VICTORIA, BC, CANADA – March 17, 2016 - / Artist Richard Wong has announced the launch of his portrait art.  This is a line of fine art which specializes in pet and wildlife portraits. 

Richard Wong is an artist living and creating in Victoria, BC, Canada.  He did not even know how to paint a few short years ago.  Richard explains his artistic journey in the following statement, “Art has definitely become a personal journey.  I did not know how to paint until I decided to take up watercolor as a hobby after I retired.  It was working for the Ministry of Environment for the Province of British Columbia that exposed me to all that is nature and wildlife.  I took that interest and started painting as a hobby, not knowing where it will lead.  Capturing nature in all its glory is now a passion.”

Since then, Wong has taken his new found passion and turned it into a unique style, second career and a business.  He describes his style as Oriental Watercolors on Japanese art paper.

Richard continues his thoughts about his art, “My art has evolved since studying the Asian and Western approaches six years ago.  I remember finding a unique Japanese art paper called masa, and started experimenting.  It wasn’t long before I found I can create unique marks and images.  This opened the doors to public and peer recognition, and led to amazing opportunities at home and out-of-country.  Painting wildlife and pets is an absolute joy, and seeing that joy expressed by viewers is most rewarding and gratifying.”

About the Artist:

Richard Wong is a professional wildlife and pet artist based in Victoria, BC, Canada.  His background in the traditional ways of Chinese art, contemporary western watercolor and experimentations with Japanese art paper has resulted in unique imagery, international opportunities, recognition and awards.

Wong has used his attraction to capturing and displaying the essence of wildlife to include pets.  He now works closely with all animal lovers, including pet owners to capture the lives and memories of their favorite wildlife and pets in vibrant Oriental Watercolor.   

For more information about Richard Wong and his art, please visit


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