I am incredibly honored to have two of my photos selected for inclusion in the 13th Annual "Cityscapes" competition. As an emerging photographer pursuing a new passion, I must say, I am thrilled and inspired by these accolades to begin my newfound artistic journey. With immense gratitude, Edwin Liew-Ferguson 

Edwin Liew-Ferguson

Thank you so much for selecting my piece for this exhibit.  I'm thrilled to have been chosen to be among the other skilled artists in the 12th Annual All Women Exhibition.  I really appreciate the opportunity to have my work displayed!  www.redrascaldesigns.com

Madisen Mitchell

Thank you so much!!! I am humbled to have been selected for this show and really enjoyed every work of art. You guys do an amazing job supporting artists and creating opportunities for us to share our work with a larger audience.  You guys are wonderful and a true advocate for artists. I can't thank you enough for all you do!!

I also love the concept of being able to submit work via online and not have to physically send my artwork to you. I realize that viewing shows online may not be as beneficial as seeing them in person. But given the extraordinary times we are living in, it is such a breath of fresh air to still be able to show/share work with a greater audience. Not to mention, many of my works have already been sold. Being able to continue to show in spite of no longer having the work in my possession has been WONDERFUL!


Natalie Wetzel

Thank you Chris! This is a great way to achieve recognition and mental confidence. I have never been one to enter competitions but I must say it does feel good to be chosen for these awards. I had a show scheduled for May that was cancelled because of covid19. These awards come at a good time. Thanks for this service to artists. www.darcyleopoldpolny.ca

Darcy Leopold Polny

I just wanted to say how thrilled I was to receive first place in this competition. I am beside myself with joy an humbled by the experience. Thank you so much for organizing this and doing all that you do behind the curtains. You gave me so much drive and purpose . Thank you thank you thank you!

Ezra Larsen

I just wanted to Thank-you so much for the wonderful awards that you bestowed on my work in the 10th Annual Botanicals 2020. I was honored to receive 3rd place and special recognition. I was also honored to be exhibited with other very talented artist's. I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity. Your work with the gallery is inspiriting, uplifting and reaffirming for so many talented people. www.susanhannon.com


Susan Hannon

Thank you so much! I'm truly thrilled to have even been placed among such a superbly talented array of artists and their submissions. Wow!

It's really helped with my confidence and I hope to certainly take part again in the future.

I always enjoy looking through your website and competitions you exhibit as the talent out there is outstanding and relentlessly inspiring.  www.canvasartbydawn.weebly.com 

Dawn Richards

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! How wonderful that you included my work in this spectacular exhibit!

I'm so grateful to have come across Light Space and Time website. Always look forward to your emails and FB posts. 

Many thanks...truly!  www.belovedportraitsbypatti.com
Patti Bradies

It was a Light Space & Time online art competition that began my entering such activities in the first place at the beginning of this year. LST is a good venue for my work because LST does not constrain my process - and the sponsoring organization works with participants professionally, responsively, and provides ease for participants.

With my first competition, I created a spreadsheet to track efficiency, reliability and value related to the various sponsors of competitions. I always seek LST’s opportunities - assuming I create the kind of work requested. I’m the case of “Botanicals”, I submitted works that I don’t typically create. However, I created some just so that I could participate.

Your opportunities force us to grow.  Thank you, again!   www.riverdeedesigns.com

Catharine A. Deever

Catharine A. Deever

I wanted to tell you how appreciative I am of your support of artists. The encouragement that you provide has large and wonderful consequences.

I live in a small community and while I’ve had support and appreciation from my community, your encouragement has helped with my confidence and allowed me to feel that I may be on the right path in my endeavors.

Painting for me is a solitary experience. Feedback from someone in your field is priceless.  Thank you.

Nadine Surjik - www.nadinesurjik.com


Nadine Surjik

I would like to say a big Thank You once again to everyone at Light Space & Time for my lovely award certificate and rosette that I received as a "555  Special" Art Exhibition contestant.

I am so honored and proud to be the receiver of this award for such a prestigious contest. They will both take pride of place on my website, and I really look forward to entering many more of your art contests.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity of entering and achieving recognition for my work. I have found the advice and tips on your website very useful and a great help.

Yours Sincerely,

Maria Bertolone - https://mariabertolone.com 

Maria Bertolone

Dear John:

Thanks for the wonderful presentation you have given me and my art!

It's rare, almost never I've come across someone who's actually professional in their work. I have long wanted a gallery connection in the United States, and I hope we can also work together in the future.

Thank you again. Best regards,

Jon Bøe Paulsen - www.artrenewal.org/Artist/Index/7440

Jon Bøe Paulsen

Dear John: 

Thank you SO much for giving me this award!!! I love what you do encouraging artists to share their works, and getting rewarded for it is even MORE encouraging and inspiring! This came at a time I needed a boost.

I will continue to enter in the future as well. Thank your supporting the art community.

Nancy Erickson Dutmer - www.nancyericksondutmer.net 


Nancy Erickson Dutmer

Dear John,  I would just like to thank you and LightSpacetTime personally. I so look forward to your Art Exhibitions. Perusing through the online talent pool Galleries and all that they offer. It is always very visually exciting.  But when the Animals Exhibition comes around, it give me great satisfaction to be apart of something special.

I am truly "tickled pink" (thrilled) that my little "Fuzzy-Wuzzy Zebra" happened to receive a much surprised - Special Merit Award. That I am printing out right now.

Thanks once again for putting on such a diverse and global exhibition. I look forward to viewing the next exhibition.

Kind Regards, Wendy Welk - wendy.welk@gmail.com


Wendy Welk

Dear John,

Thank you so much. This is such a great honor. I am truly humbled and extremely happy for being included in this featured post on the gallery's Top 10 Abstract Artists to Watch in 2018.

