How to Use Instagram for Successful Artists

Instagram has become a very popular social networking site.  Today, they have more than 700+ million active monthly users.  Think of Instagram as Facebook for pictures.

With its emphasis on visual communications, Instagram is the perfect medium for artists and art related professionals to market and brand their art.  Instagram is an easy platform for an artist to learn and to use to market their art or art-related service.

Posting is done through a mobile device (though you can access your account through a desktop computer).

Here are some helpful tips and hacks to enhance the power of Instagram:

Download the app and choose an account name that gets you close to your art website name or art website URL. Have separate Instagram accounts for personal posting and business posting (much like you would for Facebook personal pages and business pages).

Make sure that you fill out the Bio section completely. You only have 150 characters in which to do this.  Also, you are allowed to have an active link back to your art website.  Make sure that your art website is included.   

Try to post on a daily basis, or at least every other day.  Ideas to post would include:

  • Images of any art that is in progress
  • Images of your finished art
  • Images from art events and shows
  • Images of art when sold
  • Inspiring images found during your day

Interact with your growing base of followers and future followers by commenting on and liking their art and posts. You can also direct message people who you want to follow or with whom you want to make contact.

Make sure that you set-up your posts on your Instagram account to automatically post to your Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts.

Instagram allows users to immediately get going and connecting with people by making is easy to have all of your Facebook friends and Facebook followers to become followers on Instagram.

You are allowed to use #hashtags (Keywords) with any of your posts. By using art-related #hashtags, you are helping others to find you and your art more quickly.

You are allowed to use up to 30 #hashtags per post. It is much more effective to use 5 to 10 thoughtful #hashtags related to your post than an overload of tags.  (LST will soon have a follow-up article post on the most popular art #hashtags for Instagram).

There are many other beneficial features on Instagram that you will discover over time.  The easiest way to get familiar with Instagram is to go to their Help Section where the platform’s features and the working of their dashboard are explained.  Also, please read our article post #Art Hashtags for Artists to Use on Instagram as a guide for artists who may happen to be new to Instagram.

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