“Nature” Art Exhibition 2022 – Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 12 Best Entries received from the 3 media categories of the Painting & Other Media Category, the Photography & Digital Category and the 3 Dimensional Category. 

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of December 2022 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

The overall winning artists’ category of the 12th Annual "Nature" Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion. 

Congratulations to our artists who made our 12th Annual “Nature” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery. 

Scroll down the page to see read about each of our Top 12 Winning Artists. In the image gallery at the bottom, click on a thumbnail image and that will take you a lightbox to view the entire artwork. To return to the “Nature” Home Page click here.

1st Place – Overall - Lynette Orzlowski - "THE ENCOUNTER”

1st-Place-OA-137-POM.-Lynette-Orzlowski-THE-ENCOUNTER-.bLynette Orzlowski’s artistic practice has been driven from an early age to paint, with a love of animals and a passion for horses.

The paintings are an impressionistic style, though many elements within the works hold true to subtle notations of realism, walking the line between loose movements and textures, to fine detail and anatomical correctness.

Using a wide array of different techniques, mixing the texture and variety of mediums to express an individual body of work. With the main focus of Lynette's work being to explore the different notions and relations ships between humans and animals, in particular the horse. This long standing partnership between man and animal is one of great significance, not only with the everyday but into the realm of fantasy.

With Lynette’s own understanding for this partnership, having resided in the rural outskirts of Victoria, herself being surrounded by the direct importance the roll of the horse still plays in everyday life she is able to draw first hand on this as a major source of inspiration.

Lynette’s website is www.orzlowski.com.

2nd Place – Overall - Maggy Thorvaldsdottir Pease - "THE LION AND THE BUTTERFLY”

2nd-Place-OA-44-PD.-Maggy-Thorvaldsdottir-Pease-THE-LION-AND-THE-BUTTERFLY-.bMaggy Thorvaldsdottir Pease was born and raised in Reykjavik Iceland. She was interested in Photography in her teens but didn't really get into it until she got her first digital SLR.

She took online photograph classes and later signed up with Photoshop Artistry with Sebastian Michaels and is currently in his Awake and Kaizen courses.

Nature and Animals, especially dogs, are her passion and her inspiration. Maggy has several images published in the Living the Photo Artistic Life Magazine and was the feature artist in May of 2019

Maggy’s website is https://maggy.myportfolio.com.

3rd Place – Overall - Melyssa FT - "INNER REFLECTIONS”

3rd-Place-OA-91-PD.-Melyssa-FT-Melyssa-Forget-Turcotte-INNER-REFLECTIONS-.bMelyssa FT is a Wellington, New Zealand based photo artist with a passion for creative wildlife photography and visual storytelling.

Through photo artistry, Melyssa conveys stories that honour the beauty and magic of what lies within our natural world, as well as highlighting the importance of protecting our native wildlife. For Melyssa, the photograph is just the first step in her creative process. There are many stories to be told through creative imagery, and Melyssa's vision is one of them.

Melyssa’s work can be found on her Instagram: www.instagram.com/melymelo_photo        

4th Place – Overall - William Burnham - "PATHWAY TO THE SEA”

4th-Place-OA-99-POM.-William-Burnham-PATHWAY-TO-THE-SEA-.bBorn in Cleveland, Ohio, Bill Burnham has always been expressing himself artistically. Intrigued with building, he became a cabinet maker, a career he enjoyed for many years. Designing and building custom furniture eventually led him into a long-term career of designing custom kitchens. Bill has always enjoyed sketching and painting and decided to pursue those interests on a full-time basis.

Being a self-taught artist, his never-ending love for the sea has made Cape Cod one of his favorite places for creating the images he paints with such precise detail. The positive feedback about his work has been a consistent inspiration. His paintings draw you in and his detail entices you to look even closer. His love for painting isn't just recreating nature's beauty on canvas, it's the excitement of watching a painting come to life.

