Recently, the gallery had a website makeover with a new theme installed.  When it came to editing the site, we went from page to page in order to make sure that the theme installed properly.  While performing that task we were able to take a look at some amazing art, specifically, we noticed and focused on our past landscapes art exhibitions. 

We decided that it would nice to conduct a "Retrospective" of sorts and display a sample of the gallery's past landscapes.  

We choose the following art from the winning artists from our past "Landscapes" Art Exhibitions. If an artist entered and won with a formatted vertical image, it will not be a part of this retrospective, as the gallery choose all art which had a horizontal format.  We apologize for this exclusion if your art was not included.  

This retrospective will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website through the month of October 2018. Thereafter, the artworks and links to the artist’s websites will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Congratulations to our artists who have been included in the gallery's “Landscapes Retrospective" Art Exhibition. At any time, we invite our retrospective artists and other interested visitors to link their websites to this exhibition page for further ongoing promotion.  Thank you.

Peter Alessandria - "Bear Mountain Bridges" -

Danielle Austen - "Emerald's Journey" -

Ken Bennison - "Vermillion River" -

Ken Bennison - "El Chile" -

Olivier Bezombes - "The Red Cabin" -

Roman Burgan - "Storm over Waterville" -

James Gilbreath - "The Texas Hill Country" -

Arturo Gonzalez - "Zion" -

Georgette Grey - "Rocky Stream" -

David Henderson - "Along the Fenway" -

Jon Holiday - "Texas Spring Sunset" -

Ann Hopkinson - "Desert Vista" -

Radanut Im-oeb - "A Must to Wander No. 1" -

Murray Ince - "Toward Bourton on the Water" -

Murray Ince - "Brook Coastguard Cottages" -

David Johnson - "Cadair Idris" -

Gigi Jones - "The Mountains" -

Mason Mansung Kang - "On the Hill, California" -

Dimitrina Kutriansky - "A Wintery Day" -

Ann Lawtey - "Evening Inlet" -

Sharyn Lightfoot - "Morning Web Dance" -

Kristina Lishawa - "Unveiling of Lake Stones" -

Tor-Ivar Naess - "Color Rocks" -

Katsu Nakajima - "River of Brown Bear" -

William Nourse - "Tunnel View Sunset" -

Maureen Ravnik - "Storm in Gateway Canyon" -

Winston Rockwell - "Evening at an Alpine Lake" -

Hillary Scott - "Plum Island Mist" -

Jo Ann Shelby - "Poppy Field" -

Helen Shulman - "See Escapes" -

Helen Shulman - "Field of Vision" -

Howard Sills - "Darklands 3" -

Gregory Van Dugteren - " Pastel Light on Lake Wanaka" -

Jen Walls - "Abstract Landscape VII" -

Kuki Walsch - "Memories of You" -

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