Geneviève Chaussé wins the Visual Arts Prize of the 31st edition of the Grands Prix Desjardins de la culture de Lanaudière 2022

On September 30th, the 31st edition of the Grands Prix Desjardins de la culture de Lanaudière gala was held at the Alphonse-Desjardins Theater in Repentigny, Quebec. This evening made it possible to highlight the work of artists, organizations and municipalities in the region who contribute to the richness of the Lanaudière culture.

Geneviève Chaussé was declared the winner in the VISUAL ARTS category with her ongoing study “Bodies & Souls”. This body of work is created from surreal universes from an imaginary world where the mind and the heart find each other. Art that wants to be visionary and symbolic where dreams, reality and feelings combine harmoniously.

From her project “Bodies & Souls”, 4 creations are completed out of a total of 12: “Levitation”, “Connection”, “Perfect Balance” and “Bodies & Souls”, eponymous work.

“Perfect Balance” debuted at the BORDERS VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2021 “Future Landscapes” exhibition, subsequently travelling to other group exhibitions in Venice and Rome. Its presence on Italian soil will open the door to a succession of awards received by Effetto Arte Fondazione of Palermo in Italy.

Her 3 other creations will respectively receive the 2021 ART OLYMPIC PRIZE with “Connection”, the 2022 INTERNATIONAL LEONARDO DA VINCI PRIZE ~ The Universal Artist with “Bodies & Souls” (eponymous work) and to conclude, the 2022 INTERNATIONAL PRIZE PARIS with “Levitation”, where it will be presented at Art Shopping Paris ~ The International Contemporary Art Fair at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, France from October 21 to 23, 2022.

“Geneviève Chaussé offers moving creations that arouse contemplation, leading you into another reality. It invites us to live a patient, transformative and profound experience.”

To learn more about “Geneviève, please visit her Artwork Archive website.

To read more about our the achievements of our Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery artists, visit the Artist News page.


The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce the winning artists of the gallery’s recent 20th Solo Art Series Art Competition.  

The Solo Art Series competition closed on January 5, 2022. 12 artists were selected as finalists. From that selection, 4 artists were chosen to have individual month-long solo art exhibitions.  The remaining 8 artists were awarded Artist Showcase features.

The Solo Art Series took place within an extremely competitive atmosphere.   The task of selecting only four artists from the 66 artists who entered was extremely challenging.  The high quality of submissions made creating the final rankings extraordinarily difficult. 

The competitive process considered not only the quality and depth of the artist’s work but also the overall entry presentation, including the artist’s biography and artist’s statement.  The following are the 4 winning Solo Series Artists and the schedule of their solo art exhibitions.

Solo Art Exhibition Schedule

Calvin Lai Jan. 15, 2022 to Feb. 14, 2022  
Elisabeth Renard Feb. 15, 2022, to March 14, 2022  
Barney Levitt March 15, 2022, to April 14, 2022  
Arlene Buster April 15, 2022, to May 14, 2022  

As part of the selection process, the other 8 artists who were in the top 12 have been awarded an Artist Showcase feature. The artists who were selected for the Artist Showcase features (with one Artist Showcase being be posted every 2 weeks beginning on January 15th are:  

Artist Showcase Artists

Patrick Egger Jan. 15, 2022 to Jan. 31, 2022  
Kong Ho Feb. 1, 2022 to Feb. 14, 2022  
Jay Johansen Feb. 15, 2022 to Feb. 28, 2022  
Paul Kenens March 1, 2022 to March 14, 2022  
Susanna Patras March 15, 2022 to March 31, 2022  
Gabiko IaMo April 1, 2022 to April 14, 2022  
Carina Imbrogno April 15, 2022 to April 30, 2022  
Paulo Delgado May 1, 2022 to May 14, 2022  

Out of the 66 artists who submitted to this Solo Art Series art competition, 19 were eliminated due to deficiencies in their Biography, Artist’s Statement or with their art. From the 47 artists who were left, 25 artists were then selected as finalists. 12 artists were selected from the 25 final artists and any of the finalists could have been included in the final 12. 

