Do you know who is visiting your art website?  Do you know how your visitors found your website?  Do you know which pages your visitors are interested in and which pages they do not like?  Do you know the source of your website traffic?  All of these questions and many more can be answered by using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a free plugin for websites.  The artist’s personal website analytics can be accessed at any time and this data can immediately be used to help an artist fine tune their art website’s performance and ultimately increase traffic to the website. 

Google Analytics can show the artist where their site’s visitors are located geographically, what type of web browser they use and whether they visit the website with a standalone computer or a mobile device.  Why is this information important?  It can help you target your web pages more precisely to your visitors and create content geared to the devices your visitors use (i.e. mobile, laptop, iPad).

When someone visits your website, Google Analytics shows on which page they entered your site, what pages they visited and which page they were on when they left the website.  This indicates what content the visitor found important or interesting.  This provides data to help the artist create more interesting pages to attract visitors. 

Conversely, this data will also show the artist what sort of website content visitors do not like and what content the artist should eliminate in order to keep visitors on the website longer. 

Google analytics also indicates how visitors found the art website.  It may be via search engines, direct links, or referral traffic.  The analytics show the time and the day when visitors access the website.  This information can help the artist determine the best time to post new content.

Google analytics shows how visitors use the site after it is accessed.  Which internal links are popular? How long do the visitors stay on each page of the site?  This information allows the art website owner to tailor the site’s content to their target audience.

The same can be said of any advertising or marketing program that the artist may be conducting. Google Analytics can provide information to show the overall effectiveness of a promotional campaign. The information can show what is effective and what can be improved or expanded and also what does not work and should be changed or eliminated.

In this article, I just touch on a small segment of the information and data that can be generated and used by an artist after installing Google Analytics on their art website. 

Here is a link to learn more about Google Analytics -



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