“Nature” Art Exhibition 2019 – Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 3 media categories of the Painting & Other Category, Photography & Digital Category and the 3 Dimensional Art categories. 

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of December 2019 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

The overall winning artists’ category of the 9th Annual “Nature” Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.  In addition, the overall winning artists will also receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, 550+ press release announcements, event announcement posts and social media marketing. 

Winning artists will also have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on ArtJobs/ArtWeek. Artweek/Artjobs produces 800,000 page impressions per month, 280,000 website visitors per month and has 30,000 newsletter subscribers.  

Congratulations to our artists who made our 9th Annual “Nature” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Nature” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next week or so. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. To return to the “Nature” Home Page click here.

1st Place – Carrie Cook - “On the Inside Looking Out”

We’ve lost our connection to other species, endangering and exploiting sentient individuals in the process. Every one has a story, whether used for experimentation, food or entertainment, living captive in a zoo, or facing increasing perils in the wild. Their stories are inextricably linked with our own, and like ours, are filled with both loss and hope.

A Signature Member of both Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation, Carrie Cook is actually a portrait artist. She's recently focused her practice on species closest to our own - non-human primates. Through each portrait, she acknowledge the individual, for it is surely as individuals that they see themselves.

Carrie was once a graphic designer in NYC, a student of Disney in L.A., and an art teacher to mildly interested middle schoolers in Colorado. But it was as head of graphic design at the Dallas Zoo, and the discomfort she felt around captive animals, that led her down her current path.

Awards include SAA’s Medal of Excellence, and David Shepherd’s 2018 Wildlife Artist of the Year - ‘Vanishing Fast’ category. Her work has been exhibited at San Diego‘s Museum of Natural History, The Houston Museum of Nature and Science, The Wildlife Experience in Colorado, VanDusan Botanical Garden in Vancouver, the Hiram Blauvelt Wildlife Museum in New Jersey, Arizona’s Sonoran Desert Museum, Miami’s Art Basel, The People’s Gallery in Austin’s City Hall, and England’s Nature in Art Museum, among other venues.

A portion of profits from paintings is donated to organizations that fight for animals.

Carrie’s website is www.carriecook.com.

2nd Place – Kathy S. Copsey - “The Fury Within”

“Through the creation of art, one is able to explore one’s passions, perhaps creating inspiration and the drive within others to strive for their own goals.”

KS Designs was founded in 2016 by Kathy S. Copsey, a self-taught artist who has been a serious artist for over 32 years with a focus on pencil drawings, freehand digital drawings, acrylic paintings, and oil paintings, but she works with other mediums as well including computer graphics, minor music composition, writing, and minor photography & videography. Kathy works with all kinds of subject matters, but her main specialty focuses on animals, nature, and Martial Arts.

As an artist, Kathy’s purpose is to share, convey, and recreate the love & passion she feels, regardless of the subject matter she is working with. You can find Kathy’s artwork throughout Ventura and LA counties as well as online thru her website, online vendors, and social media, and she has had her artwork spread as far away as two Kung Fu schools in China. When she is not working on her art, you can generally find Kathy at The Village with Gus Gates enjoying her second love and passion of learning Kung Fu.

Kathy’s website is www.ksdesigns16.com.

3rd Place – Bernice Fargus - “Fighting Zebras”

Bernice was born in Australia but has lived extensively overseas for much of her life. She currently moves between Australia, Scotland and Hong Kong where she lived for many years and where her children grew up.

Bernice took up photography only after retirement. During a golfing visit to South Africa she had an epithany after an add-on visit to a private game reserve. After mulling it over for several months she announced she was giving up golf and taking up photography. Ringing family endorsements turned to some dismay as the gear and annual SE Africa trip costs mounted. But, as they say, happy wife, happy life.

Starting from zero base she has diligently worked at her chosen avocation with ever-improving results. A second epithany occurred when introduced to Photoshop and digital artistry. This has been and continues to be a huge learning curve but with persistence the results are starting to come. There are so many role models learn from and so many techniques to learn that there is no time for complacency. Hopefully future work will continue to improve and provide enjoyment for all who see it.

Bernice can be reached on her email.  