For each solo art exhibition, the gallery will distribute, promote and circulate press releases to over 550+ major News Outlets, Premium FOX, CBS, NBC, Affiliated Sites, with guaranteed inclusion on Google News & Bing News, and social media distribution through LST gallery’s broad social media network.

Each of the 8 Artist Showcase feature artists will be promoted to over 350+ News Outlets with guaranteed inclusion on Google News & Bing News.

Winning artists will have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on ArtWeek/ArtJobs. Artweek produces 800,000-page impressions per month, 280,000 website visitors per month and has 30,000 newsletter subscribers.  

Winning artists will also have their art exhibition results posted and promoted on  Art.Base produces 100,000 page views per month, 35,000 monthly unique visitors and has 10,000+ newsletter subscribers.

In addition to the above, the winning solo artists receive a YouTube Video presentation of their Body of Work, Event Postcard and a Press Release for their art portfolio.  There will also be links back to the artists’ website as part of this achievement package.

Here is a link to the gallery's Solo Art Series Archives.  The gallery’s next Solo Art Series competition will be held in April 2022.

Thank you for everyone's participation and interest in our Solo Art Series. 


We’re thrilled to announce that the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) and its parent gallery, Fusion Art, are moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico on January 1, 2022.

After over 8 years based in Jupiter, Florida and then 3 years based in Palm Springs, California, LST is relocating to the Santa Fe area. Considered one of the largest art markets in the United States, Santa Fe is recognized worldwide for its rich culture and diverse art community.

The city is home to over 250 art galleries as well as an assortment of museums and performing arts. Art collectors from all around the world visit the city looking to buy fine art of all media and subject matter including all forms of contemporary, Native American, and western art.

In addition to the galleries and museums, throughout the year Santa Fe hosts a collection of art markets and festivals and boasts the largest proportion of artists, performers and writers of any U.S. city.

As 2022 dawns, LST reconfirms its commitment of helping artists, worldwide, to market and sell their art. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the gallery's mission to identify talented artists and help them to successfully market their works to the art world.

You can read the entire announcement on the Fusion Art website.

Thank you to all of our artists for being part of our LST and Fusion Art families. We wish all of you a very happy and prosperous new year!


Irish Artist, Paula Pohli is pleased to announce a new forthcoming solo exhibition: Juxtapositions at the Kenny Gallery in Gallway, Ireland.

Covid restrictions permitting, a virtual opening with a private view will take place 5:00 pm, 10th September, 2021.

The exhibition opens to the public Saturday, 11th September, 2021 from 9:00 am.

The Kenny Gallery: Liosbán Retail Park, Tuam Road, Galway H91 N5P8. Open: 9 am-5 pm.

Juxtapositions includes linocuts, egg tempera and watercolour paintings. The theme of the exhibition is a creative interpretation of the word juxtaposition. New art created in a worldwide pandemic is juxtaposed with recent work.
Paintings in different media and prints will be exhibited side by side with black and white motifs versus a coloured version; rural with cityscapes; insects with birds; bats with humans; sheds with sheds; etc. It is both academic and thoughtful, sometimes humorous. A selection of Paula’s much loved older linocuts The Classics will be separately exhibited.

“Life, decay, birth, death and the energy of life inspired new paintings and prints. Some Motifs are interpretations of agricultural buildings. The vegetation often imagined. Themes of barns and sheds display 'the man-made' contrasted with 'the natural'. ‘Structured’ juxtaposed with a ‘living thing’ - in a strong graphic format of patterns and lines, black/white and colour”.  Paula Pohli 2020


CATALONIA, SPAIN, June 8, 2018 - / Jon Bøe Paulsen is very pleased to announce that his art was accepted into the ModPortrait Exhibition.

