Landscapes Art Exhibition 2019 - Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 3 media categories of the Painting & Other Category, Photography & Digital Category and the 3 Dimensional Art categories. 

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of June 2019 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

The overall winning artists’ category of the 9th Annual "Landscapes" Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.  In addition, the overall winning artists will also receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, 550+ press release announcements, event announcement posts and social media marketing. 

Winning artists will also have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on ArtJobs/ArtWeek. Artweek/Artjobs produces 800,000 page impressions per month, 280,000 website visitors per month and has 30,000 newsletter subscribers.  

Congratulations to our artists who made our 9th Annual “Landscapes” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Landscapes” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. To return to the Landscapes Home Page click here.

1st Place – Kieran Brimson - “The Lone Tree” 

Having grown up in the beautiful county of Cornwall, I have had the fortune to see incredible landscapes, seascapes, sunrises and sunsets. With seven years of being a Professional Photographer in Cornwall under my belt, I bring dedication and creativity to my work, as well as a determination to create something that has never been seen before. For me, photography is not simply capturing  what is laid out in front of you, it is capturing what is not in front of you, a unique perspective that shows the true personality of the subject. To put it another way, it is not just seeing what is beautiful, it is understanding why it is beautiful and knowing how to best get that mood and feeling across on to electronic equipment.

Kieran’s website is

2nd Place – Murray William Cole Ince - “Quarr Abbey Ruins”   

I was born in Newport in 195. On the whole, I enjoyed school and of course my favourite subject was always art. I became a furniture maker and gradually moved into designing and manufacturing so I was always drawing and painting furniture designs. I took up painting seriously, though not full time in the early 1990’s and in 1996 I decided to do an A level Art and Design at the local college to get a taste of structured art learning. In 1997 did a teaching qualification. I love to teach people to draw and paint and have tutored classes at the Isle of Wight College. I take students for private tuition in my home studio, demonstrate for art groups, have run painting experiences for Warner Leisure and currently tutor The 5 Bells Art Group and the ‘John Finch Art Group’ here on the Isle of Wight.

I am a ‘Leader’ for HF Holidays, running painting and drawing holidays all over Britain as well as other painting holidays in Britain, France and Italy. My first love is Landscape painting in Winsor and Newton’s ‘Artisan’ water-mixable oils; I have written a book titled ‘Landscape Painting In ‘Artisan’ Water-Mixable Oils’ and am a featured artist and product ambassador for Winsor and Newton. I regularly write ‘How To’ paint articles for ‘Leisure Painter’ and the SAA’s ‘Paint’ magazines.

I regularly exhibit on the Isle of Wight and southern England and always have a painting on the go. I get a buzz every time I pick up a pencil or my brushes. I am never stuck for ideas or inspiration and always have at least a dozen paintings waiting to be done. The next painting is always just around the corner and, who knows, maybe one day a masterpiece! Most of all though I enjoy teaching and showing students that painting can be a lot less daunting than they imagine, to witness the enthusiasm in creating a piece of art that they are proud of is simply magical!

Murray’s website is and his blog is

3rd Place – Elizabeth Hoverman - “Alaska's Divine Beauty”

I am both a photographer and digital artist and hold a Fine Arts Degree from BGSU. I have received Best in Show for both local and national art contests. I have also been included on the short list for my macro work “Life in a Raindrop” for Britain Photography’s First Annual Photography contest this past January. When I’m taking pictures I see the end product and especially enjoy capturing everyday objects in such a way they remind us of the beauty they hide inside. Many of my human subjects tell me I put them at ease which allows me to capture their inner soul. I’d like to think that my travels have brought perspective to work along with my passion for use of color to evoke a mood. In the future I’d like to travel more to take pictures.

Elizabeth’s website is

4th Place – Maureen Ravnik - “Sunrise On the Dallas Divide”

Maureen Ravnik was born and raised in Minnesota. A brief visit to Colorado sold her on attending college there to pursue a career in sales & marketing. She stayed and never looked back. Working and traveling a lot in that discipline opened her eyes to the wonders of the American west and reawakened childhood tendencies to creatively document her discoveries. She began making images of the American west in hopes of preserving the history, the culture, and the dreams that shaped the west.

Today, Maureen’s time is spent outdoors taking in and capturing the scenery, wildlife, and exploring other methods for interpreting and sharing what she sees and experiences along the way. Maureen has accomplished many things with her photography including images placed in the Audubon International Top 250, local, national and international juried photography exhibitions, winning placements in monthly club competitions, state park calendars, images selected for use by the City of Littleton, and many images selected as editor picks on National Geographic and for publication. Her work has been the subject of several newspapers. She has co-authored 2 books that document the history, beauty and environment of the second largest natural area in the country.

Maureen’s website is

5th Place – John Jaster - “Waiting for the Thaw”

John works with heavy body acrylics on fairly large canvases with a lot of detail and bold colors. He calls his style 'realistic impressions' because, while the overall feel of the work is definitely realism, he offsets the detail with impressionistic splashes of color. Instead of smooth blending, he likes to use puzzle pieces of color to emphasize the complex relationship of light and shadow over form. John's inspiration comes from the hidden beauty in ordinary objects.

