Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Margaret Girle is the gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted in the Artist Showcase.

"Art not only reflects life; but the image/our imagination can inspire us to actualise our environment.  If humanity is to move forward, it is imperative that the imagination, our inner sight, be given priority.  To be able to imagine, then create and maintain a beautiful world of peace, harmony, joy and love; a better life for ourselves and future generations; does it not start with inspirational images; the blueprint for our path in our mind and heart?"

This is the statement underpinning the work of Artist, educator, writer, Margaret Girle.  Growing up on the Darling Downs in country Queensland, Margaret developed a love of nature which is portrayed in her large colourful, energetic artworks.

Having experience in a wide range of fields from Radio Copywriting; fashion design; innovation of her own art and coaching programs, Margaret decided as a young solo parent of three to go back to her art.  

It was while gaining her Education Degree at Griffith University that she dreamed of beginning her own art school which would take students from drawing through to painting using the beauty and simplicity of Sacred Geometry; the patterns in the Universe.  It was School of Art Expression which she innovated and ran on the Redlands Bayside area for over four years.

Her first solo exhibition "Life’s Tapestry", portrayed the many facets of our life journey; its beauty, sadness and choices.

As Life drawing is a specialty, much of Margaret’s work is figurative.  "I like to portray the beauty and rhythmic, lyrical lines of the human figure, and advise students to see this, giving their artwork realism and movement”.

Margaret has been teaching in High and Primary schools since 2000 and affirms that the most important message which can be given to all students is to look inside; to hone their imagination; to develop self-belief; which will inspire them to find, follow and live their dream.

Margaret ‘actualised’ a dream in 2004 when she went to Peru and Chile; climbing Machu Picchu; flying over the ancient Nazca Lines; traveling over the Atacama desert and visiting Easter Island.

It was in 2008, after her 4th exhibition in Queensland that Margaret was invited to exhibit at the Agora Gallery in New York.   This gave her the opportunity to donate art to a Peruvian foundation as well as do a Corporate Commission for a winery in Texas.

It was in 2009 that Margaret had the opportunity to study the Ancient Art Techniques, including Egg Tempera, Guilding and Fresco in Florence, the heart and home of the 15th Century Renaissance.  It was while ‘wandering’ around Northern Italy that much insight came for the book she is currently publishing.

Having travelled extensively while in the airlines in her 20s; Margaret now saw this new travel almost 3 decades later, as part of her spiritual journey; gaining much insight which is reflected in her exhibitions which were held in Brisbane and New York , during and after her exhibitions.

The first – "A Celebration Of Life, Dance and Angels", displayed an array of subjects; from the magnificence of wild animals in their natural environment; the passion and rhythm of Latin dance; to the angelic influence of our search for higher thought.  

‘An Inkan Journey’, Margaret’s next exhibition, after her South American venture; portrayed the wild beauty; the colour and politeness of the people in the untamed Andes.

However, after a summer in Italy; Margaret’s exhibition in 2011 portrayed a changing world in ‘The Renaissance of Gaia’.   The artwork, always including a symbology of our life journey; reflected the human sojourn through the chakras, energy points, from the Base Chakra, and protection, to the understanding of the self and emotional intelligence in the 2nd and 3rd Solar Plexus chakras; to the heart; throat and upward to higher understanding and insight in the third eye chakra; with the symbology of Archangel Michael representing the crown chakra and communication with higher realms.

As an artist Margaret believes that it is her responsibility to step into that space of ‘pure reflection’ and bring through on canvas, images of color, movement and joie de vivre to inspire others. Margaret’s website is


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