The ModPortrait Exhibition is held in the Pablo Serrano Museum of Zaragoza located on Paseo Maria Agustin 20, Zaragoza, Catalonia from May 30 - June 17, 2017.  Information on this event view the following websites is and

The ModPortrait exhibition consists of 55 paintings will then move to the MEAM museum, Barcelona, Spain from June 22 to July 29, 2018. Among the exhibiting artists will be ARC Associate Living MasterTM Jon Bøe Paulsen. 

Jon Bøe Paulsen is also relevant in the recently published books Circle Quarterly Winter Art review 2018, published by the Circle Foundation, Lyon, France. Artelibre - Arte y Libertad XII, annual art book and Art Guide Leonardo 2018, both published by Galeria Arte Libre, Spain.

About the Artist:

Jon Bøe Paulsen is an Oslo, Norway based artist. He specializes in creating “Carravaggistic” like portraits.  His portraits tell many stories in one single image, and his dynamic between light and dark. He will now be promoted by the gallery with an extensive public relations campaign. Jon’s website is

Contact Information:

Jon Bøe Paulsen
Tel. +47 41204439

HOUSTON, TX, December 18, 2017 - / - Award winning artist Karen Landrigan announced today that her painting “Breathing” has been selected by the jurors for the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) Fall International Online Exhibition. “Breathing" is one of a series she calls “I have something to say…”.

Landrigan has had a spectacular rise in the art world. Beginning three years ago when she decided at the age of 53 to paint full time, Landrigan’s ability to capture emotion in a brush stroke has resulted in her receiving more than a dozen international awards and recognitions over the past few years.

Only 150 paintings from a worldwide total of 930 submissions were selected for the NOAPS Online Exhibition. Landrigan has continued to impress the public and art critics with her ability to connect on a unique emotional level.

“Breathing is my most personal piece of work,” said Landrigan, “It is the painting I’m most connected to. It is such an honor to be a part of the exhibit.”

The entire list of exhibitors and the accepted artwork images are available for viewing be viewable in the 2017 Fall International Online Exhibition on

“I am going to pause at the end of the year,” said Landrigan, “I need some time to reflect and enjoy the everyday things. Of course I will paint again, because I can’t stop anyway.”

“A rest always brings a refreshed perspective.” Landrigan said “and ultimately painting is like breathing to me. Really I am sitting back and in awe about how I have landed in and amongst some of the finest painters in the global world of art. I need time to recharge”.

Newfoundland born, Landrigan lives and creates her art in Houston, Texas. Landrigan is a designer, innovator, metalsmith and painter with 30 years of experience.

Contact Information:

Tel:  281.650.4527       

MIAMI, FL – November 28, 2017 – / Miami Art Scene™ proudly announces renowned Visual Artist & Filmmaker Cheryl Maeder’s recent launch of her exquisite line of Home Decor Designs at Gardenhouse.

Discover luxury accessories to enhance the feel of any living or work space, from designer furniture, home decorations and housewares, to adorning accents and wall decor.

“I receive my inspiration from Nature,” explained the artist.” The play of Color and Light inspire my art, filmmaking and my Home Decor Designs.  My signature collection features elements in nature that I photograph. Approaching the world with a holistic philosophy, my goal is to bring Nature and the outdoors into indoor living spaces, merging the world of Nature, Art and Design.” Combining her love of art, design and nature, Cheryl Maeder created her signature collection of home décor designs at Gardenhouse.

Gardenhouse has been featured in InStyle, Architectural Digest, Coastal Living and Southern Living Magazines among others. Maeder has been featured in Modern Luxury Magazine, and Luxe Magazine as a Stylemaker.Pushing her art and design aesthetic further, personally inspired by her Dreamscapes photographs and her nature-inspired wall coverings, GardenWalls, has launched her own Signature Collection of Home Decor Designs.

Gardenhouse offers the best in interior design, custom furnishings, housewares and unique pieces to fit your home, lifestyle and tastes. Learn more about this internationally award-winning artist, filmmaker and designer at and

Maeder’s artwork is in the permanent museum collections of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, Florida and exhibited internationally at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Most recently, PBS selected her for Project Filmmaker - South Florida, where her films will be showcased on PBS.