I started my art career a few years ago with you guiding me on how to get a website ready from a free template site to this. I will be happily sharing this article.

Thanks so much again for all you do. I really appreciate it.

Kajal Zaveri - http://www.kajalzaveri.com

Kajal Zaveri

Dear John, Wow, thank you so Very much for your email! I am so surprised that I received an Award Ribbon, and the certificates, which are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for making them so special.

That was very unexpected (as was being included in the Gallery at all!!!). Again, the certificates are wonderful, and since they are such good quality, I can print them out and frame them. I am so very grateful for this special opportunity that you provided for me, and all of us animal fanatics!

Also, thank you for providing a wonderful way for us to show our heartfelt expression for art and our passion for animals. And thank you so much for the helpful resource link. You have given me a spark of hope, and I am deeply grateful.

I have two family members who are photographers, and I will be encouraging them to submit their work to your competitions.  With much sincerity, 

Carmen Traub - www.endangeredspecies2050.com


Carmen Traub

John Math's generosity and diligence sets artists on track for a better chance of success.

Any artist lucky enough to cross paths with John is wiser for it!

Best wishes, 

Nell Dewhirst - https://nell-dewhirst.com

Nell Dewhirst

Thank you for the opportunity! I want to congratulate you for setting such a beautiful online gallery which will be a huge platform for artists. 

I feel blessed to be a part of this exhibition, right from the sending my entry, the waiting period, the excitement till the moment I read my name in your list, it has been a wonderful experience.

Thank you once again & keep building platforms like this so that we artists would be more encuraged!  Blessings!

Lydia Wilson - http://scarletwhiteabode.wordpress.com 

Lydia Wilson

Dear John - I am really thrilled with these awards. I am now getting more interested in monochrome and I do not always get things right. Thanks to these results I feel a lot more encouraged, so huge gratitude to you.

I know I  always express my thanks to you, but you really do deserve it. There have been a number of times I look at how I do with LST and you give a terrific way as to what goes and what doesn't - what does and what doesn't.

Thanks again and very best regards, 

Michael J. Duke - http://www.mjduke.co.uk 

Michael J. Duke

Thank you for considering my application to participate in the competition. I Received all the materials, which you sent to me and a personal certificate too. It's very pleasant. Thank you for your suggestion to personalize it for me.

Please enter in the certificate my name as Tata Nikonova, and the title of the work as "Liberation". I watched the slideshow of this art exhibition on your YouTube channel, and became a subscriber.

Special thanks for your guide to marketing in the field of art "Competition in the field of art and an art exhibition of success." This is very useful for me now!

Hope, that in the future I'll become a regular visitor to the LST website andwill plan to participate in other competitions. Again, thank you very much for the fact that you are showing support and attention to a young artist from Ukraine.

Tata Nikonova - http://mag.sandi.cn.ua

Tata Nikonova

John, it is such an honor to be included in LightSpaceTime's competition and exhibition.  What I so appreciate about your work is that you recognize and celebrate the diversity of many styles, subjects, and expressions. 

It is always such a treat to see the breadth of creativity around a common theme and to enjoy artists on various points along their journeys. Thanks for all you do!

Vincent Isner - www.photographsbyvincent.com


Vincent Isner

Thank you John, I would be very pleased to have my name Alicia Beesley and the name of my competition entry "Sphere of Nature" put on a certificate for the Abstracts Art Exhibition.

My recent solo art exhibition did very well and I am convinced it was because many of my images that sold had the winning award certificates that I had gained for them through your online gallery competitions.

Also, I had 709 people look on my web page yesterday!  Thanks again.

Alicia Beesley - aliciabeesley.foliopic.com


Alicia Beesley

Dear John,

I just wanted to thank you so very much for including my work in this online competition and exhibition. I am both honoured and delighted!

I look forward to participating in future opportunities and wishing you all the very best of success with the gallery.   

With best wishes, 

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj – www.annamariedzendrowskyj.com

Annamarie Dzendrowskyj

Hi John, I Spent the day updating our website based on your advice.

I was reading an article you wrote on LST about advice on marketing beginning with a website that has all the right things. We're not totally there, but it was a good time for an overhaul.

Thanks for all your good advice that we take to heart!

Keith Plummer - https://keithplummersculptor.wordpress.com 

Keith Plummer

John Math thank you for this great news for me today. Even more touching because the surface I'm working on is a very capricious one because made of crushed stone. (Terraskin is the name). I wish you could see those painting in real because in photo you lose more than half of the effects created by so many superpositions of colors, changing depending from which side you look at the subject.

Just to say that in the case of  “Waiting at the Corner”, in this painting when you close the lights in the room the light in the glasses in the painting open and you see then a night scene.

The fact that I won those two prizes is making me a very proud and happy artist today! Those cityscapes were created for a special project that my husband and agent, proposed to me 4 years ago and that I completed last year in 2017.  Again thank you very much!

Louise Rouleau (L'OR) -  www.lorartiste.com 

Louise Rouleau (L'OR)

I understand that you are always very busy, but please let me say a big thank you for everything.

I wanted already to write to you right after All Women results, but then I received invitation from ContemporaryArt Curator Magazine and after they accepted my application, I had only limited time to put everything together.

I cannot express how much your website and social posts helped me to improve my artistic approach. 

From improving my bio, photos to better oversight on how it works with the competitions. The very handy tips from you, do and will definitely make big difference in my future.

I am still nervous, shy and never happy with myself when applying for the competitions, I still do want to appear as an professional and serious artist and mostly thank to you, it slowly beginning to look like it.  Also, thank you for  the LST Art Marketing Manual, which I think is great resource of information.

Finally, please keep doing what you do, because I am living proof, that it can help emerging artists to follow right path and possitively affect their artistic future.

Andrea Varhol, www.andreavarhol.artistportfolios.com 

Andrea Varhol

Light, Space & Time online art gallery offers artists and photographers an opportunity to compete and be seen online at a moderate price. 

