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Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Paul Pinzarrone has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and he will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 14 days in the gallery’s Artist Showcase.

Paul Pinzarrone is an Illinois based photo artist.  Paul tries keep his work new, fresh and uncontaminated by commercial aspects.  Paul was selected as 1 of the top twelve finalists of the gallery’s recent Solo Art Exhibition Series #7. The placement in this competition qualified his art to be showcased in this feature. 

Paul’s Artist Showcase feature will be promoted to over 550+ News Outlets, Premium News Outlets (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox & NBC TV & Radio Sites and inclusion on Google News & Bing News.  In addition, we will also be featuring and promoting his art in our various social media networks for further exposure. 

Below are Paul’s Artist Biography, Artist Statement and 5 images that were submitted to this competition.

Artist Biography:

Paul Pinzarrone started off playing classical piano, studying biology and pre-medicine chemistry. He detoured playing keyboard in various rock & roll bands, playing piano for musicals, singers and dancers and worked as an orderly in a trauma center emergency room and surgery. He studied art history and painting at the University of Illinois, earning a BFA Painting with Highest Honors.

Paul taught drawing and design at Rockford and Rock Valley Colleges, exhibited at juried contests and galleries in Chicago, Miami, Louisville, Muskegon MI, Ohio and New Orleans. Exhibitions include Art Institute Biennial, Butler Institute of American Art, Gilman Gallery, Horwich Gallery, Union League Juried and Zhou B Art Center [Chicago].

Earlier work included film photography, acrylic and airbrushed lacquer constructions on the back side of clear Plexiglas. Always trying to match the process to the imagery, Pinzarrone explored the science-fiction look of spraying bronzing powders with layers of acrylic lacquers for an inaccessible, reflective presentation. Film photography transitioned to digital while today’s airbrush is an electronic version with Photoshop and other digital painting methods. To be “art”, Pinzarrone contends that it must be new….. new version of a Vermeer or Michelangelo or Titian using digital photos, photoshop and fractal software, printed on Plexiglas or high gloss aluminum. It must have a new look, using new materials, presenting a new approach to how great masters saw life.

Current work includes numerous texture-free digital layers, photographic manipulation and a high gloss machined-looking flat piece. The viewer tries to solve puzzles of why the figures are emotionless and passive, all expressions have been wiped away with most wrinkles and blemishes. The figure’s skin is Pinzarrone’s canvas now, drawing from Titian and other master themes and poses. Tensions are explored to pull in the viewer to wonder if it is a photograph or fabricated reality. Craftsmanship counts.

Selected recent Juried exhibitions include Freeport Area Art Museum, Midwestern Regional Juried, Harvard Starline Juried, many Exhibition Without Walls and Light Space Time Juried shows, Adam and Eve National Juried, Emotion and Energy of Color National, Art Scene Today themed contests, Reinventing Ourselves National Juried, Future So Bright International Juried, Creek Gallery Juried.

Selected recent Invitational and solo exhibitions include 3-person Artery Mid-coast Fine Arts, solo shows at Beloit Fine Arts Incubator and DeLuna Gallery. Work was shown at the fall and Spring ArtScene invitationals, Invitational Aeon Gallery and various Artist Portfolio quarterly or themed contest.

Artist Statement:

My work is a study, an exploration of power, of symmetry, of patterns and how the viewer can be challenged. Detached sensuality, puzzles and tension are what I surround myself with. To be art, it must be new; new process, new techniques married to a new approach, new ideas or a new presentation for the viewer. It must be multi-layered so the viewer works at it for a while, exploring deeper.... The GIRL WITH A NON PEARL EARRING is a new version of Vermeer's 1665 painting. In this version the girl is sitting in the same position but rotated so we see what she is looking at [instead of at us the way Vermeer painted]. My girl has a non-pearl earring, is tattooed / painted / fractal-wrapped with such precision that she becomes believable. The viewer works to resolve the mandala, tattoos, location and time element of this puzzle.

My greatest accomplishment has been to keep my work new, fresh and uncontaminated by commercial aspects.

Paul’s website can be viewed here:

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