“Patterns Art Exhibition 2021 – Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 3 media categories of the Painting & Other Category, Photography & Digital Category and the 3 Dimensional Art categories. 

The winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of September 2021 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

The overall winning artists’ category of the 5th Annual "Patterns" Art Exhibition will receive extensive worldwide publicity and promotion.  In addition, the overall winning artists will also receive extensive worldwide publicity in the form of email marketing, 550+ press release announcements, event announcement posts and social media marketing. 

Winning artists will also have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on ArtJobs/ArtWeek. Artweek/Artjobs produces 800,000 page impressions per month, 280,000 website visitors per month and has 30,000 newsletter subscribers.  

Congratulations to our artists who made our 5th Annual “Patterns” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s Archive section for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Patterns” Award Certificates, Event Postcard, and Press Releases sent to the winning artists within the next few weeks. Thank you to all of the artists who participated and for being a part of the gallery.  To return to the “Patterns” Home Page click here.

To view the artwork in the image gallery’s below, click on a thumbnail image and that will take you to the Slide Show, which will then contain larger images. Artists can now post their images directly to their social media networks (See lower left-hand side of the Lightbox).  In order to leave the Slide Show at any time, just click on the X at the upper right side of the Lightbox in order to escape and that will take you back to the thumbnails images.

1st Place – Christopher Brown - "Firmament”

1st-Place-OA-13-POM.-Christopher-Brown-Firmament-bI am a working artist with a master's degree in fine art. Included among my abstract works are wall sculptures, paintings, and drawings. I use a variety of traditional and nontraditional materials including canvas, paper, charcoal, chalk, pen, pencil, oil paint, varnish, plywood, wood, steel, and epoxy resin.

My abstract artworks are informed by Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism (Surrealism in that I give the unconscious/subconscious mind considerable liberty while working and Abstract Expressionism in so much as the pieces are not rooted in, nor do they mirror or seek to translate, objective reality). The artworks exist (for the most part) independent of direct visual reference to the physical world. When a direct reference is made, via a representational image fragment or a material that comes loaded with associations, it is done to induce a sense of memory, of fading or forming thought.

Free from the tethers of objective "subject", I use color, line, shape, material, and composition as “notes” struck in dynamic, gestural ways as well as quietly and reflectively played. These “notes” occupy visual spaces that are emotive and contemplative—internal, inward-looking spaces.

My large-scale pieces are intended to envelop the viewer and immerse them as they experience the work. Through this experience, I hope that the viewer may find respite from the noise of the “real” world, a breathing space, and calm found through quiet reflection.

Christopher can be reached via his email.

2nd Place – Christophe Szkudlarek - "Créature”

2nd-Place-OA-24-pd.-Szkudlarek-Christophe-Creature-cChristophe Szkudlarek is a textile designer for fashion and house and illustrator. He lives and works either in Normandy or Paris (France). He is currently working for various leading trend agencies, lingerie companies, fashion and furnishing industries.

He’s started its carrier creating decoration items in resin inspired by the vegetal world. His graphic designs are some dreamlike scenes. He directs his work towards his favorite themes: the travel, loneliness, feeling of love and sensuality, the lifelong inner journey conducive to serenity.

The following techniques are featured to produce this artworks in small series: Laser engraving, digital print and screen printing on fine art paper.

Christophe’s website is https://christo-szk.mywizi.com

3rd Place – Lily Kennard - "Ode to Manuel Barbadillo and Late Night Compulsions”

3rd-Place-OA-25-POM.-Lily-Kennard-Ode-to-Manuel-Barbadillo-and-Late-Night-Compulsions-bLily Kennard is an oil painter based in Santa Cruz, California. She graduated with a degree in psychology and art from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2021. Lily uses both of her degrees to explore psychological interests through painting.

Lily focuses on themes around mental health, specifically unhealthy patterns that anxiety disorders create. She uses patterns in her paintings to depict mental and physical compulsions seen in disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder.