I stumbled onto the site in August of 2010 by Googling "abstract art competition" and I submitted some of my abstract rust photos to the competition and won an honorable mention award. 

This online site offers something unique for the artists and viewing public. It is easy to enter and may open other opportunities for you. Thank you!

Pam Brekas - www.pambrekas.com


Pam Brekas

I want to thank you for your time and effort in putting together an online art gallery. I can't get out of the house easily to enter regular gallery competitions and shows, therefore this format makes it possible for me to continue to participate in showing my art work without leaving the house.

The success I have had with the art gallery has encouraged me to continue to paint and enter other art competitions.

I have sent links to all my friends whenever I have placed in the Light Space & Time monthly shows and they are all very impressed with the format and the quality of art work selected for the shows.  Thanks again!

Marie Dancy-Brennan - www.zhibit.org/mdbrennan


Marie Dancy-Brennan

My experience with Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery has been very positive from the very beginning of my association with them. 

I discovered Light Space & Time through one of the many newsletters I receive, asking for art work to be submitted into their monthly contest. Being the curious artist that I am I clicked on the link. Reading through the "About Us" page got my attention right away. It's not often I read through everything on a website. Light Space & Time made their site easy to follow. I decided to try my luck with their then current contest, "Landscapes". After reading the easy instructions I began uploading my images, after which I realized I did it wrong. I contacted support asking if I could redo my uploads. I received a reply shortly after my request stating "they" took care of the issue for me! I was very pleased to have gotten such a quick and accommodating reply. 

A few weeks later I received a congratulatory letter stating that I had won a 4th Place award. Since my winning entry, my website has received a 30% increase in views. I'll be entering more contests in the future with Light Space & Time. 

Darice Machel McGuire - www.daricemachel.com


Darice Machel McGuire

Light Space & Time is one of my favorite competition sites. As a photographer, I am challenged in a good way to compete with artists from all over the world, and especially those that work in other mediums. 

The extremely professional and always helpful John Math goes to great systematic effort to publicize and recognize the top entrants, and the artist website link back feature is unique and a BIG plus. Most galleries don't do that at all. 

And to top it all off...it is absolutely one of the best dollar for image values out there. So what a great way to "test the waters" and show your stuff. I was honored to receive an Honorable Mention for the Landscapes Competition.

I will certainly be checking regularly to see what kind of excitement the next theme might have in store for me. 

Jon Holiday - photosbyjon.wix.com/pbj


Jon Holiday

It has been a great honour for me to be represented on Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. I really like the gallery, the splendid and far reaching ideas behind its construction, and the inspiring border crossing way of operating, which in many good ways combines the new global art scene with quality and foresight. 

The gallery and all its sub functions are very professionally run, and the follow up on the exhibitions is in every way impressive. 

Many congratulations to John R. Math for creating such a fine online gallery and making all this progress possible.

Sven Froekjaer-Jensen - www.svenfroekjaer.com


Sven Froekjaer-Jensen

This is just a brief message to express my most sincere thanks for all the work you do on behalf of artists. I'm impressed by your professionalism and care. 

It must have taken quite a bit of time and effort to evaluate all the Landscape entries - and you do that every month! I was really thrilled to be awarded an Honorable Mention for my painting. 

I told all my artists friends on Facebook and clicked on the "Like" button for your gallery there. I will definitely participate in the future.  Again, thank you! 

C. J. Shane -  www.cjshane.com


C. J. Shane

I found Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (LST) while searching on the internet for online art contests to help me feel more confident about my aptitude and ability for the arts.

I chose LST among several other online art galleries because the website seemed to me to be accurately done, very professional and its entry fees were very modestly priced. And I wasn't mistaken. 

In addition, LST has been excellent in the way that they have communicated to me during the different stages of the process and also, after the event.

I was fortunate to and I appreciate receiving the 1st Place Award in the 2010 Figurative Art Competition and I am not surprise to see that the popularity of the gallery grows from one month to another.  Thank you. 

Fidan Shahin -  www.artfidan.com


Fidan Shahin

Hi, John. It's a pleasure to offer thoughts about your gallery, Light, Space & Time. I had hoped to write earlier, but I've been very busy with three juried shows, one of them a solo show, all opening in the first four months of 2011. I suspect that receiving second place in your figurative show may have increased my likelihood of getting these shows. 

You have been great to work with, which has allowed everything to go smoothly. Technically, it's also very easy to do applications for the shows. 

Finally, on a personal note, the name of your gallery continues to interconnect with much of my work, as I now start my second universe-inspired painting series! 

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity to artists.

Jan Madill - www.jamimi.com


Jan Madill

I found the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery while looking to participate in some international art competitions, in the hope of getting recognition for my artwork. I chose your gallery after viewing the beautiful, high quality artworks of your previous exhibitions in the gallery’s archive section.

Since my watercolors are mostly inspired by nature, the competition with the theme “Landscapes” was a perfect choice for me. The fact that it was an online competition and also required a very modest entry fee made it possible for me to participate. After all of that, I was thrilled to find out I was awarded the First Place Award in the January 2011 “Landscapes” competition. 

My gallery has benefited from this award and the subsequent exposure I’ve received though your web site as additional advertising/promotion material for my artwork. This exposure has helped me to attract the attention of our local media and as a result my paintings were featured on local TV and it resulted in an increased interest in my work. 

This competition made me realize the importance of online promotions for an artist and I will be working more on that aspect in the future. 

I have already recommended your art gallery to my art colleagues and in the future, I will participate again in the Light Space & Time art competitions. 

It has been a great honor to be recognized by the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery for my work.  I thank you so much for everything.

