By Guest Blogger, Barney Davey - There are only so many ways to get your art to market. Many of the traditional methods are expensive with the distribution and actual sales completely out of your control.

There Are Not Enough Galleries to Go Around

There never were even in the best of times. The remaining ones are being hurt by rising rents and competition from shows and direct patronage. Shows are great, but they are expensive, grueling, and inconsistent. You are at the mercy of the promoter’s ability to turn out a crowd and must hope mother nature is kind.

25 Years Helping Artists Find the Best Ways to Get to Market

Helping artists find the best way to get their work to market has been my mission for more than 25 years. Right now, the absolute best opportunity for artists to take control of their careers is by selling to patrons directly.

You have the tools and the ability to hone in on who are your best prospects now. Often, you can identify them by name before reaching out to them. If you do the proper research and perform your outreach with intelligence and respect, you can build a list of potential buyers your competitors will envy… and wonder how you did it.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

The How to Find and Connect with Art Buyers Workshop leads you through a systematic process to identify your top prospects. Then you learn how to use the best methods to do effective outreach and get your potential patrons on your list. A lot of it is work that can be outsourced to others.

Direct Patronage Is Your Key to Success

Having a responsive list of loyal patrons, fans and followers is how you sell more art and make more money per sale. Equally important, this is the only means of selling your art that gives you control over your future. If you are trusting your livelihood as an artist to galleries, shows, or other third-party distribution systems, you are taking a huge unnecessary gamble with your career.

The Price of the Workshop Increases $50 on August 15th

Join now and save. Your first sales can give you a 10x or greater return on your minor investment into your future. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining now. Go to to get started today!

Barney Davey began his career advising artists in 1988 as a senior account executive with Decor magazine and the Decor Expo trade-shows. He helps artists and photographers find buyers, sell art and operate profitably. His mission is to provide artists with systems they can use to create successful, sustainable and rewarding careers. You will find numerous ways to grow your career through his books, blog posts, workshops, online training, consulting and more.


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