Botanicals Art Exhibition - Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of May 2016 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Congratulations to our artists who made our 6th Annual “Botanicals” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Botanicals” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. To return to the Botanicals Home Page here.

1st Place - Dianne English - "Bergenia Enhanced"

Dianne English is an Australian amateur photographer and artist and she has had no formal training in this medium.

Dianne’s knowledge and techniques are gained from self-tuition, help from other artists, along with exposure and experience gained in photographic art competitions. 

Dianne uses Photoshop, along with some plugin tools which are used to create her finished work.

Dianne states the following about her photography, “I am proud of what I have achieved through self-expression in my work and to date, my greatest accomplishment and award has been the Overall Winner in the International Gardens in Focus Floral Photographic Competition in 2014.

2nd Place - Natalya Suprun - "Pansies"

Natalya Suprun works and creates in Eganville, Canada. Natalya states this about the artistic journey, “Art for me is the way of looking differently at this world.  Regardless of what I paint, either a portrait, or landscape, or abstract, I always pay attention to the smallest details, which allows me to express mood and emotions of painting.”

She believes that the mood of a painting is inextricably intertwined with colors. She prefers a vibrant color palette and her paintings are enriched with colors and a positive vibe. In addition, she believes that every one of her paintings has its own soul.

Natalya goes further, “There is a certain stage during the painting process when I know exactly what my painting came alive.  I am working in acrylic because I found this type of medium to be very flexible. When I need to give my painting a watercolor-like look, I apply a thin coat of acrylic. On the other hand, a thick layer of acrylic will give a painting an oil-like look.”

3rd Place - Helen Klebesadel - "Vanilla Orchid"

“My visual concerns run the gamut from careful study to poetic, symbolic and sometimes political representations of nature and human nature.”

Helen Klebesadel (MFA 1989) exhibits her work nationally and internationally. The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum presented her first solo museum exhibition in 1994. Helen’s watercolors push the traditional boundaries of the medium in scale, content, and technique. Ranging in size from the intimate to the monumental, her paintings are transparent watercolors on paper and canvas. She starts with detailed drawings and developing the images with layer upon layer of color washes and dry brush technique mixed with occasional areas of wet-into-wet spontaneity.

Her artwork is represented in the art collections of the American Council on Education, Lawrence University, UW Hospitals, and Clinics, Central Wisconsin Center, the Dubuque Medical Clinic, the St. Francis Medical Center in Grand Island, Nebraska and numerous private collections. Several of her watercolors addressing environmental themes are also in the collections of the UW-Madison”s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, as well as in the University’s Trout Lake Research Station. Helen’s public commissions include a twelve-foot watercolor for Ellen and Peter Johnson Hospice Care Residence, and a series of large watercolors for the new University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.

Helen Klebesadel has taught courses and workshops on creativity, studio art, and the contemporary women’s art movement for two decades. Her watercolors and prose have been published in Frontiers, Feminist Studies, Interweave, CALYX, and Femspec. Most recently her work was included in 100 Artists of the Midwest: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin, published in June 2012 by E.Ashley Rooney, and her art and activism is included in the book, Vision, Passion & Purpose: ARTISTS As World Changers, by Renee Phillips.

Helen Klebesadel is a past national president of the National Women’s Caucus for Art and served on the Wisconsin Arts Board as a citizen member from 2006-2013.

4th Place - Paul Donohoe - "Habenaria Medusa"

Paul Donohoe was first struck by the beauty and variety of orchids when he visited an orchid grower in 2010 and immediately wanted to capture images of these flowers to share with others and provide a visual tutorial of these natural gifts.

It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 different varieties of orchids, ranging from the familiar “Corsage Orchid” Cattleyas to the tall, single stalk Peristeria (“Dove Orchid”), to the miniature Dendrobiums. Many genera of orchids lend themselves to cross-pollination and hybridization and so there are new species of orchids being created every day, in addition to the new species that are being discovered in the wild.