Experience the works of Cheryl Maeder on exhibition at multiple art fairs, galleries and shows during Miami Art Week this December. Top artists will show their works at a special exhibition entitled ENDANGERED Fine Art to raise funds for The Center for Great Apes December 6-9, 2017, a non-profit sanctuary that rescues and protects chimpanzees and orangutans. The Opening Reception will take place on Wednesday, December 6th at 6pm with cocktails and canapés at Dade Heritage Trust during Art Basel Miami Beach Week, located in Brickell at 190 SE 12th Terrace in Miami, Florida The art reflects nature, the environment, animals and life. Fine art photographer Cheryl Maeder created special images for the exhibition.

To inquire re licensing of Gardenhouse Home Designs, contact Cheryl Maeder at   / (415) 845-6832.

For media inquiries, to schedule an interview or receive additional information, please contact: Kat Wagner,  (786) 571-6112. 


CROATIA, September 30, 2017 - / Vallenssia is very pleased to share with you that her three canvas paintings were issued in the ArtAscent Magazine as a Bronze Artist.

ArtAscent is an art magazine that features best artists and writers for the potential art investors, collectors and art lovers. This issue of the bimonthly ArtAscent Magazine is called Lost.

She painted and drawn all her life primarily to satisfy her own curiosity. She explored all kinds of different ideas and techniques just to see if she could do it? Hasn’t really given a thought if anyone else might like it… she just enjoyed in the every single process while doing it.

As life has it’s own plan and there is no such thing as a coincidence, after 20 years of holding her brushes in the storage they found their way and exploded a year ago Can you imagine all those ideas kept in the back of her mind suddenly released?

Well, it’s an honor and privilege to be part of the any art magazine, event or exhibition, however last week she received an email about publishing of three of her art works in an art magazine ArtAscent, and it left her speechless…

Vallenssia's paintings were reviewed by the Ms. Alexis Culotta who holds a PhD in Art History and she is an expert in Italian Renaissance and Baroque.  She compared her work to the Old Masters, and the exactly ones Vallenssia admired to all her life, DaVinci, Dali, Michelangelo.

Read the entire story here:

About the Artist:

Vallenssia mainly works in acrylics, sometimes combining different techniques. After long time a year ago she decided to take her brushes again and to explore new ideas.

What she really wishes is that observers stop by the painting and allow themselves to take some time and try to understand the emotions of the painting.

The thing that she loves about the painting on canvas is that it is always changing, depending on the time of the day, on the sources of light and the room they are hanged in.

Contact Information:


TUCSON, ARIZONA, October 18, 2017 - / Marti White is very pleased to announce that she has been featured with a page in the October 2017 edition of the Spotlight Magazine.

The Spotlight Magazine is a publication of the Circle Foundation for the Arts. The magazine is published quarterly and is available online. Here is a link to find the feature page in the magazine at

Marti has been invited to become an Associate Artist of the Circle Foundation for the Arts. This organization is headquartered in Lyon, France. Her work is featured in the October 2017 edition of their online art magazine, Spotlight.

Marti White is a mixed media artist living and working in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Her work is shown locally and nationally and online. Marti is a signature member of The Southern AZ Watercolor Guild, The Contemporary Artists of Southern AZ and The International Society of Acrylic Painters.

Contact the Artist:

Marti White

DRAWember – October 1, 2017 - / Artist MaryJane Sky is very pleased to announce the 2017 November Drawing Challenge.  This is an opportunity for artists to improve their drawing skills through practicing every day.  MaryJane states the following, “Take out your pencils and have fun. Get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. This is all that DRAWember is about”.

MaryJane continues her thoughts, “Around 100 artists participated in the 2016 DRAWember challenge. What is this about? The most asked question is: How do I improve my Drawing skills, and my answer is always the same: practice, practice and practice”.

