Thalie B. Vernet - Artist Showcase Feature

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is very pleased to announce that Thalie B. Vernet has been named as the Gallery’s new featured artist and she will now be promoted by the gallery for the next 14 days in the gallery’s Artist Showcase.

Thalie was selected as 1 of the top twelve finalists of the gallery’s recent Solo Art Exhibition Series #4. The placement in this competition qualified her art to be showcased in this feature.  Below are Thalie's Artist Biography, Artist Statement and 5 images that were submitted to this competition.

Artist Biography:

Thalie B. Vernet’s childhood in the French nobility was a bruising one under the tutelage of her career military father and her submissive mother. Her education was classical. Her relationship with her father was difficult from the beginning. Her artistic nature and his military one were perpetually at odds.

She was a studious child but Thalie’s creativity was frowned upon so she read books in secret and wrote poems that baffled her father. She felt stifled. Her older siblings left the house as soon as they could, abandoning Thalie to her parents.

She only became free with the death of her father when she was 23. She moved to Argentina for four years returning to France at age 27. She moved to Paris and fully committed herself to photography.

Through her photos she translates living with her father, the unspoken... She relates to the outcasts of society, homosexuals, abused women… At the same time, she has succeeded in the man’s world of business building a real estate portfolio. She is proud of what she has done. A revenge on life.

She lives near Paris in an old mill that dates from the Middle Ages among animals and surrounded by friends.

Artist Statement:

An accomplished artist, actress, lover of books, animals and nature, Thalie B.Vernet long strolled the world of the arts without positioning herself. In 1992, at the suggestion of a photographer friend, she turned to photography and discovered her passion.

Each of Thalie’s photographs samples her days. She reworks her photographs like paintings until she achieves the pure emotion of their original concept.

Thalie uses the overall look of a photograph and her intimacy with her models to transmit the emotion she seeks. Her sensibilities give life to her photographs.

A feminine and elegant woman, Thalie is unafraid to express her masculine side in the man's world in which she takes part as an artist - nor does she spurn darkness. Her work freely explores themes of anger, indignation and sorrow. Her photographs are the reflections of a divided and tortured soul. Thalie B.Vernet emancipates taboos.

Thalie's website:


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