Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that Australian artist Lara Bardsley is now the gallery’s featured artist and she will now be showcased and promoted for the next 30 days.

Lara lives and creates her art in Melbourne, Australia and she has spent 20 years refining her art practice through studies at Victorian College of the Arts, the La Trobe School and also through mentorships with professional artists. Lara’s practice spans different mediums including film, photography and painting. Each of her works is designed to inspire and reaffirm the beauty and transcendent that exists in the everyday.

Lara states this about her art, “I believe that some things cannot be spoken, only felt and perhaps alluded to through the arts. I completed Masters in Psychology 18 years ago. The experience was formative in that it catapulted me to further my interest to explore the unseen and the unconscious. I have explored these themes further in undertaking training in Jungian and Transpersonal psychology and practicing and exploring Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness practices.”

She continues her thoughts, “It is both an honor and a challenge to be in the unique position to bear witness to the way we seek to find meaning in our lives and my artwork attempts to source and explore my understanding of these themes in visual form.”

Lara also completes her thoughts on her art, “I am drawn to work of Abstract Expressionists such as Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter and the alignment of the human and the Divine in the works of Gustav Klimt, the free gestural language of Twombly, Monet, Kline, among many others. In my own work, I often create images in black and white, distilling movement, light and urgency from the feeling of stillness and unity which I may represent as a gold leaf panel. My images may appear immediate or primitive as they emerge from my inner world. I strive to work a balance between informing the work and allowing it to guide me where it wants to go.”

Lara’s wonderful and vibrant website can be seen here.


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