Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has chosen Sonya Conti as this month’s Artist Showcase. Sonya was in the gallery’s initial competition in July 2010, Surfaces. Since that time she has entered and participated in additional gallery competitions and in all cases placed very high in the judging with her work. Her “Peony Poetry” won our “Colors” Art Exhibition in November 2010. Most recently Sonya participated in the gallery’s “Seasons” art competition where she was awarded Honorable Mention for her work titled “January’s Return”.

Sonya states that “family, friends, and relationships extend my concept of art. Too often find that the need is there to convey to the viewer "all" of one's history (biography) to hold the attention of the listener. It is only of late that realize the need to return to the basics, portray the image (concept) rather than a manuscript of words for mental stimulation.”

Sonya goes on further “as an artist, painter I want my work to express emotion, convey an atmosphere to the viewer within the boundaries of the canvas. Discovery of the elements; water, earth, air, temperature, color as a child would explore and experience for the first time is the intent. It is that discovery that changes the art and connects us in life as individuals.”

In her artist statement, Sonya details her intent as a painter and an artist. She questions herself by stating "Am I a Painter slow to apply the title Artist? Is one less than the other and is there a distinct difference in these "titles"? At the core, the very heart and spirit of intent when creating a brush stroke on the canvas I travel the path of observation, color, composition, and memory. Therein is the painter who calls this process an artistic challenge. It's the work; not the title of the one with the brush in hand. More importantly, has the work provided my artistic statement in life? Each piece has a story; elements of water, fire, earth air, time space, and human existence cover the conceptual original work.”

Sonya’s work has been selected to be featured in downtown Dayton Ohio in the storefront at Talbott Tower 131 N. Ludlow Street beginning September 15, 2011. Activated Spaces is a part of the Greater Downtown Dayton Plan through 2012. Her art website is


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