After only two years of painting, Bill was accepted into the Copley Society of Art in Boston, MA. He has won several awards for his work, locally and internationally

William’s website is http://williamburnhamfinearts.com  

5th Place – Overall - Annik Janssens - "TIME FOR ACTION”

5th-Place-OA-88-POM.-Annik-Janssens-TIME-FOR-ACTION-.bAnnik has been hugely passionate about animals and drawing all her life.

After her training as a graphic designer, Annik took a different path professionally until, about six years ago, someone asked her to do a portrait of his dog. Afterwards, a second portrait followed and she has been unstoppable ever since.

With her photorealistic portraits in pastel, she tries to reproduce the animal's character as faithfully as possible, as images say so much more than words. She wants the viewer to look at these animals as individuals, each with its own beauty and rights.

After a careful sketch in pencil, she attaches great importance to the proportions, she always starts drawing the eyes. After all, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. In her opinion, if the eyes are good, the rest follows. She works in layers, from dark to light.

For the lower layers, Annik uses soft pastels or pastelmat after which she continues with pastel pencils of varying coarseness. Besides wildlife, Annik often do commissioned portraits of pets, which gives her enormous satisfaction, especially the enthusiastic reactions of the owners are heart-warming.

Being the owner of dogs, cats and horses herself, she understands all too well the bond that exists between an owner and his pet, and when it concerns a portrait of a deceased animal this affects her even more.

Annik still has many plans and hopes her art will touch people, make them aware and show them the beauty of all the species that surround us.

Annik’s website is www.annikanimalart.com  

6th Place – Overall - Jennifer Podor - "PANDA PLAYTIME”

6th-Place-OA-114-PD.-Jennifer-Podor-PANDA-PLAYTIME-.bMy name is Jennifer Podor and I have been doing photography for a very long time. I can remember using Kodak cameras with flash cubes and how I would save my money to buy film and flash cubes. And of course have the film developed and printed. As the years passed I was finally able to get a “real” camera and finally had a darkroom in my basement. My first SLR was a Minolta and I still have both bodies and lenses today.

When doing a final portfolio, my instructor asked me why it was not themed the same throughout. I replied that there are many things that are just asking to have their pictures taken, so I do. And to this day, I still take pictures of things that interest me. I love doing nature and landscape pictures, but people are also a lot of fun. I loved doing a couple who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Photoshop has been a big influence for me over the last several years and I have devoted much time and effort into learning this post editing process. Even the greats like Ansel Adams did post processing in their work.

Jennifer’s website is www.mcpodphotography.com  

7th Place – Overall - Susanne Fumelli - "GLOW”

7th-Place-OA-106-POM.-Susanne-Fumelli-GLOW-.bSusanne Fumelli was born 1961 in Munich and lives now in Italy. She trained as a dental technician and animal healer. Her artistic talent was discovered in childhood and she has been working as a freelance artist since 1990. She has participated in several successful exhibitions in Germany and from 1990 to 2019, she worked for various galleries in Germany. Susanne is a member of the Salon Nationale Artistes Animaliers. In 2021, she had a successful exhibition in Paris, she has had several publications in Colored Pencil Magazine and numerous awards in international competitions.

Susanne’s website is www.susanne-fumelli.eu   

8th Place – Overall - Patrick Egger - "GLACE EN DÉSHÉRENCE”

8th-Place-OA-14-POM.-Patrick-Egger-GLACE-EN-DESHERENCE-.bSelf-taught painter, Patrick Egger was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds in 1957 in Switzerland.

First a forest engineer then teacher, it was only at the dawn of his sixties, settled in La Creusaz above the Marécottes, that painting imposed itself on him.

A more or less pronounced touch of hyperrealism characterizes his work, but above all his source of inspiration is an incessant quest for sensations linked to the beauty of the places he paints.

From the faithful reproduction of a landscape to a subject partly or totally taken from his imagination, he is in constant search of any contrasting atmosphere through the play of shadows, lights and colours.

Patrick’s paintings are as many decorations as nature has to offer: vertical worlds made of rocks or ice, horizon bathed in cottony mist, ripples under an autumn sun or under the bluish freshness of a winter morning….

