Today, the most successful artists are creative, dedicated to their craft and leave nothing to chance when they present their art either in person or online. 

If you study our top 10 category winning artists, you will see that they have one thing in common.  All of the art they submit that places high in our art competitions have been prepared and presented flawlessly. 

Every month we receive many excellent art entries but, if the artist’s overall presentation is not as good as their art, their work will then place at a much lower level in the art exhibition!

We receive images as entries that are not sharp and are of a generally poor quality.  Many of them need to be color corrected or properly cropped. 


What must an artist due to present their art at the highest quality possible?


  • Provide high-resolution images. This does not mean large and oversized images.  It simply means that an image has been processed properly with the highest possible quality. 
  • Straighten the horizons on your images.
  • Size your images properly.
  • Crop images and be sure all backgrounds are trimmed properly.
  • Color correct your images (Only the artist knows what the most realistic colors are for their art).
  • All images (no matter what the camera used) have a haze issue that desaturates, covers the true image color and the clarity of an image.

Artists can de-haze their images by adjusting the contrast settings either in pre or post-processing.  By de-hazing an image, an artist can easily take care of most of their image quality issues.

Artists who improve their overall presentations by making these small adjustments will find that their art will place higher in art competitions and, hopefully, achieve more art sales.


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