She also says. “Often it is difficult to make a start, but with a limited time challenge we feel that we can tackle this. And after 30 days we might have built up a new habit and stick to this - this is what I really hope”.

Finally, MaryJane states, “The rules for the challenge are simple: Take out your pencils and have fun. Try our new Art supplies, new surfaces, new objects to draw and new techniques. Get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. I am really passionate about this challenge and have had only positive feedback from past participants”. 

For further information on the 2017 November Drawing Challenge:

About the Artist:

I am MaryJane Sky an international award winning colored pencil artist. My second passion is social media, and I help other artists feeling less overwhelmed when it comes to their social media and website presence. At this time, all of my energy goes out to the preparation for the 2017 DRAWember challenge. 

For more information on this opportunity visit their website:


BIGGAR, SCOTLAND, August 1, 2017 - / Clare McGhee’s ‘Juicy Fruits’ is a new innovative collection of highly-detailed paintings of fruit on aluminum panels. Some of these new pieces will be on show as well as other large scale award-winning pieces by Clare and the exhibition runs from the 2nd September until 29th September 2017. 

The exhibition will be held at the Gallery of Biggar and Upper Clydesdale Museum.  Their website is

“Art in Bloom” is an exhibition showcasing Contemporary Botanical Art. Clare was delighted to be have been invited to exhibit - ‘It is great and I am really looking forward to exhibiting some of my new paintings. The exhibition will highlight the beauty and diversity that is currently happening in Contemporary Botanical Art’.

The exhibition is situated in the Gallery of Biggar and Upper Clydesdale Museum 156 High Street Biggar, Scotland ML12 6DH. Open Tuesdays – Saturday 10am-5pm and Sundays 1pm-5pm. There will be open studio Art demonstration days on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Admission to the Exhibition is free, normal admission fees apply to the Museum

Clare McGhee is an RHS Gold Medal award-winning Scottish Artist and Illustrator specializing in contemporary Botanical Art and Illustration. Her work is held in the Royal Horticultural Society Lindley Collection, London as well as in private collections worldwide.

More information and further examples of her work can be found on and on Clare's email address is


LAUNCESTON, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA, May 18, 2017 - / - From the fantastic to the abstract, the Artists Down Under group cover the gamut of artistic expression. And with the inaugural issue of the free monthly “Artists Down Under – Australia and New Zealand” magazine, launched on April 1, their work is now available for all to enjoy.

Although their work spans many genres, what they all have in common is the use of digital artistry techniques to realise their visions. Using photographs, digital shapes, and scanned ephemera they combine, warp, layer and mask them using computer software to create their images. It’s remarkable how similar the process is to classical painting techniques, despite only manipulating bits and bytes. Some artists even use a pressure-sensitive digital stylus and tablet to sketch and paint – and some use their finger on their iPad. The results are images of depth and complexity; some look like traditional paintings yet others are unique to the digital process.

The artists whose work is featured in the magazine met through Sebastian Michaels’ “AWAKE: Living the Photo Artistic Life” online photo artistry community. The idea for the group and magazine was the brainchild of digital artist Athalie Taylor from Tasmania, Australia. Athalie and other digital artist friends wanted to make digital art forms more widely understood and accessible, and wanted new ways to promote the unique work being done by Australasian artists to the Australasian art community. According to Athalie, “rather than waiting for someone to provide such an outlet down under, we decided to just do it ourselves”.

Being digital artists, it made sense for the magazine to be digital too. On the first of the month, the magazine appears online for free on Issuu, a digital magazine provider. Through the print-on-demand service Peecho, anyone can purchase printed copies of the magazine or even soft and hard cover books. The Artists Down Under community is active on Facebook too, where they run a public Facebook group to show their art and announce where the public can see exhibitions of their work.

The members of the organizing team did an amazing job to get everything up and running so quickly and smoothly. In collaboration with Athalie, graphic designer Colin Butterworth designed the magazine, artist Colin Campbell proof-reads each issue, and artist Mary Knaggs runs two Facebook pages, a private one for the members and a public one.

