Lollie Ortiz – Artist Showcase

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Lollie Ortiz has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 14 days in the gallery’s Artist Showcase.

Lollie is an award-winning artist based in San Francisco, California, USA. Lollie was selected as 1 of the top twelve finalists in the gallery’s 17th Solo Art Exhibition Series. The placement in this competition qualified her art to be showcased in this feature.

Lollie’s Artist Showcase feature will be promoted to over 350+ major news outlets, with inclusion on Google News & Bing News. In addition, the gallery will also be featuring and promoting her artwork in the gallery’s various social media networks for further exposure.

Below are Lollie’s Artist Biography, Artist Statement and 5 images that were submitted to this competition.

Artist Biography

Lollie Ortiz, an imaginative, award-winning artist, has a love of laughter and curiosity that emanates from everything she touches. Her artistic path began in grade school where she enjoyed working with anything colorful and messy. "Free expression" soon gave way to pursing an art degree at the City College of San Francisco. The Los Angeles School of Design offered additional exploration of creative expression in its purest form. Embracing a professional career, Miss Ortiz advanced from freelance assignments to taking on the role of creative director for her own advertising-film production company. Her clients included working with entertainment entities such as ABC, CBS, NBC, The Travel Channel, HBO, Disney (Consumer Products), Max Factor Cosmetics, U.S. Olympics (Promo Campaigns) as well as San Francisco marketing internet creative agency MediaBook, Inc.

As a graphic designer and photo artist, Miss Ortiz's licensed print works have appeared in various Marriott and Hilton Hotel Art Collections. She was also represented by the San Francisco Stars Talent Agency as "Senior Talent" for web and television campaigns. As much as she enjoyed being in front of the camera, her desire to be a "hands-on sculptural artist" beckoned with fierce "heart and soul" determination and mission. Creating works of art that could bring together an exciting sense of purpose, sensuality and fun in the 3D world.

This path began in 2018 with initial research on materials, how to's and lots of experimental samples of assembling acrylic plastic as stand-alone shapes or with recycled metals and wood materials. Confident in the process of structure and visual presentation, Miss Ortiz started transferring her "notebook sketches and mock-ups into computer "laser-cut" files. These production laser cuts were then turned into separate plastic shapes and forms. The final "building block" phase consisted of shaping all elements into desired final designs and themes. These included elegant and bold abstract collections with rainbow colors added as symbols of "cultural diversity and spiritual empowerment." Inspired by artist like Andy Warhol, this enticing sculptural and mix-media direction also allows Miss Ortiz to tap into her "whimsical side" by creating fun and entertaining statements, which to her delight have received several exhibits and awards of recognition.

New works continue to lead the way towards a direction she eagerly awaits with "love of life and artistic vision."

Artist Statement

Sculptural art captured my heart early in 2018 and after over thirty years as a professional art director and graphic designer for the corporate and entertainment industries, I relished in the idea of creating art I could mode from several angels and perspectives. Concerned with environmental issues, I also wanted to include elements of recycled materials in this vision. Beginning with rough ideas, I started transforming my sketches into mock-ups thus entering the complexities of sculptural dimension with eager anticipation. As a beginner in 3D art, I also encountered many twists and turns during the early stages of creating stand-alone designs. This process included learning the language of "tracing computer files" for transition laser-cut production. This required working with skilled technicians who also helped educate me with "tips and short-cuts" towards final visual production. This intense "learning curve" also included working with various glues, wires, cutters, wood treatments and sanding as well as repairing unexpected mistakes. All in all the process of working in 3D layers was "eye opening" but worth trying to master each step, I encountered. Moving forward I envision creating a path that is based upon of two basic themes of abstract collections and "whimsical" statements. Marketing my work is also an important part of my sculptural direction. This consists with taking classes and networking with gallery professionals along with entry into select exhibits and competitions.

Today, my body of work continues to center on the impressions of abstraction and pop culture. Integrating aspects of graphic design with maximized expressivity is part of future themes I look forward to pursuing. An exploration that embodies a compositional mystery I hope captures the true essence of my creative spirit.

Lollie’s website is   

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