Gillian Cox is an artist who lives and creates in the beautiful coastal village of Hope Cove, in the South Hams of Devon, UK. Spanning a period of 50 years in the pursuit of art, she has gained a reputation as a specialist in color and light, covering a wide range of subject matter.

Gill is a self-taught artist who is now able to concentrate purely on her God given talent for her own pleasure, in celebration of regaining her sight after the danger of becoming blind several years ago. She is comfortable working in any painting medium and her thirst for enjoying a new challenge lends spirit and adventure to each new work that she creates. Gill professes that maintaining the challenge, is the key to building spontaneity, rhythm and flow in order to provide a sense of movement and the necessary atmosphere, to involve each viewer of her work. Energy and purpose, give her work depth and meaning which compliments her whole attitude to what she creatively delivers.

Gill states about her art and her life, “It seems I have been painting for most of my life. I have also, for many years, taught others to discover the delights of both Watercolor and Oil painting. Now I am the resident tutor for the summer workshops of Sejours Artistiques in the Charente Maritime region of France, whose chosen charities I support by giving my tuition free.”

The featured post image for Gill’s Artist Showcase is titled “The Power of Summer”. With particular interest about this work, Gill was originally approached by Kingsbridge in Bloom, UK to consider doing a large Acrylic artwork for their memorial shelter in order to link in with their 2009 campaign of enhancing the floral aspect of this attractive estuary town in Devon, UK.

Gill explains about her work, “My 8’ wide painting “The Power of Summer” was created and donated by me for the Kingsbridge In Bloom Movement, in recognition of their admirable efforts towards enhancing the Devon Estuary town of Kingsbridge, UK throughout the summer 2009. Although I have worked in a variety of mediums and subject matter this was not only my first attempt at handling Acrylics but also a first in working on such a large scale and without the facilities to accommodate this.”

She goes on further to say, “The criterion was to produce a work which would attract from a distance but would look equally interesting, in detail, close up. One could say 'a tall order' from those who are acquainted with the complexities of this undertaking. The outcome was worth every moment of the long cold months of winter working in a small, dimly lit garage, where I was deprived the luxury of stepping back to view scale but I was driven towards producing a dream of Summer to follow in 2009. Physical and visual discomforts didn't seem to matter, somehow! The reality is there for posterity, painted from the heart, to brighten each God given day.”

Gill’s art has been exhibited in various venues spread across Devon, including locally at The Mayne Gallery, Kingsbridge and The Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Also her work has found homes in Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and further afield in France, Canada and the USA.

A limited selection of her extensive portfolio can be seen on her website


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