Athalie acknowledges Sebastian Michaels for his encouragement and support: “Without Sebastian and the ADU team this would be just a thought, but now it’s a reality”.

Be sure to join their Facebook group to see what’s happening and to marvel at the creativity and unique artwork being produced by the members of this special group.  Related links below; 

Artists Down Under - April 2017 Issue: 

Artists Down Under - May 2017 Issue:

Artists Down Under - Facebook Page:

Contact Information:

Athalie Taylor

Phone:   +61 3 63447961


SLEMMESTAD, NO, September 1, 2016 - / On Thursday the 15th of September the Norwegian artist Henriette Roka-Aardal (b. 1975) opens yet another exciting art exhibition at Rortunet center in Slemmestad, where she shows her work in a new and interesting way to the public. This time she exhibits over twenty paintings, both new and previous works, as well as an interior collection called *KLOSTER (*Monastery).

Roka-Aardal likes to find new ways to showcase art to the public. Earlier this year she organized the painting exhibition "Art in a House" in a show house. Now she surprises everyone by inviting the audience to participate in an artistic collaboration.

A large, white canvas is ready in the show room, so all visitors can contribute by making Rortunet´s unique artwork along with the painter herself, who opened her first exhibition two years ago and already has exhibited in Italy, NYC and even at the Salvador Dali Museum in Berlin. Everyone who participates will get their name on a plaque that will hang next to the painting.

“It will be great fun to exhibit art in a centre where the audience also can participate in this unique art project.” says the artist Roka-Aardal. “When people have the opportunity to contribute and actively participate, the exhibition becomes more personal and they may also experience creativity, inspiration to art itself and a joyful collaboration with the others." she continues. "You don´t have to be an artist, just come and join us and have fun with the brushes on the canvas” she smiles.

About the Artist:

With a grandfather who was a famous painter (Charles Roka 1912-1991), and a generally creative family, she soon began to draw and develop her creative abilities. Her influences range from old sketches during her student days in England, different textures and structures, and a color palette of earthy tones.

Roka-Aardal combines her inspiration to create a style distinctly her own, where her art, with their pleasant and soft colors and contemporary figurative motifs fits into most homes and interior styles.

Currently, Henriette lives and works in Röyken, just outside of Oslo, as an artist, while exhibiting her work in both national and international galleries. During this autumn the artist attends at the Karmsund exhibition on the West Coast of Norway, before she heads over to NYC for an international art exhibition organized by Re:Artiste, with her paintings of the Picasso-inspired monks.

Issuer Contact Information:

Henriette Roka-Aardal
Instagram: @roka_aardal  
Twitter:       @RokaAardal

CHICAGO, IL, July 25, 2016 - / Renée LaVerné Rose is pleased to announce that Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. (ACS) is seeking tax deductible donations to its ACS Giving Campaign. 

The ACS Team is dedicated to increasing artists' opportunities which ACS programming deliveries through culturally enriching exhibitions and international cultural exchange projects.

In order to increase ACS giving capacity, ACS is proud to announce the approval by the Fractured Atlas Board of Directors for the fiscal sponsorship program! Fractured Atlas is a well-known 501(c) (3) public charity arts service organization located in New York, NY.

Through the Fractured Atlas Fiscal Sponsorship program ACS can accept tax-deductible donations for our exhibitions and international cultural exchange projects.  Donate online now by credit card at!donate/lfmaa.  Your donation will assist with ACS arts and cultural exchange projects. Project details at!the-acs-culture/feh0o.

For any questions or additional information please feel free to contact the ACS Team at  We are so very grateful for all contributors for supporting and investing the arts and cultural exchange projects globally.   Arts & Cultural Strategies, Inc. -


BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUS - August 2016 - / Emerging Brisbane artist Gillian Smith announces solo exhibition, Salty Eyes, at Aspire Gallery.

