By John Feustel, Guest Blogger - Want to attract buyers and set yourself apart as a serious artist? Professionalism is crucial if you want to stand out. And while important, it goes beyond polite and prompt communication. Buyers are more likely to trust and purchase from an artist who runs a professional business. Whether it’s providing a polished invoice or handing out compelling and effective business cards, it’s critical to channel reliability and expertise in all aspects of your career.

Here are five ways you can convey your professionalism:

1. Organize and Track Your Work Online

The more successful you become, the more hectic your art business can get. There are consigned pieces, competition works, exhibition loans, and much more to keep tabs on. Whether you’re an established artist or an emerging one, it’s critical to have an organizational system in place. Galleries and buyers expect artists to have all the right information at the click of a button. We suggest a cloud-based inventory management system like Artwork Archive. You’ll have all your artwork along with the title, medium, dimensions, price/sales value, creation date, associated contacts, and location all easily accessible online. You’ll have all the information you need wherever, whenever!

2. Add an Engaging and Informative Email Signature

An email signature is a very simple way to provide key contact information for your connections. It makes it easy for buyers, galleries, and other contacts to see more of your artwork. We suggest including your full name, profession (e.g. abstract painter), contact information (i.e. business phone, email address, mailing address, and website) and a small, high-quality image of your work. What’s more, it takes less than five minutes to set up and will automatically appear on every email you send. Want to know how to set one up on Gmail? Find out here

3. Create Polished Reports

Galleries and buyers require reports such as consignment reports, inventory reports, and invoices. And while a sheet of notebook paper does the job, it’s better to provide an invoice that leaves a lasting positive impression. A polished, organized report conveys professionalism and credibility. You can quickly create and print reports with a business and inventory management system like Artwork Archive, so you can impress buyers and galleries.

4. Create Memorable and Effective Business Cards

A business card represents your art business, so make sure you have all the right components. Websites like and allow you to create beautiful cards that help you stand out from the pack. Be sure to include your full name, art type, contact details, website, and high-quality images of your art. Stay away from overcrowded, flimsy, generic business cards. The more distinct and informative your business card is, the more professional and serious you seem to buyers.

5. Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

Your website is the storefront of your art business, so be sure to keep it current. Buyers will want to see your newest work and latest collections and hear about your upcoming shows. Old information and unmarked, unavailable works only confuse and mislead buyers. The same goes for pricing. If you have prices on your website, keep them updated and in line with your galleries. Consider using an online portfolio that updates when you update your inventory, like Artwork Archive’s Public Profile Page. A current website or online portfolio speaks volumes about your professionalism. Buyers will take note!

About John Feustel - is the founder and developer of Artwork Archive: the number one online tool that helps you organize your work, grow your business and share your art with the world. From inventory and contact management to sales and location tracking, Artwork Archive gives you everything you need to manage your art business so you can spend more time in the studio doing what you love. Create the art business you want today at


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