Branka Prokic - www.brankaprokic.com


Branka Prokic

First, I`d just like to say that I am very happy and gratified to have to won the recent “Animals” Art Competition. I decided to enter the Light Space & Time competition after receiving a "Certificate of Excellence" at the 2010 Palm Art Awards in Germany. The “Animals” Art Competition was only my second international competition that I ever entered and I have now placed in both competitions! 

My only other competition success (apart from local closed art group competitions) was a 4th Place Art Award at the Royal Easter Show in Auckland, and that was 6 years ago! I always secretly thought that I “had it” and now this award confirms it for me. In many art groups and shows in my country, they seem to prefer a "way out" type of art and not my "everyday - how wonderful our country/planet" type of art. 

Thank you, because you have helped me so much and I now believe and have confidence in myself just a little more than before. After winning, I contacted our local newspaper and they did a story on this competition and my award and they even included a photo of the Award Certificate that I had laminated that morning!

Again, thank you for all your help, wonderful comments, as it has renewed my confidence in myself and my artistic abilities.

Toni Dolan - www.tonidolan.co.nz


 Toni Dolan

I am very pleased to have found the Light Space & Time Online Gallery website. This is an excellent opportunity for both professional and non-professional artists to compete and have their artwork shown online to a wide audience and gain valuable publicity. 

The submission process is very simple and user friendly, and the entry fees are quite reasonable. I appreciate the theme-oriented competitions and the challenges they provide.

I would encourage other artists to check out this website. I am sure they will find it a very enjoyable experience.  Many thanks to John Math for this excellent online gallery. 

Jill Rowe - www.jillsorbworld.com


Jill Rowe

The day I came across your online Gallery, was a dream came true!. My Astro reading for that day said “Keep your eyes open, for the things you discover will put you firmly in the picture”. Soon after reading that I made my first entry and then I couldn't believe my eyes to actually receive two 'Special Recognition' Awards from my animal contributions! 

Although I have painted for 50 years, my Achilles Heel has always been the promotional side of the art business. Your online Gallery is not only a revelation to my needs but also an exciting opportunity to satisfy my adventurous spirit to compete and connect with other like-minded souls throughout the world. 

John, you have masterminded something truly wonderful that will transform the lives of others who are creative and dedicated. 

Having come dangerously close to losing my eyesight from the trauma of a broken neck and damaged spine a few years ago, my art has become more meaningful than ever and now plays a pivotal role of my daily existence.

I am truly blessed to still be able to observe and express myself on canvas or paper whatever subject matter appeals to me. Your Gallery has opened the golden gates of opportunities and possibly some recognition for which I could not have envisaged in my circumstances. 

Thank you John, you have provided an Angel on my shoulder and hope in my heart. I cannot wait to have a go at the upcoming Botanicals Competition. You’re a genius!  

Gill Coxwww.gillcoxart.co.uk


Gill Cox

I am very happy to offer a testimonial on Light, Space & Time Gallery. I have had a very positive response to my work and I thank John Math for his encouragement. 

I was much honored to receive an honorable mention on my first submission, “Birch Reflections” in Landscapes; and then a 3rd place award for “Rustic Beauty”in Seascapes. The selected works on the site are very professional and I am proud to be a part of it. 

I must also say that the submission process is technically very easy and the cost is low. It is a great promotional tool for artists.  Thanks again to John Math for providing this opportunity to artists. 

Cynthia Fleury - www.cynthiafleury.com


Cynthia Fleury

I have just this minute opened up your email to find the most exciting and encouraging news, more than I could have ever hoped for after a 2 year period away from painting. 

You cannot imagine the inspiration you have given me with a Special Recognition Award for my entry “Floating Poppies” into the Botanicals Art Exhibition. 

The empathy, information and direction you give artists hoping to venture into a wider audience and more commercial world of art is amazing and I for one am hugely appreciative. 

Artists, especially self-taught like me, lack so much confidence when it comes to marketing their work and you have supplied us with a hope that it is possible to achieve recognition and hopefully some success in order to allow us to continue to be creative. 

I venture forth now with renewed gusto and determination and will most certainly hope to enter your future competitions.  Thank you so very much!

Sheena White - www.sheenawhiteart.com


Sheena White

Thank you so much for writing me and sending the certificate. As you can imagine, being a new artist, I was completely blown away winning 3rd place in the Nature Art Competition. 

There were so many incredible works submitted. I was just hoping to be in the top 50 so this is truly an honor for me.

I will definitely check out all the resources that you have mentioned. I look forward to entering many more contests at Light Space and Time. I love the site and the setup and it was so easy to enter.  Thank you for such a great competition and exhibition!

Charles A. Reyna - www.charlesareyna.com


Charles A. Reyna

Thank you so much for the Abstract Award Certificate, it looks great! I also want to thank you heaps for the follow-up and the ongoing help you are giving artists. Not often does this happen, especially in the online art world. 

I have been a part of a lot of online art competitions and after entering, I usually do not hear from anyone associated with the competition, like I do with Light Space & Time. 

I think you are doing great job and I especially appreciate the help that you give to artists with your ideas for promoting and marketing their art.

Your help has been very useful and inspiring for me to try a few different things and to expand my horizons in order to promote my website and to market and brand my art. 

I will definitely look into all of the helpful marketing information that you have sent to me and I will continue to visit your website regularly. Thanks again. 

Jenny Davis - www.Outlook8studio.com


Jenny Davis

Thank you for the lovely letter, award certificate and the wonderful feedback about my art. All the marketing resources you provide are useful for any artist interested in marketing their art. 

I especially look forward to receiving more information and feedback from you about marketing resources, my website and becoming more acquainted with other lightspacetime.com artist winners. I am glad to say I've posted some of my work on Artid.com. 

Thanks again for archiving my work and providing a professional site that allows any artist to promote their art to the entire world.  Namaste and much success!

Subodh Maheshwari - www.subodhfineartstudio.com


Subodh Maheshwari

Thank you for the Abstracts Art Competition Award Certificate and the comprehensive marketing and press release information contained within the email.

