Patricia Schnepf - Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that the gallery's latest featured artist is Patricia Schnepf and she will now have her photography featured in the Artist Showcase section of the gallery.  

Patricia Schnepf was born and raised in New York, ventured to Philadelphia and Chicago before moving to Shoreline, WA. She has always loved art since picking up a charcoal pencil at seven years old and sketching her father in his favorite chair and visiting all the art museums and galleries in New York on a regular basis. Patricia studied at various art studios in New York though she is mostly self-taught in photography and photographic art techniques through constant practice, and experimenting.

Art is again Patricia's full-time passion. She worked in the art field for several years as a fashion designer; costume designer in theater; and film production and broadcasting before detouring from her art to tend to personal responsibilities of family and being a single mother.

Photography and photographic art is currently her primary focus and passion. The subjects are spontaneous: sometimes it is the colors, dimensions, textures, or the scene itself. She believes art is to be enjoyed and expansive and focuses on capturing a scene to show the dynamics and sensitivity in a way to stimulate the senses and expand imaginations.

Patricia’s techniques vary according to subject/composition and mood it projects. The special effects are created artistically using special software. Her style, compositions, and use of color is much influenced by her love of nature and impressionist and post-impressionist painters, and Alfred Stieglitz, one of her favorite photographers.

Patricia is fascinated by texture. While some scenes project softness/dramatics/crispness, others are full of textures to be experienced through visual sensations. The type of paper on which the artwork is printed often becomes an integral part of her composition to give a “literal” feel to the image. In formal studio work, she melds lighting techniques with the dynamics of the subject.

Always in a learning mode and experimenting with new techniques, she also paints and sketches which, she believe, helps to add a greater perspective and depth to her photography and photographic art. Patricia’s artwork is exhibited live locally, nationally, internationally, and via the internet; appears in print; and in private collections.  She has won numerous awards and is invited to exhibit her art in New York at the Jadite Gallery, and the Berlin Biennial (Germany) in October of this year.

Patricia’s website is in the process of being updated to reflect her new work:   

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