Figurative Art Exhibition - Special Merit - Photography & Digital

Congratulations to our artists who made our 9th Annual “Figurative” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Figurative” Award Certificates, Event Postcard and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. To Return to the Figurative Home Page click here.

The artists who have been recognized in the Special Merit Award Category are divided into 2 groups of artists.  One group is the Special Merit Painting & Other Media (including 3 Dimensional) (Here).


Ilona Abou-Zolof – “A Morning in the Park” –

Ilona Abou-Zolof – “Pirate Queen” –

Svein Ivar Ask – “Cosmic Autumn I” –

Tiina Bockrath – “Father and Son” –

Christina Brunton – “Keeper of the Keys” –

Youri Chasov – “A.R.-2” –

Hsuan Chung – “Aegis” –

Roumiana Damianova – “Being Human 10” –

Catharine A Deever – “Day Dreaming in Pigtails” –

Selvaggio Dordetti – “Guiomar, 2019” –

Bob Eige – “Contemplation Planes” –

Sheri Emerson – “Windswept” –

Louis Esposito – “Tracy” –

Donna Faranda – “Three Muses” –

Lorraine Fletcher – “Nude in Chair” –

Wendy Goodwin – “Girl with the Blue Earring” –

Linda Hall – “On the Wings of Passion” –

Sam Ingo – “Downloading Enlightenment” –

Vincent Isner – “Moorish Princess #1” –

Margaret Kalms – “Foggy, Rainy Night, Rotting in Pain” –

Rochelle Marshall – “Inward” –

Barbara Mierau-Klein – “Red Autumn” –

Barbara Mierau-Klein – “Roses are Red” –

August Naude – “When It Came Down” –

John Pingree – “Exposure” –

Paul Pinzarrone – “Amphitrite 3d” –

Julie Powell – “Fragile” –

Debra Pena Priolo – “Cool Kid” –

Da'Rrell Privott – “A Great Hair Day” –

Da'Rrell Privott – “Spare Time” –

Maureen Ravnik – “Eagle Dancer” –

Maureen Ravnik – “Taos Artist” –

Jo Scheder – “Study in Repose” –

Merrilee Soberg – “Steampunk Splendor” –

Nichole Spates – “Hula Dancer with Shadow” –

Athalie Taylor – “Repetition and Reflections” –

Thalie B. Vernet – “Evanescence” –

Jerry Wein – “Sunday Morning” –

Kerry White – “The Angel and the Dove” –

Mara Zaslove – “Mezmerizing Dancer” –


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