Helen Kagan - Solo Art Exhibition

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Helen Kagan has been selected as one of the four artists of the gallery’s seventh “Solo Art Series” Art Competition.  Helen will now have a month-long solo art exhibition and she will be featured on the gallery’s front page, in the Gallery’s YouTube Channel, as well as in the “Solo Art Series” archive.

Helen Kagan is a holistic therapist and artist based in Stuart, Florida and Burlington, Vermont. Helen will be promoted by the gallery with an extensive public relations campaign, provided by Kjprnews.com. They will promote and circulate her winning press release to over 1000+ News Outlets, (Premium FOX, CBS, NBC, CW Affiliated Sites), 500 TV & Radio Sites, 250 Regional & Industry Site through Kjprnews.com and through LST gallery’s broad social media network.

In addition, as part of her award package, she will now be featured as an Artsy.net Light Space & Time promoted artist.   The LST Artsy.net page will feature 4 pieces of the artist’s art, a small artist statement and their website URL’s as part of the gallery’s overall prize package.

Artsy.net averages 2 million visitors a month and 46% of Artsy users who have purchased art via Artsy started out as art enthusiasts rather than preexisting collectors.

The solo art exhibition will also be promoted on artweek.com. Artweek produces 800,000-page impressions per month, 280,000 website visitors per month and has 30,000 newsletter subscribers.

Helen will also be featured on the gallery’s YouTube Channel and with an event postcard.

The “Solo Art Series” is a series of monthly solo art exhibitions for established artists who have a body of work to present to the public.  Artist participants were asked to submit the following 3 components for the “Solo Art Series” competition; 1.  Their art.  2.  Their artist biography.  3.  Their artist statement.  These elements were evaluated and judged, which resulted in the selection of the artists who will be featured in individual month-long solo art exhibitions.  This was the seventh “Solo Art Series” Art Competition the gallery has conducted.

Below is Helen’s Artist Biography, her Artist Statement, along with 25 pieces of her vibrant and colorful paintings.  We hope that you will take the time to read Helen’s information and to take a look at her wonderful & expressive “healing arts.”

Artist Biography

Helen Kagan, PhD. a holistic therapist and artist, believes that art heals, and that now more than ever, World needs the positive energy and spiritually-based intentions, beliefs and values. Her unique technique and style “Healing Arts" integrates Fine Art and Art of Healing, and through healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, and energetically balanced composition can enhance well-being in a viewer.

Helen was born in a cold Siberian winter in what then was the USSR. Growing up in a Communist State where oppression and control were a daily reality, had formed her beliefs, values, and a great respect for freedom to express yourself. In 1991 her quest led her to the US, whereto she brought her Jewish heritage, a couple of graduate degrees, and an unending thirst to explore the World and its meaning.

Mainly self-taught Helen’s been painting for as long as she remembers since 2005 does it professionally. She works with oils and acrylics, experimenting with mixed mediums. Her healing art is better experienced “in-person” due to live vibrations of bright colors, heavy textures, usually large size, and just an overall charisma and liveliness.

In the last several years Helen participated in over 50 Juried shows, local, national and international exhibitions, including SPECTRUM Art Basel Miami 2016-15-14-13; Art San Diego 2015-14; Art EXPO NY 2017-16-15-14; Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series 2016-15-14; ART HOP VT 2016-15-14-13; CONTINUUM & Art Synergy @ Art Palm Beach 2016-15-14-13; and others. Her “Healing Arts” won awards, was exhibited in NY, NJ, VT, WI, MN, CA, and many cities in FL. She was named a "Collectible Artist 2016" by Brickell and Key Biscayne Magazines ("Dealer's Dozen" Dec. 2016).

Dr. Kagan envisions her art to be placed in Medical Centers, Multicultural Centers, Hospitals, Libraries and Crisis Centers – anywhere it can enhance healing and promote well-being.

She shares the belief that art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment. She feels being privileged to be among visionary artists, and to share her "Healing Arts".

Artist Statement:

I believe art heals. A holistic therapist and artist, I've been developing my unique technique and style “Healing Arts” which can become a vehicle for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and enhance healing to those in need.

Coming from a family of scientists I've always been fascinated by the left and right brain relationship which led me to study many things - from mathematics and science to psychology, therapy and healing to fine art, and finally create my unique venue "Healing Arts". It reflects my own deep view on Life, a desire to bridge Realities and heal the Past. Communicating on subliminal levels my art delivers this message through positively charged intention, healing frequencies of color, embedded spiritual messages, energetically balanced composition, and brings you in touch with your own Journey.

My canvases are influenced by impressionism and expressionism. They are bold, passionate, colorful, vibrant, all – intuitive. I donate some of my art to charities, Hospice, people, and organizations where I feel it is needed.

I believe for many of us, creatives, art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, a way of being. My “Healing Arts” is my unique way to synergistically bring together fine art, expressive arts, and the art of healing to enhance well-being in a viewer.

I believe in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. I believe art is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and the environment. 

I believe that now, more than ever, the World needs a positive energy and spiritually-based intentions, beliefs and values. 

My passionate “Healing Arts” is a statement of all my beliefs. www.helenkagan.com

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