10 Things Artists Can Do to Get Unstuck Now!

10 WAYS FOR ARTISTS TO GET UNSTUCKEvery day I hear from artists who have an art website, are entering and placing in art competitions and are active in several social media networks, Despite this, these artists are not making sales and they are now discouraged at the dismal marketing results.

At this point-in-time some artists begin to feel overwhelmed, are unsure what to do next and some artists even begin thinking of stopping what they doing altogether! Without feeling totally discouraged and paralyzed, here are some things that artists can do to get back on track and going again.

Do not feel like you have to do everything on this list. Just attempt the easy ones first until you achieve some successes and then only tackle some of the more difficult or time-consuming tasks. In this manner, you will not begin to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

Here are some ideas for an artist to get unstuck;

1.   Start or finish that important painting or artistic project.

2.   Call an art gallery owner/director in order to discuss showing there.

3.   Put together and send entry materials to enter an important art competition.

4.   Update, print and publish your artist biography and art resume.

5.   Add new artworks to your website and art portfolio.

6.   Write and publish a press release on your latest art news.

7.   Outline and write a new post for your art blog.

8.   Upload any of your new art to your social media networks.

9.   Post positive comments in any social network art groups.

10. Contact prominent art bloggers to see if you can guest post.

I think that all of us get overwhelmed with the large number of choices that we have to make each day in terms of marketing and promoting our art, to the point that we may begin to procrastinate and eventually become paralyzed in our efforts.

To get unstuck, tackle the easy chores first. Do not try to complete do all of the projects at once. Consistently try to complete at least one task each day. With each completed task and with each success you will begin to feel better about your art marketing efforts and you will soon become unstuck.

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