Seasons Art Exhibition - Overall Category

The Overall Winning Artists Category consists of the 10 Best Entries received from the 2 media categories of the Painting & Other Category and the Photography & Digital Category.

All winning artists will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of September 2016 and thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Congratulations to our artists who made our 5th Annual “Seasons” Art Exhibition so successful this month. At any time, we invite our winners and other interested visitors to link their websites to the Gallery’s archive page for further ongoing promotion.

The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery will have digital “Seasons” Award Certificates, Event Postcard and Press Releases sent to you within the next week or so. Thank you for being part of the gallery. To return to the Seasons Home Page here.

1st Place - Gregory Kluempers - "Alley Spring Mill Fall Mo"

Greg Kluempers has lived in St. Louis, MO his entire life. He bought his first serious 35mm camera in 1970. Shortly after that he started taking college level fine art courses including photography and was in his first show with other students in 1972.

In the mid-seventies, Greg started a career as an engineer in the aircraft industry. During that time photography was a serious hobby. He retired from that position in 2014.

In 1999 Greg returned to Florissant Valley at night to continue his art education and in June 2006 he received Associate in Fine Arts Degree – Photography. While working on this degree the emphasis was film and darkroom processing. In 2007 Greg started working strictly in digital photography.

For a number of years, Greg’s images were mainly geometric. He extracted part of an object/structure and to create abstract images from an old building, a distorted reflection, an architectural detail and the juxtaposition of adjoining buildings.

In the last few years Greg has expanded his image subjects to landscapes and architecture of various locations in the US and Europe. He captures his images with the idea of the finished image already in his mind. He’s thinking post processing right from the very beginning. Many of his images fit into the Pictorialism Style using manipulation of typically “straight” photographic materials and create new, more expressive, painterly, altered interpretations as was a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer’s realm of imagination. He does this in Photoshop using plug-ins, filters, layers of textures, and blending them with various opacities into a finished image.

2nd Place - Gaye Clear - "Enigmatic Energy"

Gaye Clear studied mixed-media, watercolor techniques, and life drawing.  Gaye’s art journey has continued and she now focuses on seascapes. Her preferred medium is watercolor and acrylic paints.

Gaye states the following, “I experiment using varied mediums to capture different textures that you would see on the coastline. I am inspired by the ever-changing light casting its shadows over the surface of the sea and atmosphere and I try to inject this into my work by either adding drama and energy or a sense of calm.

Gaye continues her thoughts, “As I paint it evolves during the process of creating glazes of color and blending, I prefer to create an atmosphere and a mood of a place than the actual visual representation which results in my desired effect, my interpretation and feelings for the subject. My aim is to draw the viewer into my work.”

3rd Place - Alyx Morgan - "Heavenly Light" 

Alyx had been given a camera as a teenager, but never really got bitten by the shutterbug until her mid-twenties when a family friend bought her a Kodak Advantix camera. By the fifth roll of film, she was hooked.

Pretty soon, that camera was like another appendage. Alyx took it everywhere she traveled and shot hundreds of pictures. Over the years, she upgraded to a digital camera, which afforded her much more freedom to take lots of images without having to spend a ton of money on processing.

When Alyx walks around with her camera, she’s never sure what she’ll find . . . and she likes it that way. For her, the world is all about noticing things that many people might overlook, and seeing the incredible beauty there.

She especially likes looking at everyday things at interesting angles. Alyx thinks the world is more alluring when seen from an uncommon perspective. Light play, movement, and repetitive themes also factor into her art. If she sees a subject that has all of those components, she can’t snap the picture fast enough.

Alyx never goes on vacation without her camera. Whether its barns and farming country in Michigan, world-famous landmarks, or gorgeous sunsets on the Aegean Sea, she likes to capture her unusual viewpoint through the lens.  You can see more of her photography at

4th Place - Marti White - "Temperence River State Park I"

Marti White is a mixed media artist working in Tucson, Arizona. She works in both abstract and representational subject matter. Marti is mostly self-taught with the help of many artist mentors and workshops. She has always been interested in creative outlets, whether in the home or the studio or the classroom. Her work is eclectic and covers a broad spectrum of media and subject matter.