Light, Space and Time is a wonderful site and the experience of entering the 'Abstracts' competition has been incredibly important to my confidence as an artist, who has only recently begun publicly showing my work.

Thank you for the opportunity, the comprehensive information to assist artist in progressing their work, and the ongoing support and recognition. 

Allandra McLaughlin - http://momentaryarts.blogspot.com


Allandra McLaughlin

Thank you very much for your e-mail and your helpful tips. Your Award is of great value for me. It encourages me to go further in my artistic research and, I hope, will help me to exhibit in more and more prestigious galleries.

My buyers and my audience are glad that something they appreciate is highly valued also by professional institution, like Light Space & Time. 

The number of people visiting my website increased even If, until now, I didn’t receive as many mails and proposals as I expected…

Once more, thank you very much for your appreciation and, for sure, I will enter more art competitions in the future.  

Branislava Stojanovicwww.branislavastojanovic.com


Branislava Stojanovic

Thank you so much for choosing my work in the winners circle, under 'Honorable Mention', for the Seasons competition. I am relatively new on the art scene, and this exposure on such a global and esteemed platform means a lot. 

I am thrilled and honored to be part of such a reputed site, and am grateful for the added visibility that this provides my work. I discovered Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, a few months ago and was very impressed by the body of artwork showcased, and right away got a sense that that this gallery was 100% about the artist and about encouraging, supporting and showcasing works of both established and emerging artists, like myself, with such varied styles and mediums. 

I have found my whole experience in entering this competition, to have been nothing but extremely positive. John has been very helpful and great to work with and I am grateful for his vision to promote and publicize so many artists, and 

I find the artist website link to be a great feature, which allows relatively new artists like myself, increased traffic, traction and visibility.  This win and this whole experience motivates me further to keep on painting and keep on dreaming.   Once again, many thanks to you for just being there.  

Kajal Zaveri -  http://kajalzaveri.crevado.com


Kajal Zaveri

Thank you for the award certificate, as well as wealth of marketing information you've provided. I had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time reading the materials today - and found them interesting, informative, thought provoking, timely for my 2012 process, and confidence building. 

Thank you for the opportunities you've provided for increased presence though the Gallery's outreach actions and presence.

This is the first on-line exhibit that I've participated in. I hope to be included in future shows with your Gallery.  Best regards. 

Karen Terry - www.artistkarenterry.com

Karen Terry

Thank you so much for selecting my photo for Special Recognition in the Nature Art Competition. This site is a wonderful avenue for emerging artists to learn about all aspects of what goes into cultivating a career and understanding the steps required to achieving success as an artist. 

It is great to have an on-line community of support combined with the necessary tools to help grow from a fledgling newcomer into an artist with wings. 

The helpful spirit found within in Light Space & Time has given me a new sense of confidence. The recognition of my art has created a new drive inside me. I believe I can chase my dreams and live my passion. 

Positive affirmation is one of the most effective ways to foster motivation and champion the art novice. Thank you for the opportunities this site provides through competitions, marketing, and shared lessons.  

Leslie DonnElle Throckmorton - www.designsbydonnelle.com


Leslie DonnElle Throckmorton

I wanted to write and thank you for recognizing my work on your site. I am honored and very excited to have received a Special Recognition Award for my Ipad drawing of "Scarlett"

It is a huge risk to enter any competition and as a fairly new "full time artist," I am pushing myself to get my work out there as often as I can. 

Your Animals competition was perfect for me at this time since I seem to be doing a lot of pets lately which has been a lot of fun. It's actually a nice break from the "seriousness" of painting because it's so loose and carefree. And then to receive an award for it, well, I am thrilled. It's definitely a confidence booster! 

But beyond that, your site has so much valuable information for artists and for me in particular, since I have never wanted to market or "bother" with that end of the art world. Your site makes it doable with simple steps to take since all the information is right there. 

It is very much appreciated and I will pass it on to my artist friends who share the same feelings I do about self-promotion.  Thank you.

Francine Fanali -  www.francinefanali.com


Francine Fanali

I am so honored and so pleased to be part of the Botanicals Art Exhibition and I have been very impressed with your efficiency of running the Light Space & Time Art Gallery. 

There are a lot of competition organizers that are not as organized and efficient and it is very nice and refreshing to have one that is as well run. 

I also would like to thank you for my Exhibition Award Certificates for the last two exhibits I had entered. 

To have my work recognized is wonderful and truly helps me persevere and push myself even harder. Thank you! 

Lea Foster -  www.leafosterphotography.com


Lea Foster

John, I wanted to let you know that today I sold a print of "Heartland" which was the digital artwork that I entered in your Countryside Art Competition and that placed 4th in the Digital/Photography Category and 7th in the Overall Winners Category. 

I am sure that this sale was made possible and is a direct result of the extra exposure this image received in your gallery and in your press releases promotions. 

In addition, I am glad that I found your site, along with your informative marketing articles and the competitions and exhibitions.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate and further my journey as an artist. 

Jayne Wilson -jayne-wilson.artistwebsites.com


Jayne Wilson

Thank you! Grazie (in Italian)! for choosing me for All women Art Competition 2013. I am very very very grateful for all your time and efforts you put into your Art Gallery. 

Since I found the announcement for this Art Competition I have been reading your great suggestions and information. I appreciate the support and encouragement you give to us artists. As I am re-entering the Fine Art market, you were of a great inspiration to me.

I am now starting to work on "virtual" marketing strategies. My next step is going to have an additional web page of my own. 

I'll keep in touch with you in the near future and I'll keep you informed on my "virtual" progress.  Thank you.