Gillian was the winner of the public vote at Aspire Gallery’s recent competition, Petite Pieces, which included over 200 artworks from approximately 100 local Brisbane artists. On receiving news of the award, Gillian stated, “It has been a very exciting year of creation for me. I was very honoured to learn that I had received the public vote prize and to know that my art was enjoyed and embraced by so many.”

The prize includes the opportunity for a solo exhibition, which will showcase Gillian’s recent collection of seascapes and portraits.  The exhibit opens August 3rd and continues through August 20th. An opening night will be held in the gallery August 6th from 4.30-6.30pm. The public is welcome to attend.

Located in Brisbane’s premier art precinct Aspire Gallery is primarily a rental gallery for the arts community. Supporting both emerging and long standing professional artists, Aspire Gallery offer a number of themed calls throughout the year. The Gallery is located at 53 Kennedy Tce Paddington Queensland. They are open Wed-Sat 10.30am-4.30pm Tel.07 3368 1514

About the Artist:

Emotion is a driving force behind all of Gillian Smith’s work. Originally trained as a concert pianist, Gillian was encouraged to paint the images in her mind to depict the pieces she was performing. Color and light are essential elements of music. Now an emerging artist Gillian sees her paintings as a performance. Initially concentrating as an abstract artist, Gillian felt the images in her head were becoming more figurative and distinct in terms of subject. In order to capture emotional and expressive moments of the human face she began studying portraiture under Keith Burt.

A very eventful year, 2016 also saw her accepted as part of the Petite Pieces, Foot Square and Mythical exhibitions at Aspire Gallery in Brisbane. A member of Art West she was included in their Foundation Exhibition. She was part of the CAS (Contemporary Art Society) of Victoria’s A4 Art which opened as part of a national group exhibition at the Herring Island Gallery, Melbourne. Her abstract and seascape work was also well received with special merit awards from Light, Space and Time Online Gallery and her portrait Salty Eyes received a special recognition award in their Figurative call. Gillian was published in ArtAscent’s Heat issue, for which she received a distinguished artist award.

Contact Gillian Smith:



RÖYKEN, NORWAY - June 15, 2016 - / The Norwegian artist Henriette Roka-Aardal will show sculptures and a collection of her latest paintings in a unique art exhibition called "Kunst i Hus, part II" (Art in a House) in Röyken, just half an hour outside of Oslo, Norway. 

This art exhibition opens on June 16, through June 19, 2016, Thursday - Friday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Admission is free.  The Address: Show house by Block Watne Glitreveien, 27, 3440 Røyken (Norway)

This April the artist showed over fifty paintings in a brand new functionalist house by one of Norway´s largest house constructors Block Watne, whom the artist has started a collaboration with. The unique art project was very well received by the audience who also enjoyed the new way of seeing art being shown. 

Henriette is looking forward to show her new paintings and several other new 3D works during the art exhibition.  "The exhibition in a Show House is an exciting and interesting project never seen done before by any other artist in Norway," says Roka-Aardal, "and it is so interesting to see how the viewers experience to see art in its true surroundings.”
During the exhibition "Kunst i Hus, part II" the artist will move her studio into the Show House to paint "live" for the audience, who also get to see her first Monk sculpture and a collection called "KLOSTER" (Monastery). 

About the Artist

Henriette Roka-Aardal was born in Høvik in Bærum. With a grandfather who was a famous painter, and a generally creative family, she soon began to draw and develop her creative abilities. Her influences range from old sketches during her student days in England, different textures and structures, and a color palette of earthy tones. Roka-Aardal combines her inspiration to create a style distinctly her own, where her art, with their pleasant and soft colors and contemporary figuratie motifs fits into most homes and interior styles. 

Currently, Henriette lives and works in Røyken, just outside of Oslo (Norway), and she is an artist, exhibiting her work in both national and international galleries. 

Contact Information

Facebook:       Roka-Aardal
Instagram:     roka_aardal


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