10 Instant Benefits for Artists Using Press Releases

10 Instant Benefits for Artists Using Press ReleasesMany artists have not availed themselves of the numerous advantages of conducting an ongoing public relations (PR) campaign for their art or art services.

An effective PR campaign does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming venture. An effective PR program can be developed and run based on the artist’s resources that range from free to moderately expensive.

For DIY’s, there are many free PR distribution companies on the internet.  There are also many modestly priced services (from $15.00 to $100.00) that will distribute and write press releases to as many as 70 news organizations.

Below, are 10 instant benefits for any artist who wishes to conduct an ongoing PR campaign;

1.   Instant Exposure for Your Art Site, Event or Service

Once a press release is published, it should be searchable on the internet.  With proper keywords, title tags and meta-descriptions, the press release can be found immediately on the internet.  

2.   Increased Traffic to your Art Website

Relevant subject matter and embedded links, article posts or ads will draw visitors to your website.

3.   Increased Sales of Your Art or Art Services

With the increase in traffic to your website, there should be a corresponding amount of conversions (sale of your product or service).

4.   SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Benefits

Press releases should contain keywords related to your subject or service.  Make sure that any tags point to your subject as well. The subject’s relevant keywords and tags will make your press release article searchable for others on the internet.

5.   Improved Branding Online

Over time, a well-conducted and consistent PR campaign will help to brand the artist and their art within their art niche.

6.   Press Releases are a Great Marketing Addition

Press releases are a great way for an artist to add to their marketing and promotional campaigns.  It is a medium that is controlled by the artist in terms of “message” and “target audience”.

7.   Press Releases Create Backlinks to Your Art Website

Well-written, strategically placed press releases create backlinks to the artist’s website.  The number of backlinks will eventually increase the artist’s page rank with major search engines.

8.   Press Releases are Industry Specific with Location Targeting

Press release distribution sites are now set up based on industry types (such as Arts & Entertainment) and geographic locations.  This unique targeting improves the chances that the message will be read by the artist’s particular target audience.

9.   PR is Distributed to Art Related Blogs and Art News Sites

Press releases also are distributed and read by art blogs and art news websites.  This form of distribution will increase the artist’s overall reach and may potentially open up opportunities for additional exposure for the artist.

10.  Press Releases Can Provide Worldwide Reach

Depending on the service and its target audience, press releases to provide an artist with worldwide reach and exposure.

Artists who are interested in having an effective marketing campaign should consider adding public relations to their promotions and marketing mix.  Public relations is a low cost and effective way to control your message and to direct that message to a targeted audience.


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