Patrick’s website is http://artpegger.jimdofree.com

9th Place – Overall - Steve Hamlin - "STUDY IN BLACK & ORANGE - ATLANTIC PUFFIN”

9th-Place-OA-67-POM.-Steve-Hamlin-STUDY-IN-BLACK-ORANGE-ATLANTIC-PUFFIN-.bSteve Hamlin has drawn and painted since childhood. His work reflects three life-long passions: nature, history and architecture. Over the last decade, Hamlin has become increasingly focused on wildlife painting, especially birds. He and his wife Linda travel as much as time and money allow in search of wildlife. “I use only my own photographs and field experience as primary reference material in my work. To date, our travels have been almost strictly domestic, which suits me just fine. I find interesting subject matter everywhere.”

Hamlin is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists, Northeast Watercolor Society and New England Watercolor Society. He is a past president of the Academic Artists Association.

Steve’s website is https://stevehamlinart.com     

10th Place – Overall - Angie Johnson - "BIRCH STREET”

10th-Place-OA-126-POM.-Angie-Johnson-BIRCH-STREET-.bAngie Johnson, a Nebraska Native, has always enjoyed creating and has art embedded in her soul since day one. She has fine-tuned her skills over the last several decades and is proficient in all mediums. Angie has won and placed in art competitions. Most recently she has been awarded Prize money in an International competition as well as been on honorable mention and finalists award lists.

Angie’s website is www.angiejohnsonfineart.com  

11th Place – Overall - Helen Akerstrom - "SABAI AND PATHI HARN”

11th-Place-OA-87-PD.-Helen-Akerstrom-SABAI-AND-PATHI-HARN-.bPassion for animals and photography has always been Helen’s love. She aims to show the heart and soul of the animal in her images. Her love of Photoshop has developed over the years into Digital Art.

Initially it was to remove the fences and busy backgrounds, of the wild animals she was taking. Helen's local Zoo is only 10 minutes up the road from where she lives. Helen lives in a country town, Dubbo in Australia. The Zoo has over 700 animals so there is a great diversity to capture.

Lions are her favourite, but she loves all species and gets to know them personally. She watches babies born and grow, seeing how their character develops. Her images are emotional as she is trying to show how precious each life is. Helen’s art is also therapy for her grief. Her Precious Daughter Stephanie, went to Heaven 7 years ago.

Most of the animals are endangered so Helen donates to Wildlife projects and brings awareness through her work. Helen has won numerous awards over the years and loves competing to hone her skills.

Helen’s work can be found on her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100070322933051  

12th Place – Overall - Paula Wiegmink - "ME AND MY GIRL”

12th-Place-OA-77-POM.-Paula-Wiegmink-ME-AND-MY-GIRL-.bPaula Wiegmink born in Zimbabwe and migrated Western Australia in 1994. She is now based in Dunsborough, South Western Australia.

In 2014, her painting ‘To the point’ of an African pale chanting goshawk was shortlisted for exhibition with the ‘David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year’ in London, UK.

Paula was approached by Besureis, London, UK, in 2015, for permission to use the image of ‘Tears of the rhino’ as the face of the 'SAY NO' poster awareness campaign for endangered species. The poster has been signed by many influential people such as; Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir David Attenborough among many others.

In 2015, CEO Graeme Stevenson invited Paula to feature on the TV Art Documentary ‘Put Some Colour in Your Life’, recreating her painting ‘Tears of the Rhino’. This documentary will be heading to the moon with SpaceX and NASA on their mission in 2023.

Paula was honoured for outstanding artistic talent and extraordinary contribution to the conservation cause by Canadian based Artists for Conservation. Her work has been selected every year from 2014-2022.

Paula hopes to create awareness drawing attention to the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

A multi-award winner in oil, pastel, acrylics, watercolour and mixed media, Paula continues to exhibit in both group and solo exhibitions. Her work is represented in private and corporate collections in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Portugal, America, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Holland, Spain, Germany and Australia.

Paula’s website is www.instagram.com/wiegminkart  

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