Marti enjoys working without a lot of preplanning, beginning with color and medium and letting her tools take her where they want to go. The result is a spontaneous expression of her inner self. Marti works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, collage and assemblage.

Her work has evolved over the years and she tends to find working abstractly or at least less literally as time goes by. Recently Marti has worked in series. Her series of Apertures has reached her goal of twenty pieces. These are intended to draw the viewer into the painting or collage so that they can find their own story beneath the surface of the work.

Her other works include a series of Scarab Beetles and another of Dragonflies. Marti is easily bored with one approach to her work and loves to experiment with a variety of "what ifs." She is open to using new techniques to play with. These may include papers she has never used before, media that is new and interesting, new methods of preparing papers for collage work, experimenting with various types of transfer methods, acrylic inks, metallic and acrylic polymers.

Marti teaches classes in collage in the community. She also volunteers her time in various arts-oriented organizations. Presently she is the Vice President of Shows for the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild. She is an active member of the Contemporary Artists of Southern Arizona which she served as president for two three-year terms. She is a member of The International Society of Acrylic Painters and The Contemporary Art Society, an arm of The Tucson Museum of Art.

Marti is an associate of The Drawing Studio in Tucson and a member of PaperWorks: The Sonoran Collective for Paper and Book Artists. Marti's work is shown locally and nationally in juried exhibitions. Marti's art is an expression of the soul.

5th Place - Cynthia Fleury - "Red Cabin Autumn"

Cynthia Fleury is a Minnesota photographic artist. Her passion is experimental photography and creative processes/mixed media and techniques such as digital/acrylic painting, infrared photography, light painting, digital hand coloring, and other techniques.

Cynthia studied art and over the years has painted in acrylic, oil, and watercolor. Her interest in photography as an art form began in 1998 when she studied photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her digital artistry began in 2004 when digital image capture became a more viable art form than traditional film photography. She most recently has been combining photography with the traditional physical painting art form.

Cynthia's work has been in many exhibitions and is in collections throughout the world. Recent exhibitions include The First Street Gallery NYC, NAWA Gallery NYC, 4th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography Berlin, Germany, and Arts in Harmony Elk River, MN. Cynthia has a gallery/studio in the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis, MN.

6th Place - Dawid Toua - "Church in Winter"

Dawid Toua was born and grew up in the city of Bellville, South Africa. David had an interest in art from a young age and in high school, he decided to follow a career in the arts. He did a National Diploma in Graphic Design in Cape Town and started my professional career as a Graphic Designer at an Advertising Agency.

He left the agency after two and a half years and joined the Cape Provincial Museums as an exhibition artist. And at this time he enrolled at the University of South Africa and did a fine arts course majoring in painting.

In 1990 he was appointed Design and Advertising manager in a major wine company. They created an annual art calendar and through this platform, he had the opportunity to meet many prominent South African artists.  In 2000 he opened his own Graphic Design Studio.

David states this about his artistic journey, “Although I have been painting since my school years, it was only about ten years ago that I participated in my first art exhibition at the Hout Street Gallery in Paarl, South Africa. Since then my paintings have found homes in England, Australia, America, France, and India. My art deals mostly with people and their surroundings and I try to capture the moment through my art.”

7th Place - Jayne Wilson - "Autumn Farm Scene"

Originally from England, Jayne is a self-taught artist and photographer who now lives in the Houston area. She fell in love with art as she was growing up in England and, on moving to the U.S., continued to enjoy working in acrylics and oil pastels to create landscape paintings of the English countryside that she left behind. However, after opening her home to a number of furry felines, Jayne stopped creating art for several years.

