Julie Powell - Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Julie Powell has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 14 days in the gallery’s Artist Showcase.

Julie is an award-winning photographer based in Australia. She was selected as 1 of the top twelve finalists in the gallery’s 13th Solo Art Exhibition Series. The placement in this competition qualified her “Found Objects” series to be showcased in this feature.

Julie’s Artist Showcase feature will be promoted to over 350+ major news outlets, with inclusion on Google News & Bing News. In addition, the gallery will also be featuring and promoting her artwork in the gallery’s various social media networks for further exposure.

Below are Julie’s Artist Biography, Artist Statement and 5 images that were submitted to this competition.


Artist Biography

Born in Melbourne (Australia) and living there her whole life, surrounded by a vibrant and exciting art community. While not classically trained, Julie Powell is mostly self-taught with a background in graphic art and design, Julie has transitioned from more traditional art forms to the digital art medium, often depicting images in her own unique painterly style.

Julie uses the camera and computer as her canvas, her brush, exploring both natural and manmade environments as inspiration for her art & photography. Julie is heavily inspired by colour and texture from the Masters; Degas, Rembrandt and Monet, as well as modern artists, with their use of light, colour and texture, giving the viewer a glimpse into another world.

Being published both online and in print, Julie is a regular contributor to various magazines. As a writer, Artistic Coach and Mentor, Julie thrives on helping and encouraging other emerging digital artists and is widely active and respected throughout the digital artist community

Artist Statement

'Found Objects' is a series I have been working on for several months. I wanted to create something beautiful from the seemingly mundane everyday items in our life. Through the use of a special Light Painting technique, I have learnt and developed with LED Torches and long exposure photography, I can create a beautiful and unique painterly look to these images, focusing on the small details we often miss. Capturing elements and colour, depth and texture in these beautiful images, that are often a little quirky in nature, especially the use of the artists modelling hand to add a sense of human nature to my work.

Julie’s website is www.juliepowellphoto.com/.

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