Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that Giovanni Greco has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and he will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 14 days in the gallery’s Artist Showcase.

Giovanni is an award-winning artist based in Italy. Giovanni was selected as 1 of the top twelve finalists in the gallery’s 23rd Solo Art Exhibition Series. The placement in this competition qualified his art to be showcased in this feature.

Giovanni’s Artist Showcase feature will be promoted to over 350+ major news outlets, with inclusion on Google News & Bing News. In addition, the gallery will also be featuring and promoting his artwork in the gallery’s various social media networks for further exposure.

Below are Giovanni’s Artist Biography, Artist Statement and 5 artworks that were submitted to this competition.

Artist Biography

Born in Catania (Sicily) where he lived for many years and where he completed his artistic studies at The Naked School in Catania at the BB. AA academy and at the beginning of the 90s he began his pictorial activity. In those years he worked as a collaborator in galleries, cultural associations that allowed him to enter the most stimulating environments to be able to deepen his desire for further knowledge of the history of art, encouraging him and enriching him with that culture that encouraged him to undertake the artistic activity.

Along the way, the artist, who initially devoted himself to the figurative, has often felt the need to confront various masters of contemporary art in order to arrive at the synthesis of a more immediate reality where gesture, shape, color and the line let the emotional contents determine passions, tensions and discomforts thanks also to the partnership with the informal abstract artists of his hometown.

The works of Giuseppe De Gregorio, Manlio Bacosi, Emilio Vedova have revolutionized the way we see him, what he says to himself and how much he feels.

He currently lives and works between Catania and Rome.

Artist Statement

In my works I try to make you feel a human vibration that enhances feelings through shape, line, color and intentionality; the encounter with the unexpected, for the opening of new worlds and new possibilities of vision where the work itself is understood as a result of the encounter between man and nature in an alternation of empathy between pure form and its complexity. Strongly attracted by the material relationships that the eye is able to grasp in the surfaces of objects, along the walls of the city or even more in the memory of the already state.

I am intent on developing a discourse on structurality, and particularly on the technique in which color is assumed in its linguistic value. This also applies to signs, which are admitted to constitute an alphabet without a code that guarantees a form that reflects an idea or trace and document an emotion. And so in the color they are inserted into the layout, into the diagram of tensions, of the rapidity, of the cadence which the gesture encounters as it explores the interior space and the surface to be painted. In search of a point of access or contact.

Giovanni’s website is

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Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that David Wigner has been selected as one of the four winning artists of the gallery’s recent 21st “Solo Art Series” Art Competition.  David will now have a month-long solo art exhibition and he will be featured on the gallery’s front page, on the Gallery’s YouTube Channel, as well as in the “Solo Art Series” Archive.

David is an award-winning artist based in Michigan, USA. He will now be promoted by the gallery with an extensive public relations campaign.

For this solo exhibition, the gallery will distribute, promote and circulate press releases to over 550+ major News Outlets, including Premium FOX, CBS, and NBC Affiliated Sites, with guaranteed inclusion on Google News & Bing News. The Gallery will also provide social media distribution through LST gallery’s broad social media network.

In addition, as part of his award package, David will now be featured as a Light Space & Time – Artwork Archive promoted artist.  

David’s art will also be featured on the gallery’s YouTube Channel and with an event postcard.

The “Solo Art Series” is a series of monthly solo art exhibitions for established artists who have a body of work to present to the public.  Artist participants were asked to submit the following 3 components for the “Solo Art Series” competition: 1. Their art.  2. Their artist biography.  3.  Their artist statement.  These elements were evaluated and judged, which resulted in the selection of the artists who will be featured in individual month-long solo art exhibitions.  This was the 21st “Solo Art Series” Art Competition that the gallery has conducted.

Below is David’s Artist Biography, his Artist Statement, along with 25 of his abstract artworks.  We hope that you will take the time to read David’s information and to take a look at his artwork.

Artist Biography

David Wigner became interested in art when he was in high school, and worked primarily with watercolors. His mother influenced him while growing up, as she enjoyed creating watercolor art, and saw that he had natural ability towards drawing. So she gave David some of her materials and shared her techniques with him.

Through college at Grand Valley State, David took several art courses, but finished with a degree in philosophy. This made sense because he is a philosopher. He also worked in a mixed media format of combining elements into his works to develop his own style as a means of finding out what it was in him that he was trying to bring about in his art.  After college, David joined The Grand Valley Artists Association. This helped him tremendously, meeting new artists and working with some of them.

David’s latest passion as an artist has been creating abstract pour paintings. This format always challenges his strong sense of color and finding balance in his work. Pour painting keeps him sane. Like life, this whole process is inspiring David all the time. His son helped him build his website to help him share his work.

Artist Statement

There's something about pour painting that energizes me and satisfies my mind & soul. If I'm feeling upset with life, I can express that emotion in my work. When I'm feeling content, my work takes on that emotion too, having a calmer look and feel.

David’s website is

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