Donohoe’s “Orchid Portraits” collection is a series of images that capture the richness, texture, simplicity, and complexity of these flowers. Each orchid plant, each individual bloom, is a work of art in nature. His objective in “Orchid Portraits” is to present these flowers as clearly and as accurately as possible, and to capture the essence of their inherent beauty.

Donohoe has been making photographs since he was eight years old, shooting black and white film with a Kodak box camera and developing the film in the bathroom. Recently, he has photographed orchids at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Marie Selby Botanical Garden, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden and at a number of commercial growers and orchid club shows. He has taught seminars and workshops on orchid and flower photography.

In addition to his “Orchid Portraits” he has developed several noteworthy photographic collections: “Nature Coast,” landscape photographs of the west coast of Florida north of Clearwater; “White Paper,” photographs of a single sheet of white bond paper; and “Glass Art,” close-up photographs focusing on the details in glass pieces. His work can be seen in frequent exhibits throughout New Jersey and he is an active member of the NJ Photography Forum.

5th Place - Elaine Jary - "Hibiscus II"

Elaine Jary is a contemporary realist watercolor painter. She focuses on the beauty of nature as well as portrait and figurative representation. Inspiration comes from excursions to parks and urban botanical gardens such as the Dallas Arboretum, as well as travel to diverse destinations including national parks (Arches National Park in Utah) and international cities (Prague).

Light is a major element in her compositions, which she feels can transform an ordinary subject into something of extraordinary beauty. Her process employs the transparent quality of watercolor to create a dramatic composition using light, value contrast, and strong color. Her goal is to contribute in a small way through her paintings to the beauty that is always present but may be overlooked in our busy lives.

Ms. Jary was born in Fort Worth, Texas and has lived in the area her entire life. She was attracted to drawing from an early age and spent many happy childhood hours drawing, including paper dolls with complete and seasonal wardrobes. Later, at twelve years old, she took pastel and sculpture classes at a local museum. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington, she put aside her creative activities for many years, until her passion to create art once again became a priority in her life.

In 2010, she realized that creating art was her true passion, and since then she has focused on painting. In coaching lingo, she feels that creating art is an expression of her “True Self.” She considers herself a lifelong student and continues to attend workshops to expand her painting knowledge and experience. However, she feels the best education is acquired by making painting a regular, daily practice.

Ms. Jary has studied with notable watercolor artists including Mary Whyte, Fealing Lin, Frank Eber, and Janet Rogers. Her work has been juried into several exhibits including the Fort Worth Society of Watercolor Artists and Trinity Arts Guild in Bedford, Texas. Her paintings are found in private residences in Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

Ms. Jary feels that a successful painting allows the viewer to connect with the emotion that was experienced during the creation and execution of the work. The idea for a painting begins with the recognition of an interesting composition that conveys an emotion. The subject matter could be the morning light on a beautiful blossom, the pattern of fall leaves and their shadows in the corner of a patio, or the joyful smile on a child’s upturned face. This beginning idea is transferred onto paper, and at some point, the painting becomes an entity unto itself. There is a realistic representation of the subject within the painting, but also contained is an expression of the artist’s personal statement. The artist is conveying her belief of what is worthy of notice in this world. The forgotten ability to be in the present moment; for example, a child’s wonder at watching a ladybug crawl across a leaf, can be captured in a painting. A painting emphasizes a moment in time and the viewer pauses to take in the message. The intention is that the painting conveys a message of beauty that connects us and provides hope, enriching our lives.

6th Place - Jim Shirey - "Monotropa"

Jim Shirey lives and creates in Athens, Ohio.  Jim works with natural lighting in forests and open fields, Shirey uses a magnification lens and multiple focused images to reveal the sensual world of lush color and form of wildflowers.

His subjects grow in out of the way places. Some are small enough to fit on a fingernail or have become hard to find as a result of climate change and habitat encroachment.

