Black Friday is upon us and soon we will be seeking and purchasing gifts in stores and online.  This season we can help our fellow artists, art galleries and art organizations without spending a dime!

We all know artists in our social media networks whose art we may not be able to purchase, for whatever reason, but we can support and help them in other ways.  

Here are a few of the ways we can support artists, art galleries and art organizations when we are online;

  • Like a Post:  When someone posts a piece of their art or an art event, we can like their post. When you like someone’s post, you help that post to stay on the News Feed, which increases the chance for additional friends or members in your network and their network to see that post. 
  • Like & Share a Post:  We can also share that post on our timeline, with our friends, our groups and privately. Sharing a post is important in that it creates more exposure.  Widely shared posts are graded as a more important in the social media algorithms. 
  • Like, Share & Comment on a Post:  When we like, share and comment on a post, we help the artist immensely. This type of engagement is highly regarded and is considered a form of endorsement from the poster. 

Again, these actions help the post to stay longer on multiple News Feeds and be seen by more people.  Be sure to like your own posts too and it is not conceit to do this, as it helps that post to be seen as well.

This same process holds true for most social media networks and is how posts go viral. When someone shares your post, acknowledge that by liking or thanking them. 

Please remember to help our fellow artists, art galleries and art organizations during this season as you spend time in your social media networks.


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