Gill Cox, Kingsbridge, Devon, UK

The day I came across your online Gallery, was a dream came true!. My Astro reading for that day said “Keep your eyes open, for the things you discover will put you firmly in the picture”. Soon after reading that I made my first entry and then I couldn't believe my eyes to actually receive two 'Special Recognition' Awards from my animal contributions! 

Although I have painted for 50 years, my Achilles Heel has always been the promotional side of the art business. Your online Gallery is not only a revelation to my needs but also an exciting opportunity to satisfy my adventurous spirit to compete and connect with other like-minded souls throughout the world. 

John, you have masterminded something truly wonderful that will transform the lives of others who are creative and dedicated. 

Having come dangerously close to losing my eyesight from the trauma of a broken neck and damaged spine a few years ago, my art has become more meaningful than ever and now plays a pivotal role of my daily existence.

I am truly blessed to still be able to observe and express myself on canvas or paper whatever subject matter appeals to me. Your Gallery has opened the golden gates of opportunities and possibly some recognition for which I could not have envisaged in my circumstances. 

Thank you John, you have provided an Angel on my shoulder and hope in my heart. I cannot wait to have a go at the upcoming Botanicals Competition. You’re a genius!  



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