When she was introduced to the 3D digital graphics program created by Bryce in 2004 a whole new world of artistic possibilities opened up to her. Since that introduction, she has branched out and expanded her skills and now uses Vue Esprit and DAZ 3D to create art in a variety of styles, including landscapes, equine art, and abstracts.

In addition to her original 3D digital renderings, she enjoys taking photographs of the beauty she sees around her, particularly the flowers, butterflies and birds that abound in her Certified Wildlife Habitat garden and at local beauty spots in Texas.

8th Place - Dimitrina Kutriansky - "Dispersing of the Storm"

Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her parents recognized that Dimitrina possessed innate artistic talent at a young age and invested what little they could in purchasing art supplies to encourage her artistic ambition.

Eventually, Dimitrina attended the Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville on a scholarship, receiving her bachelors of arts in fine arts. She then obtained her masters of arts, specializing in printmaking, from the University of Iowa's nationally renowned program, where she studied under Mauricio Lasansky, one of the "Fathers of 20th Century American Printmaking."

This training in printmaking has directly impacted Dimitrina’s style of painting, which is characterized by a strong and precise use of line. In her detailed landscapes, she gives attention to every branch, rock, or blade of grass, in order to highlight the inherent, though often unnoticed or dismissed, the beauty of the natural world. Dimitrina’s paintings depict a variety of natural panoramas, ranging from stormy scenes that evoke awe, to serene moments that inspire reflection, to bright compositions that arouse hope. In each work, she tries to express her personal connection to the landscape and bring the viewers into a tangible world of emotions.

Dimitrina has had seven solo gallery exhibitions and she has won numerous awards through her frequent participation in juried exhibitions, invitational shows, and other competitions. Her artwork has been featured in multiple publications, including exhibition catalogs, magazines, and academic journals, as well as a wide variety of art blogs and other websites, such as Empty Easel and ArtSlant. Dimitrina is also a juried member of several professional organizations, including the prestigious International Guild of Realism, the Oil Painters of America, and the American Artists Professional League. Recently, Dimitrina was selected as one of the winners of North Light Book’s national competition Strokes of Genius 7: Depth, Dimension, and Space and featured in their publication.

Dimitrina lives with her husband and daughter in the Metro St. Louis, MO area, where she is represented by Compônere Gallery of Art. She is also represented by Studio b. Gallery, located in Three Oaks, MI, and has several works on consignment with Sarah Jessica Fine Arts in historic Provincetown, MA. Dimitrina regularly exhibits her most recent works in juried shows at galleries, organizations, and museums in states throughout the country.

9th Place - J. Michael Williams - "Swirling Leaves”

Mike Williams is a nature and landscape photographer living in Central New Jersey. Mike started doing photography in his early teens. Using his grandfather's enlarger, trays, and safelight, he set up a darkroom and learned to do his own B & W developing.

In high school, Mike photographed events for the school newspaper and discovered a love for photographing landscapes and architecture on a trip to Italy. Over the years since that time, Mike has continued to work on his skills as a photographer.

He is now retired from a career in pharmaceutical research and is able to devote more time to his photography. Mike now does exclusively digital photography and primarily makes landscape and nature images. He strives to give the viewer the sense that they are standing before the scene as he saw it.

Mike’s images are recognized for their serene peaceful nature and have been selected for the healing art programs of several New Jersey hospitals and clinics. His work has appeared in the 70 South Gallery of Morristown and in local art exhibits.

10th Place - Elizabeth Burin - "Magnolia Spotlight"

Elizabeth Burin is an independent artist working in Baltimore. She was born in Washington, D.C. and was raised in western Switzerland.  Elizabeth holds a doctorate in art history from the University of Cambridge.

She worked as a museum curator and taught ancient and medieval art history before turning to studio art in mid-life, earning a Certificate of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Betsy is a Signature Artist member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, exhibits frequently in the mid-Atlantic area and online, and has received many awards for her work. She lives in Baltimore with her husband. For further information, please visit


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