Federica Campagnari - www.artistwebsite.com


Federica Campagnari

I am writing to express my heartfelt appreciation towards the Special Recognition Award for my painting “The Whale” in the Nature Art Competition

As a relatively new and emerging artist based in Asia, I feel honored to be among a group of very talented international artists featured on LST. This award has given me just the inspiration, challenge and courage to keep pushing the creative limit for my future artworks! 

The high quality of the artwork submissions as well as the unique theme-oriented competitions provides artists with a very diverse platform to express our messages. I am so glad that I found your website, as I have learned so much about the power of social media and the world of art through your informative articles. In fact, the promotional publicity gained by my recent award from LST has already helped boost by page visits by 20%.

Thank you so much for promoting artists from all walks of life. You have truly created a gallery website that is catered to the artist which is just what the industry needs to nurture artists of the future. 

I will definitely keep in close touch with LST and I look forward to entering more of your competitions in the future. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my artwork with the world through LST!  Best Regards. 

Vivian Ching - www.vivianching.com


Vivian Ching

I was delighted that my piece, "Alyssa", was awarded 2nd place in the painting category and 5th place overall in the All Women 2013 Competition

Participating in these competitions and being involved with the Light, Space & Time Online Gallery has been so rewarding for me. 

Truly! John Math really goes out of his way to provide artists with help and guidance. Alyssa was my latest commission for my children's pastel portrait business. I am thoroughly enjoying the work!  Many Thanks! 

Adrian Giuliani - www.adrianpastelportraits.com


Adrian Giuliani

Thanks so much for your e-mail, the certificate and all the links. There is so much helpful information and advice in your e-mail, I will definitely read up on the all the social network and marketing advice.

I already do some of it but I know there is always more that I could and should be doing so your info will be invaluable. 

I really enjoyed the competition. There were so many other wonderful entries that I was thrilled to get a special merit - I really didn't expect to be placed at all. I will definitely be keeping an eye on future competitions and entering some of them!  Many thanks.  

Jane Wright -  www.janewrightphotography.org

Jane Wright

I just want to personally thank you for giving artists a way to promote and show their art to the public. I loved your story about the difficulties for artists in getting their work seen, and I appreciate you and your online gallery very much. If the world had more people like you, it would be better! 

Maybe I should say hopefully others will do the kind of thing you have done to make it a better world. 

I feel you give all kinds of artists a voice through your juried exhibitions. It is a gift to give others confidence. It is kind, sweet, and yet very important work. It teaches artists that they won't always win.. but to keep trying, and eventually something good happens when we try.  Thank you!

Stephanie Taugner -  www.rainingblue.com


Stephanie Taugner

Just a quick note to thank you for your monthly art competitions. The promotions, information and advice you provide artists are immeasurable in value.

For example, I have had some success in the local art market, however it was not until I started winning various awards through your art competitions that my art got the international recognition and validation. 

I sincerely believe this helped in my getting my first international art residency in Australia. So again, thank you.  

Richard Wong -  www.richardwongwatercolors.ca


Richard Wong

I Just wanted to say thank you very much for the opportunity that you have provided through The Light Space & Time Online Gallery for me to present my work.

I cannot tell you how joyous an occasion it is to find that I have been chosen as one of the selected winners (again) - 3rd Place - Overall in the 2013 Countryside Art Exhibition! Also, all the promotional information is so helpful - cannot wait to get stuck into it and make sure I take full advantage of the opportunities.

I think it might interest you to know that when I came first to LST two years ago with my abstract work - "This Mortal Coil", a painting I was particularly happy with at the time, I have since turned it into my logo and recently designed a business card on Photoshop to utilize it.

So thank you once again for providing an opportunity, help and encouragement - it is much appreciated and well done on all the publicity and presentation of all these great works.  Best regards.

Donna McGee -  http://donnamcgee.ie

Donna McGee

I'm thrilled to be included in this month's Season's Art Exhibition, as a returning artist, and wanted to thank you for all the good work you do. 

It's so enjoyable to be able to exhibit within the forum you offer-themed, international and monthly exhibits, that are really a fantastic union of global art and technology. 

I admire the way you have embraced technology in this way allowing so many diverse artists to join together according to theme, accessible to anyone using the internet. 

Thank you for your forward -thinking and steady efforts in making it possible; I am one of many who sincerely appreciate your work! 

Janel Houton - www.janelhouton.com

Janel Houton

I just wanted to say these few words as a thank you note for the Honorable Mention Award, that I received for my entry into the CityScapes Painting Competition 2014.

It's great to have such competitions running regularly on your site. It gives us artists the chance to compete on an international level. The entry fees are very much affordable and forms and means of payment together with posting of digital images are effortless. 

I am a returning participant, as I was awarded a "Special Merit" award for the Botanicals Painting Competition in 2013. As an artist I always believe that it's a waste of talent if you cannot get an audience. This is why I was much carried away in joy to see that everyone can see my painting on YouTube and on other websites where LST have been promoting the event. 

It is needless to say that everything done is of a high standard, be it the selected works, communication, press release, Facebook promotion, and of course I really love the fact that I have a printable digital certificate sent to my inbox.

I will surely return back again. Thank you again and keep up the good work. Regards.

Riaz Auladin - www.facebook.com/RiazAuladinArtPages


Riaz Auladin

Thank you for the WEALTH of information regarding how an artist should market themselves. I plan to do all of this and actually doing some now!

I was thrilled to find out I came in 4th place in the painting category. I had no idea. Bonus day at the Pickler household!! I just knew about the overall all category placing, which made my day!! It took about 20 years to complete Character as I would do a little here, a little there and then life would get in the way. Glad I finished it as it is paying off! 

I will be sure to keep you updating on my artistic progress. Thank you for the art gallery and for helping artists to show our work. Trust me, it is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Debi Pickler - www.debi-studios.com


Debi Pickler

Thank you so much for sending me the certificate plus all the awesome additional information and opportunities you have shared in your email! It's fantastic information which I will be utilizing to improve my art business. 

