Olivia Alexander - Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time was gratified and very fortunate to have the internationally recognized fine art painter Alexander for it’s initial competition and art exhibition “Surfaces”. This event took place in August 2010 and Olivia won our Second Place Award for her artwork “Solar Birth”. In creating this mixed media work, Olivia used specialized techniques that combined fiberglass and acrylic paints. “Solar Birth” is part of Olivia’s successful “Planetary Series”.

Olivia lives in Australia and the Natural world has always captured Olivia’s imagination. The rich, red sand of the Northern Territory in outback Australia, patterns on a tree trunk left behind by peeling bark or the colors of a sunrise playing across the rock faces on the escarpment where she lives all serve as inspirations for her paintings.

Olivia’s style is as she puts it “expressionistic with a touch of the Abstract”! She goes on to say “I don't paint photo realism but rather an expression and the emotion of what I see and feel about the subject”.

Her paintings contain many layers, water colors, inks, acrylics. In creating her art she will employ textured papers along with specialized techniques in the hope that she is able to communicate a Place, a Time or a Memory that sparks a connection between her art and her viewers.

In her mixed media art, Olivia employs textures, patterns and colors. “I love texture, pattern and color and the materials I choose reflect this. On the surface I may apply texture mediums then layers of paint in complimentary and sometime bold colors. Sometimes I work with a solid idea in mind, usually a place or scene that has inspired me. Other times I like to experiment”!

Born in London, England in 1961, Olivia discovered her love and gift of creativity at an early age but put it on hold to get married and raise her family. In 2001, she once again decided to pursue her passion and strive to be a professional artist. Since then Olivia has worked hard to improve her skills and techniques. This includes attending regular classes, such as TAFE, three years of Drawing Class and also several years of Advanced Mixed Media under internationally award artist, and art judge, Barbara Spence.

Olivia has been in over 35 Group exhibitions as well as Solo and Joint exhibitions. Olivia has won awards in both offline and online exhibitions and her work is to be published in ‘International Contemporary Masters IV’ to be released 2011. In addition, she has also been featured several times in two national magazines, ‘Australian Artist’ and ‘The Artist’s Palette”, writing tutorials for both publications.

She will soon be showing her work in April at the Galleria de Marchi at the invitation only Trevisan International Art Show in Bologna, Italy. Also, she will soon have an exhibition at the South Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, NV.

Olivia resides in Shellharbour on the beautiful South coast of New South Wales, which is 1 ½ hours south of Sydney, where she lives with her husband and works in her home based studio.

Olivia writes a periodic art blog which can be read at her website, along with her awe inspiring artworks www.oliviaalexanderart.com

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