The Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce it has launched a new archive website to host our past exhibitions.

As many of you may know, over the last several weeks, the LST website has been experiencing intermittent slow loading and downtime. This “intermittent” has become more frequent after our hosting company migrated our site to a newer, supposedly faster, server. However, as a result of the continued issues with the website, we have changed hosting companies and created an archive site as a complement to the main Light Space & Time gallery website.

As one of the longest running online art gallery websites, the LST site has hundreds of exhibitions and, as such, is a very large, image heavy site. Websites with the sheer amount of content and number of images as we have can sometimes become unstable and experience issues.

After extensive consultation with our web development and technical support team, it was decided that moving older content to an archive website would help ensure we could preserve our older exhibitions and continue to provide artists with a place to showcase their talent long into the future.

Prior to Fusion Art purchasing LST from John Math in 2018, the oldest exhibitions were already being purged in an effort to make room for the newer exhibitions. We did not want to continue to do this, and have artists lose elements of their portfolios, so the solution was the creation of an archive website to host these past exhibitions for the long term.

Therefore, all monthly and special exhibitions, solo art exhibitions and artist showcases prior to January 2022 will now be hosted on our new archive website –

In order to access any exhibitions prior to January 2022, just add the word “archives” to the current URL of your exhibition. It will then take you to the archives site and directly to the exhibition you are looking for.

Alternatively, you can visit the main LST website and click the LST Archives button in the menu bar at the top of every page. This will take you to the archives site and you can find your exhibitions in the applicable section.

All other content, including current art competitions and exhibitions (January 2022 and beyond), art marketing articles, artist news and testimonials remain on the main LST site.

For over 12 years, the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) has been an advocate for artists by helping them to market and sell their art online and around the world.

As a subsidiary of Fusion Art, the gallery’s mission is to promote artists though online art exhibitions, our extensive social media and marketing networks and through our combined newsletter subscribers list of over 35,000+ subscribers. Our extensive mailing lists includes gallery owners, corporate art representatives, art collectors, art consultants and decision makers in the fine arts field.

Through both our online art galleries, Fusion Art and LST provide one of the most advanced and widespread art marketing packages offered by any other online gallery.

As we are constantly searching for new ways to promote and provide marketing and sales opportunities for our artists, LST is thrilled to announce we have new awards and marketing benefits that will launch this summer.

Cash Award to Overall Top Winner

The gallery is pleased to announce that is will start awarding a monetary cash prize to the Overall Top Winner of its monthly online art competitions. In order to be more competitive, we have decided to offer a cash award to the Overall 1st Place winner of each exhibition. The amount of the monetary prize will be determined by the number of entries that are received in each competition.

Newly Updated Art Marketing Success Manual

Our previous Art Marketing Success Manual was getting outdated so we are working on a new updated version to encompass our more recent and most up to date information and recommendations for artists to market, promote and sell their art. The updated Art Marketing Success Manual will be available starting with the awards presented in September.

Discount for .ART Domains

We have always encouraged artists who are serious about their art, want to advance their art careers and increase sales, on how important it is to have a have a modern, professional, up-to-date website to display their art. The introduction of the .ART domains in 2016 was an ingenious way for artists to differentiate their websites, from the average website domain, and to emphasize their artistry.

Through a new partnership with the .ART domain registration service, we are going to be able to offer a discount to our top award winning artists who want to take the next step in their art careers or even upgrade their current website and brand to include the .ART affiliation.

Discount for Artspan Art Marketplace

We have now partnered with Artspan Art Marketplace to offer our top winning artists discounted plans for their platform. Artspan was the first artist-specific website builder company, formed in 1999. Particularly for artists who may not be computer or tech savvy and may want an easily designed website to showcase and sell their art, Artspan is a leader in the market.

Artists who sign up will receive a personal branded website, which is also integrated into the Artspan marketplace, thus giving artists two venues to use in selling their art – their own individual sites and the Artspan Marketplace.  Similar to our partnership with Artwork Archive, Light Space & Time's top winning artists will receive special discounts that are higher than is offered to the general public.

All of the above new awards will be offered starting with the August competition, the 6th Annual “Patterns, Textures & Forms” competition, which launches on July 10th. As a means to defray at least some of the costs for these new awards, the gallery will be increasing entry fees slightly, starting with the June competition. To see the current competitions that are accepting entries, visit the LST home page.

Many of the partnerships we are forming with companies offer affiliate referral programs. We have waived and/or drastically reduced affiliate commissions in exchange for offering higher discounts and more benefits to artists who are referred by Fusion Art and LST.

These new awards are our way of saying Thank You to all our artists for being part of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, for sharing your talent with us and allowing us to help you promote and market it to the world.


After entering art competitions and applying for group art exhibitions, suddenly it happens - your work is accepted!  How do you leverage your art exhibition triumph?

Below are the five quickest and most effective for an artist to promote and leverage their success;

Post an Article on Your Website

Create and post an article on your website detailing information about the competition, the organization, how many artists and entries there were for this event, the theme and how you chose to submit this particular art for this competition.   

Create and Distribute a Press Release

Create a professional press release announcing your exhibition success in the third person (as if someone other than yourself had written about this event). 

We have articles and forms on our website that you can use as a template in writing the press release. Helpful Press Release Hints Here.

When that is completed, research online press release distribution companies and select someone to distribute the release for you.  There are companies that will distribute a press release for as little as $15.00, depending on the type and amount of distribution that you want.  Make sure that the press release targets the art industry and contains active links back to your website as well as to the art exhibition.

Send an Email to Interested People

Hopefully, you have been acquiring names and email addresses for people and visitors to your website and social media networks. Send these people a newsletter notice, a copy of a press release or a copy of your website article post.

Invite them to view your art or the exhibition online as well as in person.  Provide dates, times, addresses, telephone numbers, and links.  Use your winning art as a graphic for the email, newsletter, article post and the press release.

Post This Event on Social Media

In order to announce this event, post your article post, press release or YouTube Video on your social media networks multiple times at varying times of the day.  Ask your friends to “share” these social media posts too.  Be sure the post contains active links back to your website as well as to the art exhibition.

Create a YouTube Video and Promote It

Create a YouTube Video (Slide Show) about the art, the art exhibition, the opening of the show, etc.  There are many free or inexpensive programs (Windows Movie Maker) you can use to create these. 

Create a YouTube channel and upload and promote the video to your contacts, networks, and friends.  You have the ability to share and distribute the video directly from YouTube. 

There are additional ways in which an artist can promote and market their art exhibition success.  But we believe that these are the most effective ways in which an artist can let the art world know about their art and their art exhibition. 

In terms of expense, except for the professional press release distribution, these steps are free requiring only the artist’s time. 


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