Nell-Lynn Perera - Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that fine artist Nell-Lynn Perera is their newest featured artist.  Nell-Lynn will now be presented in the Gallery’s Artist Showcase section for the next month.

Nell-Lynn was born in Malaysia and is widely traveled throughout the world. She has always believed that she was born different. She has been described as a highly sensitive person and has always had a sharp sense of awareness. Nell-Lynn continues these thoughts, “In moments of deep stillness I am able to feel you across the distance. You. A nameless, faceless orb of raw emotion seeking more. I know what it is to seek that un-nameable something more. And so I connect to you like the finely woven thread that connects humanity to its own consciousness.”

Nell-Lynn goes on to say, “I have known loss, fear, regret, love and the pain of love’s memory. There is nothing that you have felt that I have not already lived myself. I have learned to see fear as an illusion. And pain, to me, is simply a matter of perspective. Being a highly sensitive person, my feelings are always more intensely felt, even that of pain.”

Nell-Lynn is a self-taught artist, and she refuses to rely on talent alone as much as she refuses to indulge her senses in the work of others. She paints from her heart which is something sacred for her. Nell-Lynn furthers her thoughts and observations, “I would like to honor, preserve my calling to paint as best as I can without the influences of other artists. I have dedicated my life to expressing myself through the arts. I have struggled, starved, and fought to earn the recognition that I have received. I live by one motto: If you are going to do something, be good at it.”

She is at her best at understanding the human condition, the human spirit. She has befriended the in-firmed; learned from death row inmates; and collaborated with fine artists across the globe and she treats each one as an equal.  Visit her wonderful website:


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