Most new and emerging artists are always looking for ways in which to get their art out there and for simple ways in which to promote their art.  We have identified 30 websites which accept free art submissions from artists.

These sites are art blogs, art magazines and art related sites that are looking for art to feature on their websites.  Being on any of these sites not only raises awareness of the artist’s art but when accepted and shown in these publications, also provides a reason for the artist to publicize this achievement on social media and to their networks. 

They all have different requirements and before the artist submits their art, they should make sure that their art is not only appropriate for their subject matter and accepted media but that the art is formatted to that site’s requirements.

The following are 30 websites that are presently accepting art submissions.  Just make sure that the submitted art is deemed appropriate to that particular publication;

Before you submit your art to any website or to any art competition, the artist should always check and see what that particular website’s Use Rights and Copyright policy is. 

Some websites, when they publish an artist’s art may retain not only the perpetual use of that art but in some cases, will take over the copyright of that art.  Watch out… be careful!

Always find out what their policy is prior to submitting any art.  If this information is not on their website, email them and find out what their actual policy is.  If you are not happy with their Use Rights and Copyright Policies then do not submit any art to them.

Try to submit your art over the next 30 days to these 30 websites and get your art out there and exposed to thousands of viewers. Also, if your art is eventually accepted by any of these sites, you will soon have 30 events in which to publicize this accomplishment to your social media networks.

Also, please read our article post Can You Lose by Entering a Free Art Contest? Yes!

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