HOUSTON, TX, December 18, 2017 - / - Award winning artist Karen Landrigan announced today that her painting “Breathing” has been selected by the jurors for the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) Fall International Online Exhibition. “Breathing" is one of a series she calls “I have something to say…”.

Landrigan has had a spectacular rise in the art world. Beginning three years ago when she decided at the age of 53 to paint full time, Landrigan’s ability to capture emotion in a brush stroke has resulted in her receiving more than a dozen international awards and recognitions over the past few years.

Only 150 paintings from a worldwide total of 930 submissions were selected for the NOAPS Online Exhibition. Landrigan has continued to impress the public and art critics with her ability to connect on a unique emotional level.

“Breathing is my most personal piece of work,” said Landrigan, “It is the painting I’m most connected to. It is such an honor to be a part of the exhibit.”

The entire list of exhibitors and the accepted artwork images are available for viewing be viewable in the 2017 Fall International Online Exhibition on www.noaps.org

“I am going to pause at the end of the year,” said Landrigan, “I need some time to reflect and enjoy the everyday things. Of course I will paint again, because I can’t stop anyway.”

“A rest always brings a refreshed perspective.” Landrigan said “and ultimately painting is like breathing to me. Really I am sitting back and in awe about how I have landed in and amongst some of the finest painters in the global world of art. I need time to recharge”.

Newfoundland born, Landrigan lives and creates her art in Houston, Texas. Landrigan is a designer, innovator, metalsmith and painter with 30 years of experience.

Contact Information:

Tel:  281.650.4527            

DRAWember – October 1, 2017 - / Artist MaryJane Sky is very pleased to announce the 2017 November Drawing Challenge.  This is an opportunity for artists to improve their drawing skills through practicing every day.  MaryJane states the following, “Take out your pencils and have fun. Get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. This is all that DRAWember is about”.

MaryJane continues her thoughts, “Around 100 artists participated in the 2016 DRAWember challenge. What is this about? The most asked question is: How do I improve my Drawing skills, and my answer is always the same: practice, practice and practice”.

She also says. “Often it is difficult to make a start, but with a limited time challenge we feel that we can tackle this. And after 30 days we might have built up a new habit and stick to this - this is what I really hope”.

Finally, MaryJane states, “The rules for the challenge are simple: Take out your pencils and have fun. Try our new Art supplies, new surfaces, new objects to draw and new techniques. Get out of your comfort zone and improve your skills. I am really passionate about this challenge and have had only positive feedback from past participants”. 

For further information on the 2017 November Drawing Challenge:  www.drawember.com.

About the Artist:

I am MaryJane Sky an international award winning colored pencil artist. My second passion is social media, and I help other artists feeling less overwhelmed when it comes to their social media and website presence. At this time, all of my energy goes out to the preparation for the 2017 DRAWember challenge. 

For more information on this opportunity visit their website:  www.drawember.com


EAST FINCHLEY, LONDON, UK – March 20, 2016 - / Michael J Duke, an award winning photographer, has teamed up with the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley to exhibit an artistic documentary of events in the Finchley area. Not being satisfied with what Michael calls the standard 2-dimensional photography, each image has been manipulated but not to the level of 'beyond recognition. This fits in with the nature of the Phoenix cinema which was built in 1910 and opened in 1912 as the East Finchley Picturedrome and has now achieved cult status.

The body of the exhibition covers life in the Finchley area from summer shows to open air music to the Olympic Torch going through Finchley before the start of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. A number of the images have appeared in various group exhibitions as Michael has tested reactions to the style that Michael has applied to the various sections that make up 'Project 1', a project that sees locations and themes get a treatment that goes out of standard photography to the realms of digital art and imagery.

This exhibition will be the first stage in a number of retrospective exhibitions that takes in various towns and aspects of life in London and the Isle of Wight

The exhibition is a challenge to the viewer in a location that complements the attitude of the photographer in being independent, avoiding the cliché and gets conversations going. It is not the final word on the matter of artistic taste, but hopefully one of a planned series of showings that will get people discussing journalistic art and photography and its' role in the world of visual arts.  This event is from March 6th to April 3rd, 2016

About the Artist:

Born in Northampton (UK) and brought up in London, Michael spent many years living in Israel. He has been on the photo-club scene since 2000 starting with the Tel Aviv Camera Club (2000 - 2006), and the Hampstead Photographic Society since 2005 and Isle of Wight Photographic Society since 2004. He has also had solo exhibitions in Tel Aviv and Holon (Israel) and London as well as being in numerous group exhibitions from Hampstead, Covent Garden, Warwick, Isle of Wight and Lublin (Poland). Michael has written a few articles on the subject of his photographic style and he is currently the editor of the Hampstead Photographic Society Newsletter.

Contact Information:

E-mail:               mj@mjduke.co.uk
Website:            www.mjduke.co.uk
Telephone:       (+44-20) 8445 1568

NEW YORK, NY – March 20, 2016 - / Four creative, female artists from Norway, USA, Israel and Iran announced last week their launch of their international art project #ICareFor.

Henriette Roka-Aardal (Norway), Natalie Burlutskaya (USA), Shirley Siegal (Israel) and Hadieh Afshani (Iran) launched last week their art project called #ICareFor in social media. It is an international art project for female artists around the world.

This group is interested in getting to know what different women in arts from different parts of the world are caring for and standing for. After collecting information from several female artists, the curator team will eventually use the obtained material for a video work to be shown in an exhibition called "the Female Power" in New York as a part of the project.

"We hope as many as possible of all female artists from around the world will participate", says the Norwegian artist and curator Henriette Roka-Aardal. "The submission is free and for every creative woman out there", she continues. "All you need to do is post an image of yourself with your work/s and write what you do care for, and use the hashtag #ICareFor", she adds.

#ICareFor is an international art event and part of the Art & Social Project "The Female Power" which is a platform for self-identified women artists to speak out, express their thoughts and concerns. The curator team plans several art events, social talks and group exhibitions in the future.

The research #ICareFor is aiming at gathering the material and connecting women from different countries in order to organize art events supporting and promoting the most important social causes.

This January the four women met through the international art exhibition "Show Your World" in New York, organized by Re:Artiste. Shortly after the exhibition, co-founder Natalie Burlutskaya contacted the other three female artists and together they started a group collaboration and planning their first common art project #ICareFor.

The four collaborating artists are;

Henriette Roka-Aardal, Norway: Painter, Interior Decor Advisor, Restorer.

Natalie Burlutskaya, USA: Co-Founder of RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization, Photographer, Networking Program Coordinator for Creatives - “Art Terrace” and “The Platform”.

Shirley Siegal, Israel: Painter, Lecturer, Social Activist, Juror for the International Art Competition “Show Your World” in November 2016.

Hadieh Afshani, Iran - Australia: Painter, Art Teacher, Workshop Instructor, Juror for the International Art Competition “Show Your World” in November 2016.

Read more about the #ICareFor event and possibilities for Participation on: http://thefemalepower.tumblr.com

Any Questions Please Contact:

Henriette Roka-Aardal email: henriettera@mac.com  

Natalie Burlutskaya      email: info@reartiste.com

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