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Since the beginning of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (2010), the gallery has strived to be proactive and innovative in the marketing of our artists' work and of the gallery's monthly themed art exhibitions. Light Space & Time was one of the first art galleries to show and market their artist's art exhibitions on YouTube.

We established the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery YouTube Channel to compile and house our extensive library of art exhibition videos, solo art exhibitions and our videos about the gallery's monthly art calls and art opportunities.

After viewing these videos, we hope that you will become a subscriber to our YouTube Channel. 

Although in existence since 2010, the previous owner of the gallery, John Math, decided that he would only retain art exhibition archives for a period of five (5) years and so art exhibitions from the years 2010-2015 were removed from the gallery archives.  We have since decided to preserve all old exhibitions to allow artists permanent access to these elements of their portfolios. Therefore, we launched a Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery Archive Website. All exhibitions and exhibition YouTube videos prior to January 2022 are hosted at the LST Archive Website. All current exhibitions and exhibition YouTube videos from January 2022 and beyond will be hosted here on the main LST website.

Below are the gallery's individual embedded YouTube video presentations. Enjoy!

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