Thank you so much!!! I am humbled to have been selected for this show and really enjoyed every work of art. You guys do an amazing job supporting artists and creating opportunities for us to share our work with a larger audience.  You guys are wonderful and a true advocate for artists. I can't thank you enough for all you do!!

I also love the concept of being able to submit work via online and not have to physically send my artwork to you. I realize that viewing shows online may not be as beneficial as seeing them in person. But given the extraordinary times we are living in, it is such a breath of fresh air to still be able to show/share work with a greater audience. Not to mention, many of my works have already been sold. Being able to continue to show in spite of no longer having the work in my possession has been WONDERFUL!

Thank you Chris! This is a great way to achieve recognition and mental confidence. I have never been one to enter competitions but I must say it does feel good to be chosen for these awards. I had a show scheduled for May that was cancelled because of covid19. These awards come at a good time. Thanks for this service to artists.

I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to receive first place in this competition. I am beside myself with joy an humbled by the experience. Thank you so much for organizing this and doing all that you do behind the curtains. You gave me so much drive and purpose . Thank you thank you thank you!

I just wanted to Thank-you so much for the wonderful awards that you bestowed on my work in the 10th Annual Botanicals 2020. I was honored to receive 3rd place and special recognition. I was also honored to be exhibited with other very talented artist's. I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity. Your work with the gallery is inspiriting, uplifting and reaffirming for so many talented people.


Thank you so much! I'm truly thrilled to have even been placed among such a superbly talented array of artists and their submissions. Wow!

It's really helped with my confidence and I hope to certainly take part again in the future.

I always enjoy looking through your website and competitions you exhibit as the talent out there is outstanding and relentlessly inspiring. 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! How wonderful that you included my work in this spectacular exhibit!

I'm so grateful to have come across Light Space and Time website. Always look forward to your emails and FB posts. 

Many thanks...truly!

It was a Light Space & Time online art competition that began my entering such activities in the first place at the beginning of this year. LST is a good venue for my work because LST does not constrain my process - and the sponsoring organization works with participants professionally, responsively, and provides ease for participants.

With my first competition, I created a spreadsheet to track efficiency, reliability and value related to the various sponsors of competitions. I always seek LST’s opportunities - assuming I create the kind of work requested. I’m the case of “Botanicals”, I submitted works that I don’t typically create. However, I created some just so that I could participate.

Your opportunities force us to grow.  Thank you, again!

Catharine A. Deever

I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of your support of artists. The encouragement that you provide has large and wonderful consequences.

I live in a small community and while I’ve had support and appreciation from my community, your encouragement has helped with my confidence and allowed me to feel that I may be on the right path in my endeavors.

Painting for me is a solitary experience. Feedback from someone in your field is priceless.  Thank you.

Nadine Surjik -


I would like to say a big Thank You once again to everyone at Light Space & Time for my lovely award certificate and rosette that I received as a "555  Special" Art Exhibition contestant.

I am so honored and proud to be the receiver of this award for such a prestigious contest. They will both take pride of place on my website, and I really look forward to entering many more of your art contests.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of entering and achieving recognition for my work. I have found the advice and tips on your website very useful and a great help.

Yours Sincerely,

Maria Bertolone - 

Dear John:

Thanks for the wonderful presentation you have given me and my art!

It's rare, almost never I've come across someone who's actually professional in their work. I have long wanted a gallery connection in the United States, and I hope we can also work together in the future.

Thank you again. Best regards,

Jon Bøe Paulsen -

Dear John: 

Thank you SO much for giving me this award!!! I love what you do encouraging artists to share their works, and getting rewarded for it is even MORE encouraging and inspiring! This came at a time I needed a boost.

I will continue to enter in the future as well. Thank your supporting the art community.

Nancy Erickson Dutmer - 


Dear John,  I would just like to thank you and LightSpacetTime personally. I so look forward to your Art Exhibitions. Perusing through the online talent pool Galleries and all that they offer. It is always very visually exciting.  But when the Animals Exhibition comes around, it give me great satisfaction to be apart of something special.

I am truly "tickled pink" (thrilled) that my little "Fuzzy-Wuzzy Zebra" happened to receive a much surprised - Special Merit Award. That I am printing out right now.

Thanks once again for putting on such a diverse and global exhibition. I look forward to viewing the next exhibition.

Kind Regards, Wendy Welk -


Dear John,

Thank you so much. This is such a great honor. I am truly humbled and extremely happy for being included in this featured post on the gallery's Top 10 Abstract Artists to Watch in 2018.

I started my art career a few years ago with you guiding me on how to get a website ready from a free template site to this. I will be happily sharing this article.

Thanks so much again for all you do. I really appreciate it.

Kajal Zaveri -

Dear John, Wow, thank you so Very much for your email! I am so surprised that I received an Award Ribbon, and the certificates, which are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for making them so special.

That was very unexpected (as was being included in the Gallery at all!!!). Again, the certificates are wonderful, and since they are such good quality, I can print them out and frame them. I am so very grateful for this special opportunity that you provided for me, and all of us animal fanatics!

Also, thank you for providing a wonderful way for us to show our heartfelt expression for art and our passion for animals. And thank you so much for the helpful resource link. You have given me a spark of hope, and I am deeply grateful.

I have two family members who are photographers, and I will be encouraging them to submit their work to your competitions.  With much sincerity, 

Carmen Traub -


John Math's generosity and diligence sets artists on track for a better chance of success.

Any artist lucky enough to cross paths with John is wiser for it!

Best wishes, 

Nell Dewhirst -

Thank you for the opportunity! I want to congratulate you for setting such a beautiful online gallery which will be a huge platform for artists. 

I feel blessed to be a part of this exhibition, right from the sending my entry, the waiting period, the excitement till the moment I read my name in your list, it has been a wonderful experience.

Thank you once again & keep building platforms like this so that we artists would be more encuraged!  Blessings!

Lydia Wilson - 

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