in expression. It seemed that these new paintings came from the center of my very being and were very spiritual in nature. By painting from my gut instead of my head, with no concern for what the paintings meant or whether they looked like something, I was able to free up some inner person that I had never known before.”

Marti continues her thoughts, “This finally pulled me into a much more abstract way of seeing the world around me and my work became less and less representational. I love seeing what other people find in these works. Color fills them with a sensuality and warmth as I use vibrant and varied colors in the abstracts. This is another challenge to allow the inner person to express on the canvas or paper without thought for what is coming forth – to allow the brush to be an extension of the body and soul – to become a part of what is happening there. This is an intensely spiritual experience and when it is going well, one gets lost in it; time passes and you are unaware of it; life is happening and you are caught up in the doing of your art. A very freeing and totally self-less expression.”

Recently, Marti has been exploring something that she likes to call "Apertures" - openings - windows into what is behind the surface of the painting. This series of paintings and collages has grown over several years and she has found it interesting to develop a multi-layered work that seems to contain mysteries to be discovered, pathways into the depth of the painting. It is Marti’s hope that her artwork tells a very personal story to the viewer. Marti’s website is


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