Over the years, we have learned and seen that the photographers who continually compete, who consistently show their art and who are dedicated to becoming a better and a more proficient photographer, that it will be those photographers who will be the most successful in their art careers.

A successful art career takes time, patience and a self-determination to succeed.  It is from the above mentioned characteristics that the artists who have been selected to be shown through the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery for this feature, “10 Professional Photographers to Watch in 2018”.

There is no specific order of photographer to being shown.  Here are our 10 Professional Photographers to keep your eye on as of this date;

Yuri Benitez

The feminine figure has always captivated my imagination. It is capable of provoking an emotional journey that goes from fascination even to intimidation, but every single time with an inner beauty that shines by itself.

The artistic Nude has been a theme widely accepted and embraced by artists of all genres maybe, because it is our basic essence, maybe it is the curiosity, or maybe, it is by the natural beauty of lines and forms that our bodies are made of.

Feminine nude had been a taboo since my childhood, probably due to the times and society which were much more conservative, the “nude” was an unknown and censored horizon. Now with the times and a whole lot cultural changes, I can get close to that enigma, in a way that I can admire and acknowledge the wonders of woman’s body, and capture its essence in light and shadow. These images pay homage to a concept that was once a secret.

My basic tool is the light, like the chisel for the sculptor, is what allows me to reveal or hide, enhance or create. I can tell that in most of my images, the lighting setup comes first on my mind, and then after, the body figure that will shine under it.

In my images, I show the figure with confidence and strength in different circumstances, in atmospheres that are not necessarily intimate but are away from the everyday life, in attitudes in which the presence of the camera is irrelevant.

I portray the beauty of the body in an elegant style, at some points sensually, and definitely sculptural, and adding to this, I keep the anonymity of my models as part of the attraction and mystery that surrounds the feminine physique.  Here is a website to see more of his works:  http://www.yuribenitez.com

Paul Pinzarrone

My work is a study, an exploration of power, of symmetry, of patterns and how the viewer can be challenged. Detached sensuality, puzzles, and tension are what I surround myself with. To be art, it must be new; new process, new techniques married to a new approach, new ideas or a new presentation for the viewer. It must be multi-layered so the viewer works at it for a while, exploring deeper…. The GIRL WITH A NON PEARL EARRING is a new version of Vermeer’s 1665 painting. In this version the girl is sitting in the same position but rotated so we see what she is looking at [instead of at us the way Vermeer painted]. My girl has a non-pearl earring, is tattooed/painted / fractal-wrapped with such precision that she becomes believable. The viewer works to resolve the mandala, tattoos, location and time element of this puzzle.

My greatest accomplishment has been to keep my work new, fresh and uncontaminated by commercial aspects.  Paul’s website can be viewed here:  http://www.pinzarrone.net

Jeffrey Friedkin

Jeffrey Friedkin is a fine art and street photographer, specializing in capturing the energy, vibrancy, and isolation of New York City. Jeffrey is a juried photography member of the prestigious Salmagundi Art Club in NYC. He is the Vice Chairman of the Public Relations Committee and serves on the Photography Committee for the Salmagundi Art Club.

A multiple award-winning photographer, Jeffrey has widely exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the tri-state area in addition to a large international online presence. His work has been featured on various news sites and is held in private collections and clubs. A series of his photographs have recently been acquired by the Yuko Nii permanent collection at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Jeffrey Friedkin’s photography employs a synthesis of the artistic eye and technology. His work focuses on New York life: the streets, people, architecture, and nature. The lush rural landscapes and sparkling seascapes of the Hudson River Valley region equally inspire him. His images tell these stories.  Jeffrey’s website is www.jeffreyfriedkin.com

Nicole Wilde

Animals. Nature. Emotion. Connection. These are the things that drive my passion to create art. My work is about the emotional life of animals, the interconnection of all beings, and the unseen magic that surrounds us all. Each piece begins with one or more of my photographs. By applying equal parts Photoshop and imagination, bit by bit an image is transformed into a fantastical universe. My hope is that my art touches the soul, stirs the emotions, and acts as a catalyst to reflect on the beauty and magic that is within us and all around us.  You can view Nicole’s artwork at www.photomagicalart.com.

Maureen Ravnik

Maureen is an emerging talent whose methods and techniques are largely self-taught. Maureen’s inspiration is derived mostly from her environment. She explores the work of peers and connects on social media mainly to further explore processing techniques and stay on top of new developments in software and camera technology. Some of her work is strictly an in-camera capture. Some of it involves taking the file from the camera and into the computer to develop composites or several interpretations of the same scene. This helps to keep her eyes open to the many possibilities of how our world can be observed and interpreted.  Maureen’s website:  www.maureenravnik.crevado.com

durga Garcia

An assemblage of timeless portraits, whether in Italy, the Netherlands or South Carolina each portrait will have a beautiful symbiotic relationship with their plant, tree or animal surroundings. Portraits seemingly un-posed, a moment caught in time.

