DRAWember – October 1, 2017 - / Artist MaryJane Sky is very pleased to announce the 2017 November Drawing Challenge.  This is an opportunity for artists to improve their drawing skills through practicing every day.  MaryJane states the following, “Take out your pencils and have fun. Get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. This is all that DRAWember is about”.

MaryJane continues her thoughts, “Around 100 artists participated in the 2016 DRAWember challenge. What is this about? The most asked question is: How do I improve my Drawing skills, and my answer is always the same: practice, practice and practice”.

She also says. “Often it is difficult to make a start, but with a limited time challenge we feel that we can tackle this. And after 30 days we might have built up a new habit and stick to this - this is what I really hope”.

Finally, MaryJane states, “The rules for the challenge are simple: Take out your pencils and have fun. Try our new Art supplies, new surfaces, new objects to draw and new techniques. Get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. I am really passionate about this challenge and have had only positive feedback from past participants”. 

For further information on the 2017 November Drawing Challenge:  www.drawember.com.

About the Artist:

I am MaryJane Sky an international award winning colored pencil artist. My second passion is social media, and I help other artists feeling less overwhelmed when it comes to their social media and website presence. At this time, all of my energy goes out to the preparation for the 2017 DRAWember challenge. 

For more information on this opportunity visit their website:  www.drawember.com


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