Lily is also interested in the relationship between art and viewer and likes to create a sense of movement within the viewer. She does this by cutting up her paintings and reorienting them in different formations. This interactivity between the viewer and painting creates art in itself and blurs the line between “artist” and “viewer”.

Lily is currently exploring different mediums and hopes to pursue an MFA in the near future.

Lily’s website is www.lilykennardart.com        

4th Place – Christina Brunton – “Lost My Marbles”

4th-Place-OA-67-pd.-Christina-Brunton-–-Lost-My-Marbles-bChristina is an artist with a background in oil painting who took up photography to capture images as a reference for her paintings. It was only when Christina learnt to do digital artistry where everything fell into place perfectly and she was able to merge her two passions of painting and photography.

Creating art is a way of life that sings to her and she hopes it touches the viewer’s emotional strings, in their heart and soul. Christina’s art has been published regularly in a variety of international magazines and won distinctions in international competitions.

Christina’s website is https://christinabrunton.art  

5th Place – Cynthia Coldren - "Measuring Balls”

5th-Place-OA-78-POM.-Cynthia-Coldren-Measuring-Balls-bCynthia Coldren creates paintings that embrace the abstract "language." They are intentional contrasts joining color, line, shape, pattern, texture, and layers with paper and canvas. She explores how these individual elements can be connected to form harmonious paintings that visually speak to the viewer.

Her creative process is both planned and spontaneous. Using acrylic paints, inks, and pencil on paper and canvas, she adds hand-painted paper or canvas fragments to complement the developing painting. This blend of the familiar with the ambiguous gives each viewer a personal way to interpret and connect with my paintings.

Cynthia’s website is www.cynthiacoldrenfineart.com  

6th Place – Gareth Jones – “Into the Soul of the Light”

6th-Place-OA-78-pd.-Gareth-Jones-–-Into-the-Soul-of-the-Light-bPhotography/digital art are Gareth’s artistic releases. After taking up photography after a career as a forensic scientist, Gareth has been able to bring his imagination, vision and inquisitive mind to visual life.

Gareth’s art explores abstracts or unique perspectives that are created from his original photographs or digital art. By looking to connect images to viewers – and in these uneasy times – Gareth wants to balance life. He presents moments of beauty, quiet joy or intrigue in balance with the need to draw attention to important issues.

Everyone needs a break from the unending negative news all around the world and Gareth attempts to give people a breather from the stress of today’s world. This is not to say he doesn't bring difficult issues into his art - but Gareth is convinced that balance is the critical issue, especially as for most of us, our worlds are not in balance. He hopes his art helps to heal this disparate world through creative expressions, thoughtful moments and visual enjoyment or challenge.

Gareth’s photographs the world with all its wonders and creations, big and small, that simply make him stop and look or think, smile or feel and then he puts his take on it. Gareth’s images are that gift - a moment to feel whatever the image calls up in you. He lets his curiosity fuel the exploration of the world and from that abstract, nature, urban and imaginative images arise. Viewers are invited to join him.

Gareth’s website is www.gpjones1.format.com  

7th Place – Elena Disabato - "Gem II”

7th-Place-OA-65-POM.-Elena-Disabato-Gem-II-cI am a painter and mixed media artist living in the Logan Square neighborhood of my hometown, Chicago. Following college at Syracuse University (BFA ’00) with a semester in Florence, Italy studying Renaissance painting, I lived in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, curating the fine art portion of bi-monthly “Art & Science” events at Galapagos Art Space, until 2006 when I returned to Chicago. Three of my pieces were shown in 2007 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago at the Sustainable Architecture Chicago exhibit in tandem with Bruce Mao’s Massive Change exhibit.

I took a hiatus from my art to forge a career marketing for architects, which proved to only stifle my ability to create work for myself. Beginning in 2018, I reintroduced myself to my creative process and pursued securing over a dozen commissions in 2 years.

In 2020 I decided to leave the architecture industry and pursue my art full time; I have been making new work regularly ever since.