Further more, I am glad the All Women Art Exhibition was such a success for Light Space & Time Online Gallery. Keep the exhibitions going!!! 

I can't wait to see what the next exhibitions will become. Even more exciting is the number of artists who have access to an opportunity to exhibit their work to viewers around the world! Keep up the great work.  Warm Regards.  

Jasmine Hambling - www.jasminehambling.com


Jasmine Hambling

I can't thank you enough for the care and thoughtfulness you put into the entire submission/exhibition process for Light Space & Time Gallery and the artists you serve. 

Your site and related social media links are very user friendly and offer a rich and rewarding viewing experience on myriad platforms. 

The attention you give to posting helpful and insightful articles for artists who might be new to this kind of endeavor - artists, who, like myself, are striving to share their work with others—is invaluable. I have already learned a great deal from perusing your site and will continue to learn from this very thorough email full of advice and direction. 

Thank you for the honor of being included in the Botanicals 2014 Art Exhibition as a Special Recognition artist. The level of talent represented in this exhibit is impressive; the images fit together beautifully as a group exhibition and retain their individual strength at the same time. It is all a gift, and being included is just the encouragement I needed. 

Now that summer is here and I have a short reprieve from the demands of teaching fifth graders, I am energized to dive deeply into my creative life without having to burn the candle at both ends. 

Looking forward to future Light Space & Time call for entries, Thanks!  

Louise Parms - http://louiseparms.com


Louise Parms

I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am to have been chosen as the 4th overall winner and 3rd in the painting category in this months 'Botanicals' competition, a lovely surprise. 

This has been a wonderful experience I'm so glad I entered. It has really given me a boost of confidence and the enthusiasm to go further. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful certificates and all the helpful information, so nice to have been involved in such a well organised and professional competition. I would recommend this site to any artist.  Many thanks again and see you in the future. 

Lynn Watkins - www.lynn-watkins.co.uk


Lynn Watkins

It’s delightful to have been chosen for the second time and now with a Special Merit award. The first was in the 3rd Annual All Women Art Exhibition and now in the 4th Annual Botanicals Art Exhibition.

It gives you a lot of joy and a feeling of belonging to a group, against the lonely existence in your studio. It is also a great pleasure to also watch all of the exhibitions on YouTube. Thank you for all that you do for artists worldwide.

Yvonne Welman - ywelmanmeijers@yahoo.com


Yvonne Welman

Thank you very much for awarding my work with a certificate of Special Merit and Special Recognition.

I'm very proud to add it to my webpage and social media pages and have since received great feedback and encouraging messages.

I also wish to thank you for the all the helpful information you sent. As an artist, I find it very difficult to market my work and your advice is greatly appreciated. Kindest Regards,  Slán go fóill.

Jason O'Ceannobhain - www.jocartstudio.com

Jason O'Ceannobhain

Of course I appreciate very much having my work recognized by the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. As importantly, however, I wanted to thank you for posting all the articles about ways to promote one's art and some of the unfortunate ways some artists remain unrecognized no matter how good their work may be. 

I am an older artist who, like many others--young and old alike--is uncomfortable with "self-promotion." Nevertheless, your articles are clear, concise, and very helpful, even if they describe a number of things I may never be able to do. 

Thank you for taking the time to compose and distribute them freely. Best regards.  

Cheryl Armon - www.cherylarmon.com


Cheryl Armon,

This award has really boosted my confidence. As I have only recently begun to show my work and only set up a website in December. I am over the moon to have gained recognition at this stage of my career. 

I am delighted with the fantastic range of marketing materials you sent. The LST Rosette is now proudly displayed on my website and you may be interested to know that I have already sent a press release to my local newspapers – "Local artist gains recognition in international online competition..." - so keep your fingers crossed they publish something.  Thanks Again!

Pamela McMahon -  www.Pamelamcmahon.artweb.com


Pamela McMahon

Thank you for selecting two of my photographs for your Special Merit and Special Recognition categories. Your selections are an affirmation of my attempts to become an effective photographer. 

I am an experimental psychologist by training and have spent my professional career working as a college professor and now as a college administrator. 

Several years ago I rekindled my love of photography and have allowed this avocation to consume a notable portion of my time. The rewards are many with the most fundamental being the quest for finding new ways of expressing myself through the medium.

Looking at winning pictures you selected has given me additional inspiration.  With best wishes. 

David J. Pittenger - www.djpittengerphotography.com


David J. Pittenger

Thank you so much for the email, well wishes and the wealth of information and resources you have sent me!

It was such a lovely surprise to be selected as 1st Place and I'm really honoured to have been chosen among the work submitted.

I am just starting out my ambitions as a photographer and artist, so this win and the information you have sent me is really valuable right now. 

I will be investigating every possible option and will keep in touch with LST Gallery for future competitions.  Thanks again, it's made 2015 great already!

Andrew Paranavitana - andrew-paranavitana.artistwebsites.com


Andrew Paranavitana

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful artist resources you provided me after the All Women's Art Exhibition (I was a Special Merit Winner). 

Your information on press releases is wonderful and something I had not considered. I did my first press release last weekend and I plan to do them consistently going forward. 

I also took your advice on getting a LinkedIn account just for art -- I have had one for my business life since Linkedin began but did not consider one for my art! Duh!! 🙂

GREAT suggestions and very different from other art marketing advice I have read.  Thank you again. I very much appreciate what you are doing! 

Jacqueline Doyle Allison - www.jacquelineallison.com


Jacqueline Doyle Allison

I would just like to sincerely thank you for your email and all the information you have sent me and for the opportunity you have given me to promote my art. 

I was so wonderfully delighted to have been awarded a Special Merit Award as I have taken time to view all the magnificent works of art entered into this competition and I can't express to you how surprised and honoured I was to have been placed among such talent!!!

