As an artist, are you aware of your self-talk?  What kinds of messages are you giving yourself prior to, during and after you create your art?  Is this self-talk positive or negative?  Are you happy with your art? Do you like the work you create?  If not, perhaps you should look at these mental conversations.  Are you being kind to yourself and toward your art?

If not, you may be restricting your art, your art marketing, and your art sales.  Limiting beliefs can prevent us from reaching our full potential, both as artists and as individuals.

If you are a negative self-talker, work to become aware of what you are saying to yourself.  Here are some examples of the artist’s negative self-talk;

“There are so many artists, I will never be successful!”
“No one likes my art, it will never sell.”
“I’ve tried marketing my art, but nothing happened.”
“I hate art competitions. I never win.”
“I never have enough money or time to create art.”
“I am afraid to show my art.  What if nobody likes it?”
“I never went to art school.  How can I compete?”

You get the idea.  To some degree, we all do this.  The next time you are creating your art, stop yourself when you see that your self-talk has turned negative.  Take that particular thought and turn it into something positive.   Approach it as a challenge. 

Next time that the voice in your head starts the negative self-talk, correct that voice and try to respond in this manner;

“There are many artists, but I will still be successful!”
“There are people who like my art, I just need to find them”
“I’ve tried marketing my art, but I am open to trying something new.”
“I dislike art competitions but I know that I need to enter more to win.”
“Though I never have enough money or time, I still find time to create my art.”
“I am apprehensive to show my art.  I am sure that somebody will like it”
“I never went to art school but I am self-taught and dedicated to learning more.”

Moving from a negative to a positive mindset is no small task but it will enhance your creativity and help you achieve artistic success.  (Negativity has the opposite effect.)  As you make this change, you may find it impacting all areas of your life in a powerfully positive way.


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