Frances Marino was originally born in Buffalo New York and in 1974 she moved to Boulder Colorado in order to live in the wide open spaces. 30 years later, in 2005, that her life would take a turn into the art world.

In 2005, Frances began to think what she would like to do when she would retire in 10 years’ time. She realized that art was always something that she had enjoyed dabbling in, by going to art shows and art openings.  With that realization, she decided to take a couple of drawing classes at the local Front Range Community College by starting out with a watercolor class.  From that experience, Frances decided to take a pastel class at the Colorado Art Academy and with that, pastels quickly became her favorite medium.   

In 2008 Frances decided that she wanted to expand into abstracts and she took a class with the artist Gwen Fox, thus, it was her first experience with acrylics which she tends to use more of these days.

Although Frances is known as an equine artist, she finds beauty in all things and she tends to paint whatever moves her.

Frances tells this story about her art, “Someone told me once that I will never be famous because my art is all over the place without a certain style and people will not be able to recognize my art. Being famous is not my goal.  My goal is to create pieces of art that people would love to hang on their walls.  So I continue to paint what moves me and I never know how the painting will turn out until I am finished with it.  But then again, I can't say if one of my paintings is ever finished or whether it is just abandoned for the moment.”

She continues her thoughts, “The world of art has been a great place to land for my next career with even I not knowing where my next painting will come from or how it will show up on the canvas. I find it's all a mystery to me.”  Frances’s website at

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