Using muted organic tones to create quality images, with gestures, textures and often the unexpected.

I strive to make an image that is thought-provoking, an image that people will be taken by, to want to look at more closely, to notice any subtle nuances and most of all to be a memorable image that will hang over the fireplace becoming a family treasure.

My hope is for viewers to be in awe of the natural combined beauty.  durga’s website: www.durgaGarcia.com

Lyn Darlington

Lyn Darlington is a passionate nature photographer and digital artist from the Central Coast Australia with a natural flair for creativity dabbling into many creative hobbies from an early age, her true talent began eight years ago when her love of photography, nature, and wildlife integrated together as one.

Over the years Lyn has had the opportunity to attend some workshops to enhance her creative inspirations. Lyn enjoys working with Photoshop and various software.

Lyn has traveled around the world to destinations such as Botswana, Italy, Greece and many places in Europe which have allowed her to capture the hidden treasures of the world. Lyn has had images published in the Australian and New Zealand Artists Down Under magazine truly highlighting the raw beauty of Africa.  You can view Lyn’s work through her website www.sabvaningphotoart.com

William Nourse

Will Nourse is a landscape photographer known for his use of color and texture to bring his outdoor experiences to life.

He has been an avid photographer for almost twenty years, and his work reflects a lifetime of hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, and sailing, all of which have given him a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

He held his first solo exhibition, entitled ‘Moods and Motion: Exploring the Icelandic Landscape’ at the Newburyport Art Association in July 2017 and he will be a featured artist in the exhibition ‘Expeditions: From Iceland to the Gobi’ at the Paula Estey Gallery in Newburyport, MA in February 2018.

He has exhibited in juried shows at the Cambridge Art Association, the Newburyport Art Association (NAA), 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and various online galleries. Recently, he exhibited in the Cambridge Art Association’s National Prize Show (2017), his image ‘Seljalandsfoss #2’ was selected as Best in Show for Photography in the NAA’s 20th Annual Regional Juried Show (2017) and his photo ‘Vestrahorn #1’ won the Newburyport Development Award for Work in Photography in the NAA’s 2016 Fall Member’s Juried Show Part II.  Will’s work can be found online at http://www.willnourse.photography

Ilona Abou-Zolof

I love photography because it makes me see the world, my environment and people in a very different way. I found myself becoming much more observant and appreciative of everyday things.

I can see beauty in all around me. I would have walked past most before, once I start looking closer I can’t stop seeing more and more. When I started off I loved just taking photos of children and animals. I didn’t like posed images. I liked them more natural or candid, but I found that if you stick with only two subject matters you will run out of interesting photos very soon.

I went out of my comfort zone and tried other things like landscape, seascape, portraiture, macro, weddings and street photography. Now I am at a stage where I think of myself as an image maker rather than an image taker and a digital artist. I will get an idea; take images I can use to fulfill my idea. I have as much fun taking the images as I have processing them in Lightroom and Photoshop afterward. I use the digital tool to convert my photos into digital artwork.  Here is Ilona’s website http://www.zolof.net

F.M. Kearney

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with bright, vivid colors. As a child, the rainbow of 64 colors spilling out of a Crayola Crayon box often mesmerized me. Although I had never even heard of most of the colors, I knew their creative potential was great. 

Years later, my interest in coloring shifted to photography – my interest in color, however, remained the same. For a photographer with a passion for color, nature was probably one of the most obvious choices of subject matter. Although I shoot a fair amount of landscapes, I tend to specialize in photos of flowers. Their varied shapes and colors provide endless creative possibilities. 

Much of my work in photography stems from my desire to show things in different and unusual ways. Whenever I read about a new photographic technique, I always like to see how I might improve upon it by tweaking it with my own personal style. Many of my floral images are prime examples. Not only does color play a key role; some images are actually the products of a compilation of as many as six or seven different techniques. The results, I feel, are truly unique. 

Why do I shoot the way I do? When I first began my career in photography, I briefly worked as a photojournalist for various local newspapers. Frequently, I found myself staring at the darker, seamier side of life through my viewfinder. I always had a desire to focus on the beauty, and, of course, the wonderful colors of our natural world – a yearning, if you will, to illustrate the other side of the coin. I guess you could say…my photos are my way of showing that the grass really is greener on the other side.  F.M. Kearney’s website:  www.starlitecollection.com

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