Congratulations to Nijat Burjiyev for his acceptance into Fusion Art's Featured Artist Members Gallery.

Nijat Burjiyev is a Los Angeles, California, USA based digital artist with a passion for graphic design.

Through his lens, Nijat captures the beauty of the world around him, exploring the interplay of light, texture, and color. His creative process involves a mix of technical skill and artistic vision, as he experiments with composition, perspective, and post-processing techniques to create truly unique images. Whether he’s shooting cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, or abstract designs, Nijat’s goal is to create art that inspires and captivates his audience.

Nijat was awarded 1st Place Overall/Best in Show for his digital artwork, "City Life” in the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery’s 13th Annual “Cityscapes” Online Art Exhibition in March 2023 and selected this Featured Artist membership as his award.

With "City Life," Nijat aimed to evoke a sense of excitement and urgency, while also highlighting the beauty and complexity of urban life. Ultimately, his goal as an artist is to create work that resonates with viewers, sparking their own sense of wonder and inspiration.

In this work, he sought to capture the energy and chaos of the city's business district, with crowds of people rushing to and fro amidst a sea of towering skyscrapers. To achieve this, he utilized digital art techniques to combine a photograph of the scene with additional objects, creating a mixed art/collage effect that adds depth and texture to the piece.

Nijat is a Fusion Art Featured Artist Member. Click below to visit his member artist webpage and to learn more about him.


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