Once again, thank you very much and with the fresh air of confidence this has given me I look forward to hopefully entering into future competitions.

Dawn Richards http://canvasartbydawn.weebly.com



Dawn Richards

Good Morning John: 

I just wanted to let you know that by putting the "Honorable Mention" Award Certificate from the Abstracts Art Exhibition next to my abstract painting “Confetti #6”, that it helped me to sell the painting the same day of my solo show opening!  

Thank you so much!  

Mai Yap - http://maiyap.com


Mai Yap

Would just like to say how pleased and pleasantly surprised I was to receive your email with the results of the 2015 Seascapes Art Contest, and to have my painting entitled: Hell’s Mouth featured in the Special Recognition Category. 

Also, a special thank you, to you and all the judges it must have been an enormous task considering the very high standard of work. 

As a new and emerging artist it has given me a huge boost in confidence and encouragement to enter more of your art competitions and art contests in general.  Thank you.  

Maria Bertolone - www.mariabertolone.com


Maria Bertolone

Thanks so much John! I have my first solo show on Aug 6-20 in Brisbane. This painting is my keystone work and the exhibition is titled after it. I will have your award certificate at the gallery with it. I have included your award certificates with previous works when they sold too. The new owners love them too!

I have to tell you I have had the best year art wise. My seascape "Dark Clouds" which received a special merit award in your competition was the most recent sale and your award certificate was included. 

I also won this upcoming solo show “Salty Eyes" by winning a public vote prize so am just so excited.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your information packages and have shared them with many fellow creatives. The article re approaching galleries was most beneficial. I have even been approached by a gallery recently to come work with them in both a creative and promotional capacity! This all happened after sending them a thank you card as suggested in the article.

You make a difference in artist's lives! Best Regards. 

Gillian Smith - Artist's Website


Gillian Smith

Thank you so much for emailing and I am thrilled to have been given a ‘Special Merit Award’ for my ‘Spear Thistle’ painting. The exhibition is fantastic and there are some truly outstanding entries and it is great to have been included alongside them. 

Thank you too for all the material on how to market and promote artwork which will be invaluable to me. It’s great to have such professional guidance as it’s sometimes a bit of a struggle when you are working on your own. Many thanks again. 

Clare McGhee - www.claremcghee.com


Clare McGhee

Thank you so much for the Special Merit award it is so nice to be recognized.

Recently I have started a Facebook page and I plan to make my own website. 

Your articles have been very helpful, especially for those of us with no formal training it can be difficult to know where to start. 

I am having a lot of fun and that is really what it should be about. Again thank you!! 

Edie Reed - www.artwanted.com/Ediescreations


Edie Reed

Thank you and the Light Space Time Gallery for choosing my work in such a wonderful competition! I am truly honored. I have shared on Facebook with exuberant response!

I have said to them, what I LOVED about this competition was what we COULD submit, vs. what we COULD NOT. There are often so many restrictions, that as a creative being, it is frustrating to be so limited. So, thank you for that.

Wishing you and the LST community a blessed, healthy, prosperous and wildly creative 2017!!!  

Amy Lilley - amylilleydesigns.blogspot.com


Amy Lilley

I wanted to send you my sincere and heartfelt thank you for awarding my artwork, "Sweet Flutter", a Special Merit Award for your 8th Annual Abstracts Art Exhibition. It has made me very happy and has boosted my confidence in my work. 

I also wanted you to know that I love your site, as it is filled with wonderful information. I have learned so very much. So again, thank you very much!!!  

Laura Callow - lauracallow5202000@gmail.com


Laura Callow

I want to thank you so much for your recognition of my works in the recent “CityScapes” Art Exhibition and also LST’s, “Abstracts Art Competition”. 

Receiving the Special Recognition and Special Merit awards have given me encouragement to keep pursuing my artistic path. And in fact, I sold “City Scape” as a direct result of your social media promotion. 

Your informative links to marketing and selling art are valuable information for any artist working today. Thank you again for all that you are doing for artists around the world.  

Michele Tragakiss -  www.Micheletragakiss.com


Michele Tragakiss,

Many thanks to Light Space & Time for choosing my "Little Trumpet" as 1st Place Overall for the recent Animals Exhibition....I can't begin to tell you how honoured I am to have received this accollade! 

I have no doubt that this will be the start of something wonderful to come, Thanks to the LST Online Gallery..... I am more appreciative than you could imagine. 

What LST does for artists is a wonderful thing, and I hope it continues for many years to come.  Again my sincere thanks, and here's to the future! Kindest regards. 

Donna L Byers - www.biggerpicturestudio.com


Donna L Byers

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am truly honoured that my painting was selected for the Special Merit Award.

I have always been I guess my own worst critic and really didn't feel my paintings were as good as professional artists. My husband convinced me to enter your Art Competition and I am so glad I did. I now feel differently about my artistic abilities and for that I am very grateful!

I am looking forward to entering another Art Competition with Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.  

Tracy Noseworthy - tnoseworthy@live.ca


Tracy Noseworthy

I am speechless for the certificate and you have no idea what it means to an artist trying to gain more canvas space like myself. 

This is truly amazing and I am so happy to receive this award. Thank you very much. I do hope to learn from seasoned industry experts like yourself. This is a great opportunity for me to reachout. 

Art marketing areas provided by your esteemed organisation is well received and appreciated too. It gives us more avenues to tell our stories. I do hope to connect closely with you in the future and hope I can help or contribute to spice up the art scene :).  Thank you again and Sincerely yours. 

Kelvin Low - www.facebook.com/kelvinlhcartgallery


Kelvin Low

Just an update that the sale went through and I delivered the piece this afternoon. 

Despite having my own website and social media feeds, the additional exposure through Artsy.netis making a difference in getting my art seen by potential buyers.

Thank you so much! 

Judi Lapsley Miller  - www.artbyjlm.com


Judi Lapsley Miller

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