4th Place – Dan Pyle - “Cat Nap”

Dan was born in Montana, grew up in Washington State and now lives in California. With virtually no formal art training, Dan has been drawing since childhood. His internationally award-winning charcoal drawings has been exhibited in gallery shows in Palm Springs, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Ana, Pasadena, Long Beach, New York, Provincetown and West Hollywood. Dan is also now represented in Europe and travels there yearly for live shows. With his client base extending as far away as Malaysia and Australia his work is becoming known worldwide.

Dan’s work is permanently installed in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, as part of their impressive commercial art collection and he participated in the epic Art Takes Times Square event in New York City. His drawings have also been published in numerous art magazines & books, both domestically and internationally.

Working exclusively in charcoal, Dan uses a realistic style that mimics photography to the point that his drawings are often mistaken for photos. He loves shadows, contrast, anonymity and using negative space in his compositions. Dan’s gifted eye catches timeless fragments of life in his work---whether it’s the intricate lines of the human hand, the delicate folds of a garment, or a tarnished piece of silver, they are drawn in detailed simplicity.

Dan’s work celebrates his relentless enthusiasm for detail, through a vast collection of subject matter. From muscular figures, to distressed objects from the past, he continues to challenge perfection.

Dan’s website is www.danpyleartist.com.

5th Place – Wilson Felix Olugu - “The Early Man”

I am a native of Ohafia Abia State in Nigeria. I became involved in the Arts at a very young age, just for fun but I quickly realized that I had a love for it that consumed me. When I am creating, I forget that the world around me exists. It is truly an outer body experience and a feeling matched by no other.

My current artistic style is a technique that falls between impressionism and realism. I studied Fine Arts at Abia State University where I received a BSC degree and was positioned in the Second Upper Division of my class. I have been featured in several exhibits, one of which was solo. Most recently I was featured as one of five artists to participate in an exclusive exhibit at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja. I am a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists and I currently reside in Abuja, Nigeria.

You can find Wilson's art on his Instagram and he can be reached at his email.

6th Place – Barbara Mierau-Klein - “Colorful Chameleon”

Barbara Mierau-Klein is a digital artist recognized for her multi-layered, imaginative and colorful fine art images. A native of Germany, Barbara lives in the Washington, D.C. area but often travels the world as a passionate landscape and nature photographer since her teenage years.

Barbara discovered digital art several years ago and became so fascinated that it turned into a full-time pursuit. Much of Barbara’s work is highly stylized and focuses on beautiful moments and evocative moods across a wide range of subjects. The inspiration for her images comes from many sources, often her own nature photography, but also books, song lyrics, movies, and works of other artists, old masters as well as contemporary digital artists.

Barbara’s work has been exhibited at the Art League in Alexandria, Virginia, Curve Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland, Fusion Art Gallery in Palm Springs, California, Heaven Art Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Orenda Gallery in Reno, Nevada. She was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2019 International Photography Awards, IPA. She has had thirteen top-ten placements in online juried art competitions at the Light Space Time Art Gallery and Fusion Art Gallery over the past year and was featured in an Artist Showcase at Light Space Time Art Gallery in November 2018. Her work has also appeared regularly in Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine and Fine Eye Magazine with a feature article on her work as a photographer and digital artist in August 2018.

Barbara’s website is www.barbaramierauklein.com.

7th Place – LouAnn Goodrich - “Tender Moment”

Wildlife, western, and nature photography are the main body of work from which Lou Ann Goodrich draws inspiration for her art. Creative images of North American wildlife, [wolves, bear, cats, birds], and critically endangered species, [tigers, Amur leopard], are among the focus of her work.

An environmentalist, she is an active proponent of healthy ecosystems and habitat conducive to maintaining diversity and sustainability for wildlife and the natural world. The American west, cowboys, wild horses, rodeo, also feature predominately in her interest and body of work.

LouAnn’s website is www.louanngoodrich-photoartist.com.

8th Place – Gemma Gylling - “A Sudden Encounter”

Gemma is a self-taught artist whose artwork is enjoyed by many animal art collectors all over the world, her artwork is published in numerous books and she’s the Author of “CP Cats; A Complete Guide to Wild & Domestic Cats in Colored Pencil” published by Ann Kullberg. Applying several layers of colored pencils allows Gemma to simulate the look of an oil or acrylic painting and Gemma is now working with Pastels. Growing up on a small ranch in Southern California, Gemma Gylling developed her love of nature, animals and creativity. Gemma currently lives in Valley Springs, California with her husband, Bill and their two dogs.