Born in Chicago, Shirey worked in the steel mills around Gary, Indiana, as a young man. He later attained a Ph.D. in mathematics from Purdue University and moved with his wife and two sons to southeastern Ohio, where he worked as a professor of Mathematics until his retirement.

Jim currently lives with his wife next to a wildlife area. Shirey has shown his photography in international juried shows throughout the U.S. and has displayed his flower photography in numerous solo exhibitions.

7th Place - Courtney Spence - "The Imperial Order"

Courtney Spence is a young, emerging artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Her drawing and printmaking practice explores the concept of narrative and the notion of human intervention within both natural and man-made environments.

She encourages the viewer to develop a new and more observant way of seeing with her difficult subject choices and high attention to detail. The time-consuming process of drawing and printmaking making enables Courtney to build a strong sense of connection to her artworks, something that is extremely important in connecting others to her art practice.

Courtney’s work has been included in national and international exhibitions for competitions and group collaborations since the completion of her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2014 at the Queensland College of Art. She hopes to increase the number of people interested in fine art by using Instagram as a platform to reach an international audience.

8th Place - Pam Borrelli - "All Aglow"

San Francisco-based photographer, Pam Borrelli, has been creating images her entire life, a passion she’s followed since childhood. The formal study of photography led Pam to a fortuitous meeting with the acclaimed photographer, Ruth Bernhard, who became Pam’s mentor, encouraging her to pursue a commitment to photography. She attended the San Francisco Art Institute and later earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of San Francisco, which expanded and deepened her awareness while focusing the need to express herself artistically through photography.

“My photography focuses on the interplay of reality and imagination. After years of honing my skills in the traditional darkroom, I have embraced the digital revolution in Photography and I am continually inspired by its creative applications.”

Pam has participated in a number of juried exhibitions where she has won recognition and awards for her work, most recently from the Kellicutt International Photo Show. Her floral images are featured in the book “Flowers in Art: Contemporary International Artists.” Pam’s art may be seen at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, founded in 1887, where she currently serves as the Board President.

9th Place - Pat Ducat Bogusz - "Magnolia Bloom"

Pat Ducat Bogusz has been working as an artist since 2006. Pat works with a variety of medium, including pencil (colored/graphite/charcoal), acrylic/watercolor paints, collage, etc.

Her piece “Magnolia Bloom” was executed with water-soluble colored pencils and shows her artistic abilities with this medium.

Pat often finds inspiration at the Hidden Lake Gardens, a local botanical garden. Pat works with various teachers and artists to continue developing her artistic skills. Pat’s work has won awards in local and state contests and was selected in 2011, 2013, and 2015 for the International ArtPrize Competition.  Her Website.


10th Place - Charles Miller - "Mahonia" -

Charles Miller is a photographer and digital artist. He has been seriously involved in photography for ten (10) years. His initial art training was in the field of theatre design where he worked in scenic, light and costume design. That training greatly influences how he approaches his photography. He is also trained in the area of Educational Theatre - using the arts in, as and for education. He regularly incorporates the arts and his art into his work in this field. He has also worked as an arts administrator in the performing arts for over forty years.

Charles is a member of The NJ Photography Forum, Gallery 14 in Hopewell, The Contemporary Arts Group (CAG); Millburn Short Hills Arts Center (MSHAC); NJ and Visions (a collective of artists that presents shows throughout NJ.) He started working seriously in photography and digital abstractions in 2007. He has studied with Nancy Ori, Sally Davidson, Larry Parsons, and others to develop his visual eye and photographic skills.

Charles Miller is currently the manager of the Art Upstairs Gallery and the Starlight Gallery at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in Morristown, NJ, where his interests as a visual artist were rekindled. He is the founder and manager of The Bistro Gallery at the Perfect Taste Grill in Buckingham, PA. He is a co-exhibition committee manager for the NJPF and a Board of Directors Member of MSHAC. He actively uses the internet to develop new art skills and maintain relationships with artists around the world.

His works have been shown extensively throughout New Jersey and the region and they have won numerous awards both locally and internationally.



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