John’s website is

6th Place – Fernando Hocevar - “Landscape Under the Hidden Moon”

Fernando Hocevar was born in Mendoza, Argentina. Although originally he started out as a photographer, in 1977, he began painting in oils. It was at that moment his beautiful and endless series of "Landscapes in the country of calm" was born, participating in numerous exhibitions and obtaining important distinctions. Twenty years later, in 1997, he discovered the digital process and without abandoning the spirit and beauty of his work, he passionately embraced this new technique. In 1999 Fernando began an new series of 40 large-scale works that he calls "Landscapes under the hidden moon". Over the years, he has participated in many exhibitions and his work has received many awards.

Fernando can be contacted via his email.

7th Place – Nicholas Teetelli - “Milos”

Nicholas Teetelli is both a published and international award-winning fine art photographer. He was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, Teetelli was introduced to art and photography, developing an interest in what would become his lifelong passion.

While he took some photography courses in college, Nicholas Teetelli is primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, he has learned, developed, and honed his skills independently, becoming an avid and serious amateur photographer who has recently turned professional.

Although he lived and grew up in New York City, he has spent many summers in the Greek islands and has traveled to many other places in the world. He continues to travel extensively in pursuit of the perfect photographic image.

During each journey, with camera in hand, he records much of what he sees, sharing the impression of his mind’s eye through composition, light play, and shape and design. His photographic portfolio is diverse: it includes landscape, architecture, portrait, flora and fauna, underwater, and street photography.

He has recently brought his portfolio to the public eye and, in short order, has had more than one hundred of his photographs juried and invited into exhibition at dozens of galleries and museums across the United States, receiving many awards for this work. He has won awards in international competitions in Moscow, London and Tokyo, a featured artist at major art shows at Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami, Artexpo New York, Art Expo Las Vegas, as well as had gallery exhibitions in Vienna, Austria and Bologna, Italy.  Additionally, he is a featured fine art photographer aboard some MSC and Royal Caribbean cruise ships in association with ArtWave galleries.

He almost exclusively uses Leica cameras and lenses and has recently added a Hasselblad medium format camera to his bag.

Nicholas’ website is

8th Place – Michael Schertz - “Milky Eruption”

Having traveled in a variety of ways in many of the most remote and rugged places in this country, Michael now lives in the shadow of Mt. Rainier National Park. He can regularly be found in other parks throughout the west, parks like Yellowstone, Glacier, Olympic, Zion, North Cascades, Arches and more recently the Redwoods round out a few favorites. The natural world around us is so amazing, there are places that not only on his list to visit but explore, off the beaten path. Exploring off the beaten path to find that special shot, whether snowshoeing in 20 feet of snow, sleeping in igloos high in the mountains, rappelling into a slot canyon, hiking along one of the most rugged coastlines of boulders, gliding over pristine lakes in a kayak or hiking desert locations in the United States. Looking for the unique beauty and being in the right place at the moment when the light is just perfect.

Michael’s website is

9th Place – John Heinemann - “The Autumn Hillside”

Formally trained as an architect and self-taught as an artist, John Heinemann has been working in the watercolor media since 2015 upon graduation with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After working in the field of architecture as a drafter he decided to shift his focus to pursuing a career in fine art.

John believes that being able to see and understand the world from a different perspective is one of the most important skills one can acquire. Seeing the world in a perspective that differs from "the norm" enables people to be more informed, process complex information more quickly, and make better decisions. His goal is to help people train their brains to naturally see things in a different light by creating beautifully crafted visuals that captivate your focus, entice your desire to look deeper, and encourage you to see the world from a heightened point of view.

Being from south Louisiana, his work is heavily influenced by the rich cultural history of New Orleans’s French and Spanish architecture, endless collections of marsh and water scenes, and the natural beauty found in the human figure. His inspirations are drawn from many sources such as the natural and urban landscapes around his home city of New Orleans. His work aims to tell an impressionistic story of what the viewer may see by using their imagination combined with the suggestive nature of the painting. The goal of his work is to evoke feelings of mood, atmosphere, and emotions that have the power to move the viewer into the action of seeing and understanding the world around them in a transformed unfamiliar way.

John's website is

10th Place – Mark Jungmeyer - “Imaginary Landscape"

Mark is a St. Louis native who has recently moved to Springfield, Illinois. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1995 earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. He has continued his studies independently, mostly in realism. He still studies his favorite painters – Caravaggio, Johannes Vermeer, Van Gogh, and Bruno Surdo to name a few. Mark's works include realistic paintings as well as some in the abstract realm. He has loved painting and exploring different techniques in art since the 5th grade. At the age of 11, he began his first ventures into acrylic painting. As a child, he marveled at the great works in the St. Louis Art Museum and wanted to know how to create such wonders. Today he works mostly with oil painting on canvas, but also does some acrylics and works with epoxy added. He moved on from a full time job in St. Louis to assume a new path in life: painting at his own studio in Springfield, IL and marrying his high school sweetheart in 2017. He is now beginning the artist's journey of entering juried shows, displaying at galleries, and selling his works online.

Mark’s website is

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