Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Jon Bøe Paulsen has been selected as one of the four artists of the gallery’s recent ninth “Solo Art Series” Art Competition.  Jon will now have a month-long solo art exhibition and he will be featured on the gallery’s front page, in the Gallery’s YouTube Channel, as well as in the “Solo Art Series” archive.

Jon Bøe Paulsen is an Oslo, Norway based artist. He specializes in creating “Carravaggistic” like portraits.  His portraits tell many stories in one single image, and his dynamic between light and dark. He will now be promoted by the gallery with an extensive public relations campaign.

This solo exhibition will distribute, promote and circulate press releases to over 550+ major News Outlets, Premium FOX, CBS, NBC, Affiliated Sites, Guaranteed inclusion on Google News & Bing News and social media distribution through LST gallery’s broad social media network.

In addition, as part of his award package, he will now be featured as an Light Space & Time promoted artist.   The LST page will feature 5 pieces of the artist’s art, a small artist statement and their website URL’s as part of the gallery’s overall prize package. averages 2 million visitors a month and 46% of Artsy users who have purchased art via Artsy started out as art enthusiasts rather than preexisting collectors.

Jon’s art will also be featured on the gallery’s YouTube Channel and with an event postcard.

The “Solo Art Series” is a series of monthly solo art exhibitions for established artists who have a body of work to present to the public.  Artist participants were asked to submit the following 3 components for the “Solo Art Series” competition; 1.  Their art.  2.  Their artist biography.  3.  Their artist statement.  These elements were evaluated and judged, which resulted in the selection of the artists who will be featured in individual month-long solo art exhibitions.  This was the ninth “Solo Art Series” Art Competition that the gallery has conducted.

Below is Jon’s Artist Biography, his Artist Statement, along with 25 of photographs.  We hope that you will take the time to read Jon’s information and to take a look at his hauntingly realistic paintings.  

Artist Biography:

Jon Bøe Paulsen’s (1958) paintings are hauntingly realistic. His impeccable skills give filmic qualities to his works. The artist studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (US) and graduated from the Norwegian State Art Academy in 1984.

His portraits tell many stories in one single image, and his dynamic between light and dark add a “carravaggistic” feel. Jon’s success as an artist was translated into various commissions, awards, and publications, including a documentary film on his life.

The artist’s work has been featured in exhibitions in Norway, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom.

Artist Statement:

I regard myself as an artist belonging to the group of new realists where humanity is seen in a new light and painted strongly figuratively. It is important though that such an expression of art moves in a direction where the photograph cannot follow.

The meaning of Clair Obscure, in Italian chiaroscuro, is light in the darkness. Classical paintings of that order last longer in the eye of the viewer because of their restricted use of color.

That is some of the reasons why I work with plain and few earth colors and very seldom part from that rule unless it is absolutely necessary. I've never forgot that unwritten directive and it was usable in oil, watercolor and charcoal as well. One of them was: "Don't be too tough with your pencil when you draw. Not too much information when you catch the line. Do not underestimate your audience".

This portfolio of Jon Bøe Paulsen contains 25 selected works from a so far 42-year long career.  Jon’s website is

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