An avid traveler, Gemma thrives in locals that allow her the opportunity to photograph the wildlife. In addition to most of the United States, Gemma has also travelled to Costa Rica, Alaska, Europe, South Africa, Africa and Canada. The reference photos Ms. Gylling uses for her paintings are from her Wildlife Safari trips to Africa and many other areas.

Gemma, as a signature member of Artists for Conservation, pledges a portion of her sales to Animal Conservation groups including PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society) and the National Wildlife Federation. Gemma volunteers as a Docent for the Lions and Elephants at the PAWS Sanctuary in San Andreas, California. Gemma is also a signature member of Society of Animal Artists, a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America and a member of the Placerville Arts Association. She’s been accepted in numerous exhibitions all over the world and has also won numerous awards in those exhibitions.

When asked what inspires her Gemma says, “The Animals speak to me in a very special way and because of that I try to help them speak to you through my art. I strive to portray the velvet touch of their fur, the sound of their roar or the plight they are living to simply exist”.

Gemma’s website is www.gemmagylling.com.

9th Place – Sabine Lackner - “Thinking of You”

Sabine Lackner lives in the Province of Salzburg in the heart of Austria, surrounded by beautiful nature, mountains and fields.

Since she was a child, she loved to draw and she always loved animals and nature. Drawing and painting lessons in school were always her favorites. Whenever she could get a piece of paper and a pencil, she would draw sketches of animals. She started to create lifelike animal portraits in 2007. All of her techniques are self-taught. Initially, her horse Rubina was her primary model. Sabine enjoys drawing all kinds of animals but she has a passion for horses and wildlife.

Sabine’s mediums are soft pastels, coloured pencils and charcoal/graphite. She portrays all kinds of animals as lifelike as possible. Her emphasis is always the eyes of the animals. They are the access to the soul and she likes to reflect the soul of the animals on her portraits. Her goal is to  capture the very personal character and individual expression of every single living being. Her work has been highlighted in several articles in local newspapers. She is also the proud parent to a 3 year old daughter and of her horse Rubina.

Sabine’s website is www.tier-zeichnungen.at.

10th Place – Bruce Wilson II - “Cynosure”

Born and raised in the Arizona desert, Bruce always exhibited an inclination towards all things artistic. Bruce's parents, despite having five kids, were keenly aware of all of their children's abilities. For Bruce this meant growing up in an environment where his spark for the arts would be consistently stoked until it became a fiery creative passion. As a child he would explore a variety of artistic mediums, including music, painting, drawing and dabbling briefly in photography.

Later, Bruce would further hone his skills by attending the East Valley Institute of Technology (E.V.I.T.). There he received training in the Commercial Arts and Graphic Design. He would go on to to complete the program, graduating with honors and thereby acquiring a technical aspect to his skill set. Throughout his training certain projects would require that Bruce partner with photographers. This exposure stimulated a deeper curiosity in photography. As before, that interest would steadily grow into yet another enthusiastic aesthetic pursuit.

In recent years, Bruce has enjoyed participating in art competitions hosted by Light Space & Time. These competitions have provided him with local exposure while causing him to think deeply about what being an artist it means to him. As a result, he has developed the belief that an artist is primarily defined by their ability and drive to seek ways to create. For Bruce, the chosen tools or medium are not as important as the act creating. For, an artist will gladly learn new tools, techniques, and mediums if it means they can continue to create. Simply put, Bruce believes that an artist's tools, techniques and mediums are vehicles. An artist's creative work can be a type of destination. However, a life of creativity is the journey.

Today, this belief has allowed him to freely experiment combining traditional photography with newer digital tools, without fear of being criticised for doing so. In taking the time to explore the subtleties of digital art and photography, Bruce has come to understand the time and patience it takes to develop skill in both disciplines. However, Bruce would say that the time is well invested as it allows him to continue his creative journey.

Bruce’s website is www.kindlebardstudio.com/art-market.

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