Combining aesthetic beauty with the unexpected is something I strive for in my art. Whether a piece is representational of a specific subject or demonstrates an abstracted concept, my goal for creating art is twofold: 1. Allow each recipient and viewer to feel connected with and understood, regardless of subject matter or technique 2. Put something original into the world that answers subconscious questions, leaving a lasting conscious impression of beauty and satisfaction

I work in a variety of 2D media at any scale on canvas, board or paper – all hand-stretched, primed, sized and prepared for hanging: oil, watercolor, mixed media, pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink, marker, conte, pastel, collage and decoupage. Specialized techniques include using Swarovski crystals in patterned overlays, metallics (paint, pencil, and marker), scrapbooking materials, and various finishing media.

Elena’s website is www.redkimono.com   

8th Place – Charles T. Miller - "Structure 1”

8th-Place-OA-34-pd.-Charles-T.-Miller-Structure-1-bCharles Miller has been doing fine art photography for thirteen years. His art training is in theatre design which greatly influences how he sees his images. He tries to find something special and different in all of his work. He does everything from traditional straight photography to highly manipulated and abstract images. He works as an arts administrator doing performing arts contracting.

Charles also curates exhibits for three galleries. He is a member of numerous galleries in the state of New Jersey including Gallery 14 Fine Art Photography in Hopewell; The New Jersey Photography Forum; the New Jersey Art Association; and the Contemporary Arts Group. He has shown works at The Johnson and Johnson Headquarters Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ; Grounds for Sculpture Hamilton NJ Ellerslie Gallery, Trenton, NJ; Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ; Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ; Overlook Hospital, Summit, NJ; Bernardsville Library, Bernardsville, NJ; Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, Hamilton, NJ; Educational Testing Services, Princeton, NJ; Morris Community College Gallery, Randolph, NJ; and many other galleries.

He has done theatre sets, lights, costume and prop designs for various colleges and off off Broadway houses. His work in dance lighting as also formed his approach to lighting his photography. Seeing the image and seeing the possibilities of what he is shooting is a major part of how he approaches his artistic work. He shoots with Olympus cameras, but recently has also started turning to his cell phone for his photography.

Charles can be reached via his email.

9th Place – Nives Palmić - "Sun and Sea I”

9th-Place-OA-68-POM.-Nives-Palmic-Sun-and-Sea-I-bNives Palmić is professional painter and art professor. She graduated in painting from the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts. Besides her own art practice she run art courses and work as art professor for art theory. She is the author of practical book “From drawing to painting”.

Today she lives and works in Ljubljana. The drawings which are part of the series SEA WAVES are all created after memory or from imagination in graphical abstracted style. Early drawings from the series are more connected with real appearances of natural phenomenon. Present drawings are more surreal, especially in the field of color. The motif of sea waves becomes the field of different possibilities for expressing my own internal visions.

Nives’ website is www.behance.net/nivespalmia91a   

10th Place – Florencia Castaldo - "It gave nor Rest nor Grief”

10th-Place-OA-104-POM.-Florencia-Castaldo-It-gave-nor-Rest-nor-Grief-bArtist Biography: Florencia Castaldo is an Argentinian painter. From an early age she has been interested in art, attending numerous drawing, painting, and craft ateliers. She studied at Figueroa Alcorta School of Fine Arts in Córdoba, Argentina. Her works are usually abstract representations, reminiscent of landscapes and urban spaces made in acrylic and oil painting.

She has participated in several group exhibitions. Some of her works are in private collections in Argentina, Bolivia, Canada and the United States.

She currently resides in Houston, Texas.

Artist Statement: I usually paint without expectations or preconceptions, letting myself be carried away by lines, shapes and color intuitively, without worrying about the outcome. Even when I have something in mind, I never know what the result will be as the painting evolves. My inspiration usually comes from my surroundings, places that I have been and still spin in my head, but then they will be pushed, carried by a texture or stain at some point in the process. I like to think of the canvas as a human skin, a surface with a particular story to tell. Painting is a way of speaking with my own skin and daydream.

Florencia’s website is www.florenciacastaldo.com


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